• Published 5th Jan 2016
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The Living Candy Corn - Dark Nightshade

One of Twilight's spells messed up and turned a piece of candy corn into a mare.

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The trouble with Pinkie

"So, where are we going?" Candy Burn asked.

"Sugarcube Corner," Fluttershy said.

"Let me guess, so we can meet some of your friends?" Candy Burn asked.

"Yes, it's best if you meet Pinkie first, and the other girls might be there too," Fluttershy said.

"So, where is this Sugarcube Corner?" Candy Burn asked.

"Actually, we're there," Fluttershy said as she opened Sugarcube Corner's door.

"Oh, wow. This is it?" Candy Burn asked.

"Hello, and welcome to Sugarcube Corner! Hey Fluttershy, who's this?" Pinkie asked as she randomly appeared out of nowhere. Candy Burn jumped back in surprise.

"AH! Where did you come from?" she asked.

"I don't know. Ask the athour of this book," Pinkie said.

"What?" Candy Burn asked, confused already.

"Not important. Anyway, who are you, and are you ready to party?!" Pinkie asked excitedly.

"Um, I'm Candy Burn, and maybe for the party."

"Oh, I like candy. Also, what do you mean, maybe for the party?!" Pinkie said.

"Fluttershy might not let me, for one thing, and also, I'm new here, and we literally just met," Candy Burn said.

"What do you mean, maybe? Fluttershy, are you like her mom or something? Actually, don't answer that, I can tell that you are her mom. Wait, why didn't you tell anyone you have a daughter?!" Pinkie yelled. "How old is she? I need to know how many birthdays I need to throw her!"

"Is she always like this?" Candy Burn asked.

"Pretty much," Fluttershy said.

"How did you know she was my mom? By the way, I'm 10," Candy Burn said.

"I know EVERYTHING!" Pinkie said.

"Ok, creepy," Candy Burn said.

"So, where are the rest of the girls? Also, please don't tell anyone that Candy Burn is my daughter," Fluttershy said.

"Ok, and I asked you all to meet here at about 10:00, which is in about 3 minutes," Pinkie said.

"Oh, yeah. By the way, Twilight might be late. She's working on important stuff," Fluttershy said.

"Okie-dokie-loki!" Pinkie said as Rarity and Applejack walked in.

"Hiya, Pinkie," Applejack said.

"Hello. Oh, who is this?" Rarity asked indicating Candy Burn.

"This is Candy Burn, Fluttershy's daugh- I mean, niece!" Pinkie said.

"You have a niece?" Applejack asked.

"Yes," Fluttershy said as Rainbow Dash flew in.

"You have a what?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"A niece," Fluttershy said. "So, you've all met Candy Burn. Candy Burn, this is Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie, who you have already met."

"Where's Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"She might not come. She's working on... stuff," Fluttershy said, nervously.

"Of course she is. What kind of stuff? Rainbow Dash asked.

"Um, well, I was helping her with some spells earlier, and she might still be working on them, and she's also writing a letter to Princess Celestia about some that didn't really seem to work, and one's we were confused on," Fluttershy said.

"Huh. So, how long you going to be here, squirt?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Not sure. It could be a few days, it could be a few months," Candy Burn said.

"Cool. In the meantime, looks like you get to hang out with one of Equestria's most awesome ponys," Rainbow Dash said.

"She's got a big ego, doesn't she?" Candy Burn whispered to Fluttershy.

"Just wait until someone mentions clothes in front of Rarity," Fluttershy whispered back. Suddenly, there was a crash out side. Then Twilight walked in.

"Sorry I'm late! So, what's happening?" she asked.

"Have you met Candy Burn?" Rarity asked.

"Yes," Twilight and Pinkie said at the same time. Pinkie was looking like she new something important. Twilight could sense that Pinkie knew who Candy Burn's parents were.

If she does, this could be a problem, Twilight thought.

"Really? Nice," Rainbow Dash said.