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losing a hundred million seeds to a sentient pony


Is it better to be respected, or admired?

This question has always troubled Chrysalis, and being banished from Equestria has not made it any less of a pressing issue for the queen of the changelings. Cut off from her armies and alienated in a strange land, she adapts and blends in to survive. For a master of deception, this is no difficult feat, but despite her success in the business world, her new life is unfulfilling. She is almost always hungry, because the creatures she has found herself stranded with are much less generous with their love.

More than anything, she longs to be her true self, and to be adored for the regal being she truly is. Of course, she knows that no one could ever love a changeling.

Or could they?

--This is a story in which I demonstrate how I do not know what the phrase short-fic really means.--

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Oh my god. That.Was.Amazing! Brilliant! Flawless execution, perfect pacing, not a single grammar/spelling mistake! I loved this story to TEARS! *ahem* That's one lucky human.

Concept/Originality - 5/5 Big Mac's

Spelling/Grammar - 5/5 Big Mac's

Execution/Pacing - 5/5 Big Mac's

Overall Rating - 5/5 Big Mac's

Seriously, that was beautiful. Now I want a sequel! NAO! Don't even care that it was PonyxHuman, it was beautifully carried out. Can I hug you? You *almost* brought me to tears when it ended. Don't feel bad, I barely even cried when I read My Little Dashie. This is the first story I've ever given a perfect score to. And by perfect score, I mean that the story could not have been executed better than what it is now.
Liked, Favorited, Watching. Fantastic!

Dat bug-queen ass. c:

That was awesome!

pretty well written story despite the seemly insane plot at first glace

“I infiltrated Canterlot and hid right under Celestia’s nose. I can get back into shape.”

Were it so easy. :ajbemused:

Interesting story, and actually rather believable (unlike so many other "villain finds redemption" stories where the Heel-Face Turn is a rocket-powered Ollie 180). Thumbs up!

I have to say, this is a simply fantastic fic!
I am honestly amazed.

I have to congratulate you on this, for this passes all normal bounds of epic-ness, and you have won the internet several times over now.
Have 20 moustaches. You've earned them.

This better get a goddamn feature.

The sweet and charming tale of how Bug Queen's life was saved by bronies.
Also she gets fat.

Goddamnit Pacce.
That would be pretty cool~
Oh, thank you! I think I'll make a ghillie suit out of these mustaches.
It's not even a story about redemption! It's a story about how she adapts to survive!
Making good stories out of bad ideas seems to be my super-power.
Aw yiss~
Oh wow! Sooooo many Big Macs! I owe a lot of the cleanliness to the folks that helped me edit and iron it out. I have a lot of other projects I need to work on, but I might come back to this at some point. Thank you very much for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

well to fair and to copy a great line i once heard
"i don't think theres ever any bad ideas just bad execution of ideas"
you certainly avoided the later

Damn, I'm very impressed. You captured the queen's personality, and did the whole 'fall in love even though I feed on it' in the best manner I've yet read. Bravo good author. Bravo.

12,000 words /is/ short.

Damn, Stonershy. This was amazing.


This is the first "FIRST" post I've ever liked. Thank you.

And as for the fic... Queen Cheeselegs ;_;. I would so give her all my love. And you captured that, and it's not yet another HiE or magically transported crappy fic that's only good for hating, and she is herself, and the fact MLP is a cartoon in the human world did not make me retch. I love it ♥

Put that in your tabloids!
I'm glad to hear my careful handling of the subjects has paid off. I wasn't trying to do something meme based, or super meta. I wanted to put Chrysalis in an environment where she is forced to operate outside of her comfort zone, only to find that she is admired for being a bitch. It was a lot of fun to write~
wait did you like it
Good heavens!
Thaaaanks :3c
I thought four digits was short.
Eeeee thank you! It was tricky to get it right, but I'm glad it paid off.
There are definitely bad ideas :P

This. :raritystarry:

Just this... just... :pinkiehappy:

Well okay then :3

No, short is 2k words, when they tell you to write a technical article, which is not allowed to refer to about anything ("level: Introductory"), and then they actually expand acronyms like HTML. I mean seriously, the pay was great, I wrote about what I knew and liked, but trying to fit into the allotment was like Chrysalis trying to fit into her disguise. On the other hand, editors! They are ruthless, they will get you under the word limit, and they are the best thing that can happen to your writing.

I here this is PonyxHuman, yet original. I'll see about that.:moustache:


You would not believe how fun it is toEditors just really like to go through a stack of papers and cross out tons of eliminate needless words.

I squealed like a little girl after reading this.:rainbowkiss:

I... I think I *squeed* a couple times there. :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Interesting take on changeling love-feeding.
I feel as though the romance was rather well done, though I am a big fan on the 'life story in a few pages" style fics.
That being said, made my night.
Nice to see a one-shot make the feature box for once, I don't like waiting weeks for fics to update.

I love love loved it!~ :heart: One of the best fanfics I have ever read. It was so beautiful.... Give me a sec... :raritycry: Ok I'm done, but srsly dude, that was awesome.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

Damn, I just- Shit man.

Is there anything you can't write?

You know what? I'm issuing you a set of challenges, here and now.

Steve Irwin and Fluttershy meet after a Timey Wimey-Spacey Wacey explosion in Doctor Whooves lab.

Sweetie Belle meets Aretha Franklin

Reports of shark attacks in Ramity Island forces Police Chief Goaty to get help from two very different ponies. Harpoon, who wants to kill the shark stone dead, and Fluttershy, an animal expert called in to identify markings on a corpse.

A well deserved well done to you, Stonershy. Great story!

864358 I am quite surprised to say this, but I liked it. I liked it a lot. I was well written, original, and most importantly, didn't set off my Celestia damned proof-reader's mind. The last one, very hard to do. You have earned the Fluttershy of Approval.

Oh, andStonershy, veddy nice work indeed. I despise any thoughts of humanity in fics, but for something as well executed as this, I'll let it pass. Adorable artwork on the cover there, too.

864862 Sweetie Belle meets Aretha Franklin? Do you hear the angels lauding this idea? I sure do!

Look at all these comments telling you that you're amazing. I sure wish someone would tell you that you're not. But then they'd be lying, because to find something wrong with this story is as scientifically impossible as licking your own forehead. I do like the revised ending, it flows a lot better than before.

There are no words to describe this. There is only one single, solitary image.
Good on ya, pardner. :ajsmug: :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss:

Fantastic work good sir.

After 12 years in development, hopefully it was worth the weight.


I loved every minute of this. I want to draw Chrysalis working out now. Also, Chrysalis with a pony-tail. Also, Chrysalis with a food-baby. Also, Chrysalis making out with a human girl. Also, Chrysalis as a human, yelling at interns. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/lolface_Queen_Chrysalis.png

An MLP-meets-human-world story that I didn't immediately hate? IS NOT POSSIBLE.

This premise had every chance to go horribly wrong. But this fic actually works! I enjoyed it thoroughly. :twilightsmile:

Well done indeed. It is almost too bad that there isnt a meme of Chrysalis on a tredmill.:rainbowlaugh:


HOLY BALLS this is awesome.
I never really thought that human x bug pone would work (well, for me at least)... but goddamn this one is good.

140+likes and 0 dislikes!
HAHHAHHA (No i'm not the 1st disliker)

A grand job was done here. The Principality of Zeon approves.

"filet minion"

If that's an intentional pun, then you win everything.

Okay that was just beautiful. I loved the way it ended. Absolutely. Made me feel warm and fuzzy, y'know? Thank you, kind author, for bringing this wonderful piece of awesome to the community. I applaud you. Now where oh where did I put that watch button...?

Fucking beautiful!

and not a single dislike was given that day....:twilightsmile:

I wonder if chrysalis is ever going to find where Trixie went off to?

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