• Published 28th Dec 2015
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Fall of Equestria: Throes of Winter - NotaPonyPerson

Sombra returns from death to do battle with the caribou, deciding the fate of who rules over Equestria. Will he fight for what's right or to retain his former glory?

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Comment posted by FlareBlackAnubis deleted Dec 25th, 2020

The deaths of Celestia and Luna, while tragic, were necessary. Symbolic of how Equestria had fallen due to incompetent leaders and heroines that solved all their problems with friendship and magic. This was a story about the power of hatred, and it rather fits the hero to save Equestria is a fiend once hated.

Well... not my cup of tea, to be honest. Just not a fan of Post-FoE, or Sombra as the hero. Or the story needing to humiliate Dainn as hard as possible. But I understand this story isn't meant for me, and there are folks out there who will enjoy it. So, kudos to finishing it, and best of luck to any future writing project.

Thanks! Iโ€™m sure a lot of people donโ€™t like these kinds of stories. But then again, Iโ€™m not writing for anyone outside myself. A lot a thrill in planning and putting my ideas to paper

Hey, I've been writing my own silly little story for about five years too and I'm not anywhere near finished. I have mad respect for folks who manage. As for the story, I think by FoE canon (such as it is) pretty much the entire Crystal Empire has adopted the Caribou way of life with great enthusiam. It's that mired in the magical corruption. Doesn't have to be the case here, of course!

It would be the height of irony if this happened because Sombra's lingering taint left everyone susceptible to mind-magic.

I know this is a bit difficult, but will there be a continuation?

Depends on reception. So far, only a few people have given comments (though one was removed for some reason) and realized it was updated. Given this is the first story I've ever published, It's a big deal to me despite my normal stance of not caring If I get reception. So... who knows?

"Thou may take thy bodies and treat us like dirt, but thou will not have thy souls! This is thy land!"

Thy means "your" not "our". Early Modern English for "our" is still "our".

Ah, Rats. Noted. Fixed. Thanks!

Excellent Conclusion! I am sorry to see it end but all good things right? Anyway I hope you do decide to eventually continue the story. There are just so many questions left not to mention I wonder how Sombra would handle the Crystal Empire in it's current state.

Anyway, thank you for the great read! :pinkiehappy:

Glad I could finally finish one of the fics that was among the biggest inspirations for me! I wish there had been more interaction between Sombra/Dash as that was one of my favorite bits. Enjoyed seeing Dainn humiliated/punished after a cool battle!

I had a lot of fun writing that scene. And yeah, I'm I don't know, I think they have plenty of interactions, even up to the end. But the focus is more on Sombra settling with who he is in this barbaric world. Still, it makes me smile knowing this old story of mine inspired you to pump out a lot of great ideas and stories :raritystarry:

I feel like there will be a sequel to this. I am actually working on a Rise of Equestria fic myself but with a Displaced modeled after a Planeswalker from Magic the Gathering. Not sure which Planeswalker I'll use yet though... It's a toss up between Nicol Bolas and Tezzeret though.

Excellent story you got going ther and excellent plot as well

You'd better make a sequel.:rainbowdetermined2: Cause I crave for more battles and wars.

Oh boy. How happy to know about this story just today.

I read the whole thing, and it was Glorious.

Even if it took you five years, I thank you for completing this story of yours.
I'm eager to know about a possible sequel where Sombra deals with Shining Armor and Cadence, and find more about the truths he's looking for.

Oh, let me correct myself.

I really liked the story, it was amazing and captivating!One minor thing I didn't like:there are some spelling mistakes but overall, it's good.
I honestly thought that at the end they were gonna betray Sombra, and I'm so glad that didn't happen.Also, by any chance, will you do an epilogue?It would be nice to truly finish the story by seeing how the mane 6 rebuilt equestria, grieving the loss of the 2 alicorn princess and see RD wirh wings somehow

Sequel caribou extermination is based

Not exactly what you're seeking, but in recent chapters of Everywhere and Nowhere: The Search For Abadonna, the cast crosses over into this story's world.:twilightsmile:

No idea what that is, can you pm me the link?

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