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This... is a thing.

In all seriousness, I enjoyed it. Happy Hearth's Warming!

6763997 Happy Hearthswarming! And I know it's a touch weird, but hey, check my name. :rainbowwild:

Have a thumb up for a tasteful poem.



Best. Poem. Ever.

The rhythm of this rhyme is lost I say,
It leaves me feeling woeful dismay.
Well done for trying and sharing with us,
Fix your rhymes and I will not fuss.

he he

6764117 Too bad I tried using the pentameter of the book it's from instead of simple AABB. Sorry, but I'm just not a poet, and I didn't have to say one line in four.

I still think its fun, don't get me wrong. I could not resist the little devil on me shoulder. Poems are seriously tough and this one was a doozy to write.

Awesome, awesome work. *Applauds*

6764148 Sorry, and yeah, htis was a ton of fun to make, but I actually knew from the get go that my flow was going to be... rough. Very, very rough.

6764189 and imagine it does not rob it of the fun.

Loved it, and that Twilestia at the end just sweated the deal, awesome work.

This surely was different. Though you slipped the verse from time to time, it does feel melodic and the use of graphic descriptions in the form of a poem gives it a unique feel.
And it did hit all of my favourite ships, so I can approve.

It sunk in a few places, and was really only a little bit sexy, but I think for how ambitious the idea was, some falls in implementation can be forgiven. Nicely done!

dat ending though.

Trixie x Coco
..... gusta:trollestia:

The only thing that killed this for me was the stupid incest...

Mein Gott! This was the funniest thing I've read in a looking time.

very very amazing i love it :pinkiehappy:

6768412 Still never understood what was so icky to people about homosexual incest let alone fictional incest.

I find any real life incest weird and heterosexual incest obviously bad, but fictional has no repercussions, there is no down side if you're adult enough to separate fantasy and reality.

7885159 maybe some people don't care if it's fictional and find it disgusting regardless?

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