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Talon and Thorn


Hearth's Warming is just around the corner and the school in need of extra funds Cheerilee decides that it would be a good idea to put on a play to celebrate the season.

However, with unexpected costs, feuds between the cast and her role going to a certain young actresses' head will the play, or Ponyville itself survive until opening night?

Set in RainbowdoubleDash's Lunaverse.

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Somehow, I see Miss Cheerilee with an entire stage full of little ponies stuck in parts they didn't want.

The Pipsqueak/Applebloom/Diamond Tiara rehearsal bit is still my favorite part of this story...

I love the thought of Bee Bop as Private Pansy... just because she is so not Fluttershy in regard to this sort of thing.

I'm thinking the "compromise" might involve Diamond Tiara becoming Princess Platinum at Dinky's expense... because losing to DT will be character building.

The foals always work so hard for Cheerilee...I was never like that with any of my teachers.

It's kind of nice to see that the Windigo encounter shook up Cheerilee; she's normally quite unflappable.

And, of course, Dinky trying too hard. Poor Dinks.

Applebloom, this is going to backfire on you.
At least Dinky was talked down before it spilled over into the show itself.

Looking forward to the play.

'Twas still a fun outing, and nothing's stopping you from editing this as you like.

Although, by the way, you seem to have missed a bracket somewhere with the link to the friendship song.


Thanks although my first attempt to fix its made things worse so I'll try again when I have a keyboard. I've had lots of suggestions and edits since I first put this together so yes I'd expect a special edition to be out in the next week or two.

This is a nice story. We get to see things from another perspective. BluePie and Moon Beem have an intersecting story after all.

A wonderful lunaverse fiction story and really oozes with the holiday spirit. I give this story 8 out of 10 Pinky smiles. :pinkiehappy:

Wanted to hug Dinky with one arm and use the riding crop on her with the other. Good job.

In hindsight... that sounds creepy. Only punishment with the riding crop. No 50 shades of pleasure whatsoever.

I enjoyed this. It was a fun little Holidays story that has the right amount of heart. I liked seeing Dinky not being a perfect little flutterpony in this but at the same time her behaviour feels justified. She is such a sweet natured kid that I honestly could not picture her doing anything remotely brattish unless she thought she was doing it to help someone she cared about. Nicely done.

even Big Mac bumped into me on the way over here and offered to hunt down and hog tie anyone I wanted,

:rainbowlaugh: I don't know why but I find this hilarious. Maybe it's because I can picture Trixie running through her head all the times such an offer would have been useful for her. :trollestia:

oh, Firelock. You're so damned creepy! :D

Some good sorting through the roles, there.

Poor Dinky... mostly. And Cheerilee, don't go hard on Trixie. If at all.

Great ending to the play and chapter.

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