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Learn to love the writing, of telling a story that you want told, and not the recognition that comes with it. When skill and passion atrophy, write for yourself, and in time, you'll inspire others.

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Okay...that just happened. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on the floor, laughing and rolling for a while.:rainbowlaugh:

Too freaking funny! A fun little read!

Most excellent.


Might want to put a space there.

youve been reading reading too many BENDY stories

Well, that was usual Bendy story....wait, the author is not him. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!:pinkiegasp:

No, the dialogue didn't sound like it was exactly a malfunctioning sex robot devoid of emotions. That's how I recognize Bendy's work.

Anon fucked best sexy pony! Sunbutt got best butt!

I'm glad it turned out Anon was not a heretic after all.


I am that famous? I'm getting mention in other stories that are not even mine.


Bendy will proud of you. Much better than him.


Everyone is better than me.

No big surprise.

Anon wanted to scream some more, but that fucking ball gag….


It was a bright and sunny day in Equestria,

You started off with the most cliched opening line in MLP fanfic history, the equivalent of "It was a dark and stormy night" ...

but nobody cared. Everyone took it for granted, that the sun would rise and set.

Ungrateful dicks.

and proceeded to deconstruct the hell out of it. In fact, this whole story reads like a kind of deconstruction of the some of the worst clopfic cliches, and that's why I found it hilarious.

Pinkie was hilarious in this chapter and man did the fate of the juror (punching himself in the dick so hard that he erased himself out of existence) and the lawyer (attacked by pillows) made me laugh very hard.

:rainbowlaugh: There are just no words! :rainbowlaugh:

Heavens help me, that was a laugh I sorely needed. I especially loved the great excuse used by all these masculine, heterosexual stallions. And the poor juror... here I was, thinking that Saitama had the most powerful punch in fiction ever. He has just been bested by that horrible deviant's drawings and the effect they cause on sanity.

Bendy should be proud, you almost reached his level.

...bendy? o.o Bendy, is that you?

no fluttershy testimony?

I applaud you, you magnificent bastard.

Is this a Bendy alternate account?

6768947 She was one of the ones writing erotic fanfiction about him, but was too busy trying not to be identified for fear of ponies believing she had actually slept with Anon. Good thinking on her part, they might have lynched her.

OMFG, :rainbowlaugh:
Hey Mister, you got your 4chan in my FimFiction! :derpytongue2:


It's not me, I swear.

I'm like a virus. I'm infecting other stories with my stuff!

Anon is just a green Slenderman...

Oh my god...

This is a travesty of a conspiracy...

Also I'm the ONLY person toever bring this uo. I feel special. :) So this is a good thing to be honest because I feel awesome!

The high court of Canterlot has held many a case

*The high court of Canterlot has held many cases :raritywink:

The alicorn princess was speechless, but her slowly growing smile warmed the heart of the most evil creature in all of existence.
Off in the distance, Angel Bunny suddenly felt odd.

I knew it.

It's wierd, silly and stupid.....and i love it.


We don't know what you're talking about

Anon is slenderman? What are you high? Anon is obviously human

The one sane member of the jury was so horrified by what he saw that he punched himself as hard as he could in the dick, resulting in a pain that transcended space and time. It traveled back to the day he was conceived, and the pain shot into his father’s dick, resulting in him pulling out of his wife at the last second in agony.
The juror pony was thereby erased from existence, quickly fading away before everyone’s eyes.

I died so fucking hard.

Brilliant. Loved it. :)

6768996 That was actually one of my first thoughts when I read the story description. "Did bendy write another story?" but nope, looks like someone else picked it up, kinda like my own story, fat jokes. The idea is just too funny and too fun to pass up, it seems.

Alright, just finished reading, and I liked it. It was funny, it poked fun at most of the usual tropes, or used them *cough cough Flash, cough* It was overall pretty enjoyable. Much better than that trash bendy throws at us every other week. :trollestia:


That was actually one of my first thoughts when I read the story description. "Did bendy write another story?"

It sure as hell fuck sounds (and reads) a lot like something he would do.

I lol'd...

I lol'd a lot. :rainbowlaugh:

Have a like and a fav. :twilightsmile:

This comment made me stop for a second, look at the "also liked" tab and then proceed to laugh my ass off.

Several thoroughly-heterosexual, extremely masculine stallions in the back row ran out of the room, crying. When asked, they would say someone farted really bad. .......:rainbowlaugh:


All I see is a human in a nice suit, and then slenderman under it

6769728 Whoa whoa whoa! Dude! There's no need to be aggressive to me! I'm just pointing out how similar Anon and Slenderman look!

The hell was that for?

Jesus Christ, if I had known there were vicious folk on this site I'd have never joined, damn it.


I wasn't being aggressive. Not at all! To accuse me, of being aggressive, the nerve of some people.


i didnt know HAS was making a quest appearence :rainbowlaugh:

Great, funny job! I know of 2 other authors who would be behind you 100%!:trollestia:

Funny, sexy pony sex! 10:moustache:!

Anon won't fuck ponies?

This is a joke for those who don't know *cough cough* UniqueSKD *cough cough*

6769770 Dude! Just calm down! My god, I only made a little observation, does it matter if I'm right or wrong?

Stop screaming at me or I'll have to take this further...by using larger text sizes. Calm the heck down and relax. Please?

Sheesh...and I thought I was the mentally unstable brony in this fandom...

Well.. That was a thing.

6769882 You disappoint me...

6770007 I wasn't aware that I was trying to get your approval. Warn me next time.

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