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Gamer, devout Gaben worshiper, hellbent on writing some of the worst stories on Fimfiction. Yep, that describes me well...


Gabe Newell, praise be him! Goes one on one with The Conversion Bureau! The Bureau threatens to permanently close Valve for good and completely destroy modern gaming, Steam, and the chance of a third Half-Life game. So, Gaben takes his complaints straight to the big princess herself: Princess Celestia. Asses are kicked! Crowbars are thrown! Button Mash does some stuff!

Special thanks to: Gabe Newell

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Unbelievably, this really works! :rainbowlaugh: Good job!

I never thought I'd say this, but... I'm rooting for TCB.

I read a masterpiece.

Odd, I never saw this in Gabe Newell Simulator.

Ah ha ha!

It looks like Gabe's HEV suit really does work! Amazed they made one in his size.

And then the Rapture happened.

Gabe newell the jesus of gamers? perhaps.

Undetale rules, and Gabe Newell is a douchebag.

Come at me, bros and hoes.

Our Father, which art at Valve,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Games come.
Thy will be done in Steam Machine,
As it is in PC gaming.
Give us this day our daily sale.
And forgive us our need to sleep,
As we forgive them that sleep beside us.
And lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from Uplay.
For thine are the Steam,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

*Applauds and giggles hysterically* That is a very funny story that I love, nice job on the writing but it's needs a little bit more explosions if ya know if I mean? xD, yeah sorry I'm just somewhat of a gaming and book nerd/geek so I do apologize for my behavior but yeah, nice job :D :twilightblush:

What's that, pro-TCB? The future will have pastel ponies wiping out humanity? Ha! Gaben will release Half-Life 3 before the Conversion Bureaus take over the world.


The real winner here, is Donald Trump. :trollestia:

Praise be to Gaben!

6805658 No wonder how he's funding his Presidential Campaign! He's swindling ([not-so] small) loans of a million [insert currency here] for letting people in or out of Trump Tower!

Quite the memetastic story you have there. I love it!

Gaben is murica incarnate.

I want an animated short of this greatness

6768843 but wait, undertale is on steam, which was CREATED by valve, founded by GABE NEWELL

7057398 Gave Newell also has a twisted janky arm, if his Simulation video game is anything to go by.

“Exactly! You don’t understand how amazing gaming is! Seriously just cut this shit out, we can live in peace. How about we call it even and I release a TF2 update with more hats in it, what'da say?”


square root of -infinity/19 no anthem no fav

Rapture? That's the event wherein the faithful of Christianity are supposed to be brought fully and bodily to Heaven.

At one point in time, it was also the stated release date of Half-Life 3.

Button Mash’s eyes widened. “Half-Life 3! It’s real?!”

And suddenly,


The End.

The filthy frank one is better but this was certainly a piece of art.

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