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There's been an accident in a critical facility at the worst possible time, and International Rescue are the only ones who can get there in time with the equipment to save everyone. This does not surprise International Rescue. However, the setting does - nobody told them that anyone was in contact with Equestria, and the facility in question is a branch of the Cloudsdale weather factory. Can Scott and Alan Tracy (and their wondrous machines) get to grips with an unfamiliar danger zone full of ponies and pony tech, or will the gaps in their knowledge throw them into (obligatory title drop) a tailspin?

A crossover with Thunderbirds Are Go (the 2015 series).

Chapters (4)
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Great first fic, and I'm up for that epilogue!

You had me at Thunderbirds!

My dad had Stingray on disc, and I loved that show! So hokey, but so funny!

Would have liked this more if Thunderbird 2 was involved since it is tge workhorse of IR and can carry pretty much anything they need. It also being my favourite Thunderbird is irrelevant.

8672972 TB2 wasn't brought on this one because it wasn't needed, and IR are busy busy busy these days - there was too high a risk of needing some of that stuff elsewhere on Earth. (Besides, one could equally argue that Thunderbird 1 especially needs some appreciation now and then.)

And yes, let's not get into Best Thunderbird flamewars discussions.

From watching all if seasons 1 and 2, the Thunderbird that needs to be shown more love is Thunderbird 4. I think its been in less episodes than Thunderbird 3.

And since i grew up in the 90s and around the original Thunderbirds. Its great to see Thunderbird 5 given so much more than just a room where John answers distress calls.

8674618 I agree with all of that. And, having just consulted my notes, I can confirm that TB4 appears slightly less than TB3.

I hope in the future you'll do more Thunderbirds crossover fics. There is a lot that can be done with TB1, TB2, TB4 and many of the pod vehicles such as the Mole.

8674960 I have this idea floating around, but I also have three ongoing fics elsewhere and no desire to start another just yet. (I've seen what happens when authors overextend, and I'd rather not do/be that.) So sometime in the future.

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