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It’s that time of year again. Hearth’s Warming Day is nearing, and Twilight has a special surprise for her family. Ever since Twilight and Rainbow Dash got married and took Scootaloo under their wing, the young filly would always hide away in her room during the holidays, every year, after seeing a present labeled “To Scootaloo, from Mother and Father”, leaving her confused, saddened, and angry.

But this Hearth’s Warming celebration is different. Not only is Twilight surprised by what she finds, but she also realizes that it is, in fact, the best Hearth’s Warming Day ever.

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Agreed with 6751502 'twas a pleasure to work on with you.


It’s always a pleasure to work with ya.


Thanks, glad you liked it!


Ermagurd, Twidash! I was going to read about evil, badass Twilight, but this is better!

Edit: Totally worth reading before delving into dark fics.

This so a surprise to me I thought it be just okay then I finish and I'll really liked so I was thinking on a review on this but I can't make fun of it so you don't get one of my reviews


Huh? Come again?



TwiDash is master shipping.

Especially this time a year if you get my drift.

Glad you liked it.


6752231 Your story is too good for me to review I have to nitpick it even then I can't find things wrong with this story. So yeah I liked it :scootangel:

6752234 I don't believe I catch your drift, but okay!


I was making a terrible pun. Shipping referring to delivery services come this time a year.

Yeah I'd say I failed with that one lol


I gotcha now. Well, I appreciate the thought, nonetheless. Glad you liked it too!


6752268 What is with all the puns today?!


Not sure. All I know is that the Twiangle called a circle pointless.


The feels, man, the feels. I'm literally crying right now. Such a great story. I still think that, Scoots should know who her Biological parents are.


I didn't expect to make people cry with this story. Nonetheless, have a hug.

P.S. glad you liked it!


Great story, simply lovely:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::scootangel:

That was just beautiful…it literally made me cry:fluttercry:

I :heart: TwiDash and Scootaloo being adopted by them. TwiDash and Scootalove forever!!!!!! :rainbowkiss:

I remember once seeing a video of a reading of a MLP fan comic. In the comic it said [Approximately]:

Twilight: "Applejack, why haven't you bee hanging out lately?"

Applejack: ""Ah... Well... Granny smith said that rainbow's a lesbian, and I can't hang out with her anymore."

Twilight: "Oh, AJ. Don't you read the fanfictions? We're ALL lesbians!"

Then it shows them making out, and spike watches. A caption says "And then spike BECAME A MAN.

Well that was a sweet Twidashie christmas fic

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