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"You think you know me..."


"What do you mean 'give them a synopsis of the story?' I'm not even in this one. O-okay, fine. Ahem. This story is about Apple Bloom and her friends as she helps the town of Ponyville without completely destroying it for once. What? You didn't blow up the entire town this time. It's technically true."

Commissioned by Anonymous
(Takes place in the Apple Bloomers World)

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What is the Apple Bloomers World?

She was almost an adult anyway, so why did she always have to do what she was told.

You might be missing a question mark there, buddy.

“So what do we have to do? Does it require chanting, black candles, pentagrams, blood rituals, and a living sacrifice?” asked Sweetie Belle, clapping her hands in excitement.

Not Satanic rituals, that's for sure!

At once did the entire town gasp and felt fear in their hearts as they saw four words that made them nearly manure themselves: “Apple Boom For Mayor”.

“Ah’m runnin’ for mayor of Ponyville!” shouted Apple Bloom, cheerfully. “And mah first act will be...” She light up her fists full of fire. “Every day shall be fire magic day!”

Needless to say Mayor Mare won by a landslide that year.

See? This is the kind of stuff that makes reading your stories so enjoyable. Keep on rocking, Rated!

Honestly. from looking at that cover I thought the fic was going to be clop.

They all look like hookers XD

How did this joke become popular? It sucks.

That cover just reminds me of only one thing... This

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