• Published 19th Dec 2015
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Point of Impact - BombShelter

When a meteor hits the earth, a teenager will learn to become friends with a very unlikely new acquaintance.

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Cant wait for the next ark of Point of Impact.

Dude, you earned yourself a spot in my top five favorite fanfic writers. Loved this. Can't wait.

oh my god this was the best thing ever!!!! I LOVE YOU BOMBSHELTER! YOUR THE BEST!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I was practically squealing over this chapter and how cute it was! You should ask around and try to get some fanart of the foal. That would be really cool.

6888318 Make sure you keep an eye out for the sequel coming maybe even tonight if it gets approved fast enough! :rainbowwild:

i have been reading sense the first few chapters and i just recently made a account and i can tell your really good at this! also I'm making a story called "Revolution" which is a Assassin's Creed crossover, still waiting for approval to be published.

Great story. I'll definitely be reading the sequel and probably all of your future fics to.

Can't wait for the sequel.

6888676 I read and posted a comment as soon as you did on the sequel.


Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story? Will she be reaching Unstoppable Rage levels of anger? Will she be giving out any No Holds Barred Beatdowns? Or did I already ask this?

I really thing it is time


Sir, I salute you, this has been an amazing story, and I enjoyed every second of it!

6896832 I'm not from the Spanish Inquisition! I'm from the Imperium of Mankind!

6896733 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

6897968 Warhammer 40,000! Geez, i've already said that!:twilightangry2:


6913570 Dont forget the sequel :rainbowwild:

6914151 I usually notice all the grammatical errors and continuity mistakes!

Makes me wonder how many errors I missed in the story I'm proofreading...

I was going to correct some gramatical errors but... after that ending... well:
Crash error 3:
5:27 Brain.exe has stopped, it cant resist much loneg
5:27 Emotions.exe has started on its own
5:30 Brain.exe starts to talk: What is happening...
5:31 Emotions.exe: Now get the fuck out of there and leave this boy have it's emotional moment!
Brain.exe & Emotions.exe has finally united
Meaning there is not going to be any more crashes

Talk_action.exe has started
Talking: OH MY GOD THIS STORY WAS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL :fluttercry::applecry::raritycry:

6913611 Through the rift. Here i GOO00oo...

yep a vary good story good work with a good story line that stays on track.
the only problem I see and it is no biggie a few spelling bloopers hear and there and I am the last pony to talk about spelling.
I plan on moving to the sequel shortly.
agene exultant work.
Harts Fire

good show jolly good show!!!:moustache:

Time for the seqqqqquel!

7021980 good, you?
and yes I do tend to be a bit of every ware.

My birthday is September 23rd

This was an awesome story, although the only issues were the occasional grammar/spelling errors, and the fact that Matt was a bit of a Gary Stu. I'm not complaining, and am surprised not many people called it, but whenever there was something to do, Matt was generally able to complete it and be good at it. Escape a kidnapping, able to accurately use a bow an arrow to kill a manticore, get mad driving skills, build a cabin, play on supposedly one of the best baseball teams in his division, make a band and win at some school music competition... Is there anything he can't do?

Wow. A bit late to the party but ... this story. This thing is one of a kind.

To start off, I actually enjoyed this story. I liked it, in fact. I'm not so petty as to read a 48-chapter story out of spite or anything. It was a decent (if somewhat mindless) romance that had several strengths. It used the supporting cast (in both worlds) quite a bit more than in many other stories like this. It had decent action scenes. A few jokes made me laugh out loud. The formation of the romance was relatively gradual (again, compared with some other fics) and there were plenty of decent d'aww moments. I would gladly consider this to be a lovely guilty pleasure.

With that said, the actual relationship becomes really sketchy and unhealthy when you stop to think about it...

This sort of heavily enmeshed "I will die without you" relationship seen here is not healthy. It puts the both of them at very high risk for all sorts of problems (depression, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, etc.) when something DOES happen to one of them. I point this out because I've seen maybe one or two stories that go to the extremes shown here in pounding home that "I have nothing without you" message.

Making this situation worse, there is not an even balance of power between these two individuals. Nowhere close. Rainbow Dash is described as being almost entirely dependent upon the Green family (and later just Matt) for food, shelter, and protection from others. In over a year on Earth, she makes no friends of her own on Earth and does not appear to seek self-sufficiency. In spite of adoring praise and having thousands of fans who know she's real, she remains socially isolated. In spite of the tons off merchandise bearing her name, her extreme speed, her talent in creating weather, and her access to golden bits (later on), she never seeks to pay back the Green family or gain financial stability. Through this whole story, she rarely asserts her ideas, acts as the catalyst for new activities, or vetoes any idea put forth by a human. Oh, and she is apparently accompanied everywhere she goes by a member of the Green family.

On top of that, the clear favoring of his own family and future with minimal consideration for what Rainbow Dash was leaving behind (including her friends, home, job, pseudo-sister, and the Wonderbolts) doesn't cast Matt in a good light. While the portal device got around some of these problems, the fact remains that the only gateway to Equestria is not in RD's possession and cannot be physically operated by her (imagine trying to point the phone at a solid surface while holding it still with two bulky hooves and navigating a touch screen with your tongue)..

And yes, context explains a good deal of what is being done here. When you look at the romance as a whole, though... I haven't been this troubled by a relationship for a while.

7264659 Thanks, this was way back when I first started, so the writing hopefully gets better as you go along

I've yet to read anything and I'm already excited!:pinkiehappy:

7267412 Not strictly. I am asking the author to maintain the continuity of the world he established in the first chapter. The first chapter was strongly indicative of a semi 'true-to-life' setting and it seems as though the author just up and tosses it out the window after chapter two or three.

7271412 :facehoof: Really? Are you in second grade or something? How is ANYBODY this ignorant?

1 he was not without food or water

And where would he be getting the food and water? Drinking out of the swamp? Random streams? Oh, hello DYSENTERY... would you mind not making me puke and shit liquid until I dehydrate to death? He has no canteen and no iodine tabs or a water purification system. He. Would. Be. DEAD.

2.no not nesisaraly my dad kild 27 men in iraqu and never had any phickeatric problems. In fact few people have sed problems evin if that wernt in the military fore the simple fact is that it's YOU or them and you will ALWAYS chous YOU. It's called a survival instinct .yes you may freak the fuck out after you do it but deep down you know that what you did wasn't rong if it was life or death.

First of all, what the hell is your reading level? There is no way any adult could mispell THAT many words. Secondly, you are full of shit. The vast majority of soldiers who see actual combat, come home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Next up: you obviously have absolutely no idea what the fuck you are even talking about. I've seen the scene half a second after a man was shot in the head and I see his face every time I fucking blink. It is indescribable. The blood cascading out of his nose and mouth was rather like a sanguine waterfall. The worst parts were the smells (his bowels and bladder evacuated and there is a VERY specific smell to death). You know NOTHING of the reality of death.

3. Yes.It takes training to through one accurately. BUT most people can throw a knife and it land blade first not to mention the guy was about four or five feet away... As for it hitting him in the neck  ... Beginners luck?

Try it, see what happens. Then try it when you are under stress, your adrenaline is pumping, and your whole body is shaking because you have been suddenly thrust into a situation where you have to fight for your life. Good luck on that throw.

7280019 I already Downvoted this story. Your argument about adrenaline is invalid because adrenaline does not imprive one's accuracy. Furthermore, just having the knife impact a target that is only four feet away would be easy if not for the adrenaline, getting it to hit blade-first is very difficult for a novice. It's difficult to stick a knife point-first into a motionless target, a moving target would be near impossible. Oh, and your spelling is awful beyond words. I have a German friend who is better with spelling and English is his third language. What are you, in third grade?


0-0 Holy shit your right. What ever did happen to that? It had to be one hell of a landscaping bill to fix it.


The government probably paid for the damn thing without anyone noticing so they could try to cover up the thing in the first place.

Because the government is great at covering up stuff...

They're also great at disguises...

7280302 I agree with you as the story is illogical but its still not bad im ocd and think logically, thus I can see why you disagree with the adrenaline subject, but I would like to point out that after stupidly throwing knives at a fence board for half an hour for "scientific studies" I came to the conclusion that i got the blade in the board 68% of the time, keep in mind that the balance and weight of the knife can make a huge difference in accuracy, thus getting the blade into the target is very possible, now if one where to have a good sense of velocity, one could throw a knife into a moving target, now the knife contacting the neck is a total possibility of around 12%.

Trust me i could physics the shit out of it and its still possible with exception of the neck.

Why have you left so many stories incomplete without updating or finishing them ?

7603858 And if a student showed up with an alien, nobody would do anything about it?

7604462 But news has already spread about said alien and time has passed that people already know about it. It's not like everyone would be like "Whoa lookie an alien thing I've never seen"

7611967 Oh, come on. Are you serious? As if the government would allow an alien to walk free? They would have it locked up while they dissected it alive and interrogated everybody who had contact with it.

As for a school, an unknown alien wants to attend the school... no enrollment applications have any space for 'alien equine' on them. there is absolutely no way for that to happen.

7717191 Quit reading a woefully unrealistic story.

just finished reading. loved the story. looking forward to reading the sequel.

7717233 i get you dont think it's realistic, but, it's fiction for a reason. Also, who said anything about talking ponies with wings and horns being realistic?

So... Damn. Just finished this piece of art, and I absolutely loved it. It might be incoherent in some parts (the govermemt not doing anything regarding rainbow and stuff like that) but that doesn't make this story bad at all. Other thing to point out is the multiple typos and misspelings, but other than that, this story is going straight to my Favourites.

Now, through the rift I'll go (lol I'm sorry I had to say that) :twilightsheepish:

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