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In the midst of her conflict with Starlight Glimmer, Twilight is shown the reason why her enemy became the way she is. She is shown her past, and the terrible tragedy that caused her to become the deadly foe she is today.

However, rather than evoke sympathy in the princess, Starlight's motivations actually cause her to have a more cynical response.

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Starlight, you schmuck.

Thank you, Twilight. THANK YOU.

Inazuma #5 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 1 ·

I predict this will be featured before the end of the week and on the popular list before the end of the day.

I believe this story speaks what everyone in the fandom thought when they saw Starlight's Origin.

Wanderer D

Yes. Thank you. This is what I mean, dude! Having a resolution like this really ties the story together! Well done!

This was the exact thing I thought when I saw the episode. Ruined the entire season finale, the thought that all these events with Starlight and Our Town and all that were brought on by such a menial event. Good on you as well for pointing out the similarities between Starlight and Apple Bloom, hadn't actually thought of that before.

This. This is perfect.

Nice story with a really creative look on the episodes events:rainbowkiss:

I never even thought of the Applebloom analogy, who was not only in a similar situation, but a worse one since she had bullies hounding her tail on the issue. Well done, Jay. And nice of you to show Twilight herself maturing in the understanding of friendships. Heck, her own experience with her Canterlot friends shone through too.

Vigriff #12 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 1 ·

THIS should have been the ending that people were waiting for!

Now this is what should've happen in the season 5 finale! :pinkiehappy:

This... This is excellent.

But then again, from you, this is the usual standard, no? So, why should we be surprised?

Comment posted by Awesomo3000 deleted Jan 4th, 2016

Honestly though, if I was Twilight in this story, I sure as hell wouldn't offer Starlight a second chance. I'd throw her in the nearest magic-proof dungeon. I mean, let's recap:

She started a anti-Cutie Marks cult, forced her 4chan-style "NYAAAH! Everyone shouldn't be better than me!" philosophy onto others, stole the Mane Six's cutie marks along with their identities, held them hostage, tried to indoctrinate them until they agreed with her dumb philosophy, stalked Twilight for Celestia-knows-how-long to conjure up a revenge scheme, broke into her home (which should really have some guards by now), tried to destroy time itself without even considering the consequences, created several alternate timelines where Equestria suffers horrible futures where Twilight doesn't know which of her friends are alive and which ones aren't, and didn't give a shit when shown that her actions had caused all these futures including one where everyone and everything in Equestria is dead because of her.

I'm pretty sure that warrants jail time.

There's petty.
There's pathetic.
Then, there's Starlight Glimmer.

edCOM02 #18 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 1 ·

:ajbemused: Really Starlight.... really?! All that you've done, just because you couldn't get over the fact that your friend moved away after he got his cutie mark and you never tried to get back in touch with him nor try to make new friends!? Starlight, that is the stupidest reason and motive I've ever heard!

A very nice story, excellently written, but there are some parts that bug me.

"Starlight...he saved your life. Don't you remember? That's why he got his mark in the first place. Do you really think that a friend who cared so much for you, enough that he would unleash such magic to save you...would ever look down on you like that?"

He may not have looked down on her and have saved her, but it didn't even check to see if she was okay and didn't spare a glance as he walked, not ran, excitedly walked out the door to show of his cutie mark. Starlight should have joined in, and really did blow the whole thing out of proportion, but it would be very hard not to feel unwanted.

"She was much like you. She too had a close friend she spent much of her time with. Twist, a filly like her. Together, they were best friends, and both without cutie marks. Then, one day, Twist got her mark, while Apple Bloom remained without. And even today...Apple Bloom has hardly ever seen Twist since it happened, largely because of all the work Twist has done after discovering her talent."

"She moved on, Starlight. She found other friends, other fillies she could spend time with and be close to. She didn't become bitter or angry over what happened. And she certainly didn't try to start up a crazy anti-cutie-mark cult because of her experiences."

First off, Apple Bloom sees Twist nearly everyday at school but they never tried to reconnect. Twist didn't move away (though her voice actor did), so she's still there. And she did become bitter and angry and wrote off Twist as a friend, even though Twist suggested that could still go to the party together. It's just that unlike how Starlight Glimmer hated cutie marks, Apple Bloom became obsessed with getting hers.

But yeah, in the end Starlight's reasons were petty just as her plan was petty. All in all it's easy to blame our problems on something else rather than admit that we ourselves are the problem.


I swear, when she was ranting about her friend, Starlight sounded less like a poor tragic soul and more like a five year old throwing a tantrum. It was the frst time I haven't bought a villain reforming. Kudos.

Pause #21 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 48 ·

Sometimes the complaints against Starlight's "motivations" make me wonder if people realize what show they're watching.

I wish this was the actual end. That was a REALLY bad excuse to brainwash an entire town by taking away their cutie marks... Insta-fav!


That's All Folks! :pinkiehappy:

This is a MUCH better ending to that crappy episode.

Ironic, isn't it? In this story Twilight talks Starlight down very graciously. The comments however...

Indeed ... trying to figure out Starlight's motivation is a major part of Post-Traumatic, which I started before the Season Five finale was broadcast. I was afraid that the finale was going to joss my story. The event which Starlight claimed was her motivation was so trivial that it saved my story from becoming AU -- there was no way for Twilight to research it, and Starlight never would have told Celestia.

Mind you, it's quite plausible that Starlight would think this was her motive. The motive I adduce -- extreme intolerance, to the point of violent paranoia toward anypony and everypony differing from her even in trivial ways -- is one which Starlight could scarcely admit to herself. But I think it's actually more consistent with The Cutie Map, AND most of her behavior in The Cutie Re-Mark, than is the motive actually given near the end of the finale.


Sorry -- how do Starlight's motivations make more sense given that this is My Little Pony? The Ponies are canonically nicer on average than Humans. Enslaving dozens of other Ponies, let alone risking the destruction of the whole world in a mad revenge scheme because your friend went away after earning his Cutie Mark, is pretty nasty behavior. And immature on the level of a five-year-old.

And most of the Ponies are more mature than that in canon. They run a whole freaking civilization; if they were normally that sensitive and sociopathic, they wouldn't be able to remain politically united for a month, let alone over a millennium -- Alicorn or no Alicorn.

Pause #29 · Jan 5th, 2016 · · 51 ·


The problem is that I'm seeing a people who are probably around, if not in, the age range of 18-30 watching a television show that was and is designed for children of the ages to seven to ten and then complaining about things being kept simple for their young minds to grasp easier and things that might relate easier to them.

You don't pick up Cat in the Hat and then complain on why its not written with the same level of depth of things written for older audiences such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

*Slow clap*

All my yes. This should've been the finale's ending, it makes so much sense.

The episode's original ending was like, IDW comics levels of bad writing. Unless you're REALLY forgiving of that kind of thing, I can't comprehend someone liking the ending to that episode. It never addressed that Starlight didn't ever try to contact her friend again. And after an episode like Amending Fences, an episode that came out in the same season where that's the ENTIRE POINT, I don't know why they didn't address it here. Hell, MOON DANCER WAS EVEN IN THE FINALE, so it addresses previous events in that way. In addition, Starlight got literally no punishment. Only a "cheer up" speech, and it's sickening. If the finale's intention was to make us feel sorry for Starlight Glimmer, it failed.

This though? This is perfection in its purest form. It's addressed that Starlight fucked up BAD, and Twilight talking down to her about this is really cathartic and doesn't take it too far like a lot of the Starlight torture porn that came out after the finale. In short, this was amazing and I love it. :pinkiehappy:

Alright, show of hands. Who else wishes this was in the actual episode?!

This. This, right here, feels like it actually could've been in the show.

It may not be the most satisfying adjustment to the finale (that title goes to A Crazed Gleam), or the one that makes the most sense (that one goes to a story whose name I can't remember, in which Starlight's redemption is a trick), but this feels like the one the writers themselves would've put in the show. Well done.


I entirely concur. That bit of the finale was... badly handled.

6800309 I put both my hands up!:moustache::trollestia:

This is so much better than the piece of contrived crap that was the actual finale. The only thing even remotely cool about the finale were the Alternate Equestrias... anything having to do with Starlight was just stupid. Everything from her plot buff to be able to beat Twilight one on one, to her ridiculous "villain origin." Nice job!

Heh heh, love how honest this story is about those who follow "communal" ideas like Starlight did and the meager motivations which drive them.

I haven't read it and based on the plot alone I'm already reminded of Debbie "the temptress of Waikiki " from Addams Family Values.

6800355 I felt much the same about Starlight's ridiculous antics. :facehoof:

Adjusting new headcannon and...done.

Thanks for writing this. This is a much better and satisfying conclusion than that so called finale had.

HiddenMaster out.

I'll add to the chorus and state that I also believe this would have worked better than what was in the actual episode. Well done. :pinkiesmile:

Huh, I was expecting this to pretty much be several pages of Twilight calling Starlight an over reactive dumbass and going on a long rant about all the crap she did, much in the same vein as pretty much everybody whose seen the episode.

However, here Twilight actually responds to the situation in a very calm, intelligent and logical manner. She derides Starlight for her actions and even sort of insults her, but does so in a more critical manner, much like a teacher or ruler is supposed to. In many respects it's actually quiet similar to how Celestia reacted to Twilight in Lesson Zero, she acknowledged and showed some disappointment in how Twilight caused so much havoc because she overreacted to something fairly minor, but was still understanding and not overly harsh.

I could totally see this as being how Twilight should have handled the situation and see seems totally in character, especially given everything that took place in the most recent season. I don't mean to sound like I'm going overboard with the praise here, but I really feel like this is a well down story and presentation of Twilight and how she would have handled this situation.

In simple terms Twilight was Tough but Fair and I think that was best way to handle this, so well done overall.


to that I rate this fic as OH WHAT A FIC, WHAT A LOVELY FIC

Personally, I loved the season five finale, but regardless, thank you for writing this. This was very well-written.

Jarkes #43 · Jan 5th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Well, I for one actually liked the finale. And I'm more than willing to bet that there's a lot more to Starlight's story than what we saw in the episode. Perhaps what happened with Starburst was nearly the first push.

On the other hand, this is up to your usual standard of writing and didn't feel like a "author uses a character as a mouthpiece to rant about an episode they disliked" story, unlike far, far too many fics on this site, so props to you there.

I was hoping that Starlight's hatred of Cutie Marks and friendship would have a more deeper and more tragic backstory myself. Here's how I would've interpreted her backstory and her time post-defeat:

After getting her Cutie Mark in magic, filly Starlight Glimmer applied for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns with her at the top of her class and had high potential for becoming Princess Celestia's next personal pupil; but then shortly after Twilight feebly failed to hatch Spike from his dragon egg, the Sonic Rainboom explosion caused her magic to grow haywire, and Celestia took her in as her personal student to train her in the ways of her magic.

Feeling crushed from the events she witnessed and feeling betrayed by the meaning of her Cutie Mark, Starlight ran away from home and left Canterlot, venturing off by her lonesome and becoming a bitter mare with a deep resentment towards Cutie Marks. It was then that while she practiced her own magic and perfected her equality spell, Starlight Glimmer founded Our Town alongside Double Diamond, Party Favor, Night Glider, using the logic that having the same Cutie Mark meant not suffering from being different before the arrival of Princess Twilight and her friends in the beginning of Season 5.

After being shown the errors of her ways after the events of "The Cutie Mark Re-Mark", Starlight Glimmer gave herself up to Princess Twilight for the illegal use of a time-traveling spell and was sentenced to three months under house arrest with six hours per day of community service under the watchful eyes of the Elements of Harmony. After that, she was allowed back into Our Town with welcome arms by her friends.

...you took something you thought of as a problem with your life...and tried to make it everypony else's problem! Rather than think things through...you let yourself become enraged because of just one bad experience.

In other words, exactly what she's doing right now. This is why I don't have a problem with Starlight's origin story. She's clearly prone to severe, juvenile overreaction. If she weren't, she never would've thought that a revenge scheme that involved time travel was a reasonable choice.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great breakdown of the disconnect between Starlight's origin and later actions. The only problem is that Starlight as she was at the time wouldn't have been rational enough to appreciate this argument. Treating her issues seriously and connecting with her enough to get her into a more open frame of mind first was probably the better choice. In general, it's a good idea to resolve the time loop before criticizing the villain's origin story, especially when she can strand you in the past and doom the future just by tearing a scroll in half.

But yeah, well-argued soapbox story.

I never was disappointed in her reasons for going all crazy. Why? Because unfortunately, it does happen in life, especially today. People want to be victims. People feel entitled to get everything they want, so when something stands in their way (usually parents) they make grudges that grow with hatred into adulthood. Kids who grew up with only a fragment of discipline become activists against child abuse and use themselves as examples. It's ridiculous, but true. Take my word for it, I've seen some people very close to me have reactions like Starlight and use their time now to be hurtful to other people. Sometimes a slap on the knee will be taken like being stabbed in the chest. I'm not saying her reaction was just (not at all) but it's not as far out as one may think.

I've had something like this in mind for my stuff eventually...good lord I hate it when folks beat me to the punch.

Ah well. Reference folder for this.

This is how it should've ended. They could've just cut out a tom of crap involving bad endings for the country and just focused on making the actual ending something infinitely better than we got.

almost thought twilight would have blasted past starlight.

Something tells me we're only taking Starlight's backstory at face value.

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