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Berry Punch is usually the forceful one in the relationship. She does all the flirting, she puts on the moves, she does the pinning against the walls or beds or floors. But not tonight, not on her birthday night. Tonight, Minuette is taking the lead, and she knows every single one of Berry's pleasure buttons. How much can Berry take of her wife's sultry flirting?

Teen because cider and frisky ponies with cider.

Written as a birthday present for Golden Mercury Dragon's birthday.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 4 )

Given the cover image for this story, I'm sure this'll be an interesting read.

"Truth or Dare?"
"I dare you to sit there, watch this happen, and not join in."
"...I hate you, Bon Bon..."

First off, apologies accepted. The chapter was certainly an enjoyable one, the wait was a little long, but that's besides the point.
Actually, now that I do mention, I wouldn't mind hearing the long version. I'm fine with whining, it's what I do for most of the day anyways.


“Yes, but none would do as well as I” Aloe said.

You forgot the comma before the quotation mark. That's really the best mistake I could find.
Anyways, until next time,

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