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Stability of the Past: The Beginning - GoodieTwo-Shoes

When the spirit, Chaos, creates something that is too powerful to be on earth, will the planet every find a balance between harmony and chaos?

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Chapter 2: New Life Begins

The sky was blue and blotched with fluffy white clouds. The sun was making its way through the sky. Exhausted and drained as she was, Harmony still performed her usually duty of raising the sun. Lucky for Chaos, he did not have to raise the moon or bring out the stars until that night. He had time to rest and recharge. Much to his dismay though, all the souls had found their proper vessels. The planet was finally alive with curious new creatures. Some looked around inquisitively, wondering where they were and what was happening. Other ran, jumped, swam, or took flight immediately, ready to explore the new world.

The first bunny that Harmony created stuck her pink little nose up, sniffing the fresh air. Then something bumped into her. She quickly turned around, unsure if it was danger. It was another bunny like her, but she was smaller, younger. Instinctively, she immediately knew she was the little bunny’s mother, and she was to take care of and raise her. Using her head, she lovingly pushed her to her soft, little feet. The little bunny looked up at the larger one and turned her head to one side with one ear down. She blinked up at the larger creature. Then the little bunny’s ears quickly perked up. She happily rubbed her head on her mom’s soft chest. Her mother licked her head affectionately. Her daughter then happily hopped away to her siblings.

The mother bunny noticed a larger rabbit sitting near her children. He was slightly taller and broader than her. She carefully hoped over to his back and sniffed him. He turned around, his fluffy gray fur blowing in the cool breeze. His chest had a puff of white, soft fur. His feet were large and strong. His red eyes shined in the early morning light. Her ears dropped with a sigh.

He looked at her and blinked. She was slender and cottony. Her features were small and delicate. Her dark brown eyes were alluring. His ears went down. He gulped. She covered her face with her long ears and turned away bashfully. His ears slowly rose as he took a step towards her. He carefully pulled her ears away from her cute, fluffy white checks. She quickly turned her gleaming eyes away. He gently rubbed his head against hers.

Their children had taken interest and were watching them curiously. She slowly brought her eyes towards his. Their eyes meet, glistening in the light. His ears dropped. Hers went back, delicately lying on her neck. They inched closer together. Their pink noses gently touched.

They were suddenly attacked by four happy, bouncing little bunnies. They all gently tumbled over to the ground. The little bunnies rubbed around on their parents. They licked and snuggled them in return.

“Oh gross!” Chaos gagged. He and Harmony were watching the bunnies using Control’s magnifying viewer device. It resembled a large holographic screen with a purplish clear floor in which its watchers connected. Harmony and Chaos floated above the floor, but, when the Viewer was moved to orbit around the planet, they moved along with it. The Viewer allowed them to zoom in without actually moving closer to the planet. After doing a quick sweep over the whole planet, Harmony elected that they use Control’s device to focus in and check on her first creations. Other than raising the sun and moon, their job now was to keep an eye on the planet and notify their mentor if they saw anything extreme that needed attention. Control’s Viewer made this job easier.

“I’m going to throw up from all this cuteness!” he continued. He gagged and covered his mouth, checks puffing out as if filled with vomit.

“Aww! They’re just so adorwable!” Harmony cooed, her stubs smooshing her checks and muffling her speech. Chaos face-palmed, sliding his stub down his face.

“Can’t we watch something else now?” he whined. Harmony made cooing faces at the bunnies lying on her belly, ignoring Chaos. He rolled his eyes. Then his face brightened. “Ooo! Let’s watch the manticore!” he said excitedly. The globe suddenly zoomed out quickly until it was just a barely visible speck.

“Huh?” Harmony said, sitting up quickly. The globe quickly zoomed into an empty desert. “What the?” It zoomed way out, but quickly zoomed back into the ocean. Some orange fish swam into view. She heard a growl. The Viewer zoomed out again. The floor they were floating above moved swiftly, orbiting them to right. Harmony swayed to one side, trying to stay balanced. Then it zoomed in again. “What is going on?” she asked, looking around.

Chaos was holding his intensely glowing stubs out, his face wrinkled and tongue sticking out. The globe continued randomly zooming in and out and orbiting them around in different locations.

“What are you doing?!” Harmony shrieked in surprise, quickly floating over to him.

“I’m trying to find the manticore,” he grunted in frustration, zooming in on the arctic.

“Chaos, settle down,” she said, looking at him. “You’re using too much power,” she said, pointing at him.

After making all their creations on the planet, not only had their yellow and black glows diminished, their rainbow colors had faded as well. Now Harmony was striped with pale yellow colors that resembled her usual rainbow, except for her purple stripe that looked normal. Chaos was colored with a pale gray rainbow. The dark grayed pink color he had gained back was fading again. He glanced down at himself and noticed the faded returning color. His face hardened.

“Grrr…I’m fine,” he growled. He promptly orbited them halfway around the globe. She swayed to one side and held her head. He quickly stopped, throwing her to one side. He magnified their view, zooming into the globe again.

“But I’m not,” she said, stumbling around. “You’re making me dizzy.”

Suddenly, a large eyeball appeared on the screen.

“Ahh!” they screamed in unison. Chaos quickly zoomed back out.

“Will you at least slow down?” she asked, holding her chest and breathing heavily.

He ignored her. He spotted a forest and quickly focused in on it.

“I’ve almost got it,” he said with determination. Harmony looked at the Viewer. She wrinkled her face.

“That’s the wrong forest,” she deadpanned. He raised one eye ridge.

“I knew that,” he said casually. She rolled her eyes. “I just meant I was close.”

She made a face and said, “The forest the manticore’s in is on the other side of the planet.”


“Here, let me do it,” she said, raising her stubs.

“I got it,” he said tiredly, trying to sound angry. Only half of his pink color was left. His eyes were heavy, and his body was slumped.

“You’ve almost used all your power,” she observed. “Just let me do it.” Her stubs glowed lightly. She zoomed out and began slowing orbiting them around to the other side of the globe.

“Nuh uh. You’ll just look at the bun…bunnies again,” he said woozily, struggling to orbit them in the other direction.

“I already got to watch those adorable bunnies,” she sighed happily. “If you want to look at your manticore, then we will,” she said honestly. She easily pulled back, moving them back the other way.

“No! I’ll do it,” he said, a little more determined. He pulled them back harder in the other direction. His eye ridges were now slanted in a “v” shape. She pulled back again, her stubs glowing more. He jerked them back, his whole body glowing intensely. She stumbled over. Her stubs stopped glowing.

Breathing heavily, she said, “Fine…you do it. I’m too tired to fight with you.” She sat up. “Why would I care if you…drained all your power anyway?” she said with some anger, floating a little ways away from him. “You’re less annoying when you’re drained,” she gibed. She lied down on the purple tinned clear floor.

He smiled and snickered. He jerked them around to the other side, Harmony rolling in the process. “Please, at least slow down…and focus,” she said tiredly, involuntarily rolling over to her belly. “And don’t use some much power,” she advised, “It doesn’t take much to control the Viewer or orbit it around the planet.”

He scowled down at her, ready to argue. Then he closed his mouth and glared back at the planet. He glanced around with his tired green eyes, trying to figure out where he was. He saw some mountains in the south. North of them were some big hills and a forest. His eyes narrowed with concentration. Farther up was an empty field. He smiled. A little farther up still and westward was the forest he was looking for.

He raised his stubs and made them glow lightly. He slowly zoomed into the trees, using as little power as he could, which was not easy for him. He focused his mind. He closed his eyes, moving them through the trees automatically. Harmony raised her head and looked at him. His face was wrinkled in concentration. She looked at the Viewer and smiled. She stood up and floated over to him as he searched for the manticore. They stopped moving. She tapped his shoulder. He unscrunched his focused face and opened his eyes.

“I found him!” he gasped excitedly. The lion hybrid was stalking through some viney bushes. “I did it! I…I…ugh,” he said, falling over.

Helping him up, Harmony said, “You know the other forest with the bunnies is just right over there.”

“Huh?” he said, disoriented while trying to get up.

“If you just took it slow in the first place, you could have found him a lot easier and not have exhausted your power,” she lectured, pulling him up.

“Oh…whatever,” he slurred. He rubbed his head. “I found him, didn’t I?” he said, righting himself. “And I still got some power left,” he said, looking down. A tiny sliver of grayed pink was still visible. She sighed. “Now, let’s see what my manticore is doing,” he said, rubbing is stubs together eagerly.

Together they watched the manticore through the Viewer. Harmony quickly locked the Viewer on him so it would automatically follow him. The manticore was alone. Chaos did not give him a family…or um any other manticores to be with. So he hunted alone, still looking for his first meal. His large bat-like ears were erect, listening for the sound of prey. His tan and black bat wings were flat against his body. His black scorpion tail was up and ready to strike. Protruding from his large tan paws were his sharp claws prepared for attack. He stalked around the trees, sniffing the air and eyeing his surroundings.

“You find this entertaining?” Harmony suddenly asked with boredom. She glanced at him. His eyes were glued on the Viewer.

“Shhhh!” he loudly shushed her, waving a stub in her direction. His eyes never left the Viewer.

She looked back at the screen and said, “But he’s not even doing anything. He’s just walking around.” Chaos turned his head and looked straight at her. “What?”

“He’s not just ‘walking around,’” he mimicked. “He’s stalking,” he said with a wide toothy grin. He turned back towards the Viewer. She looked back at it for a minute. The manticore was still just walking through the trees. She made a face.

“It just looks like he’s walking to me,” she stated.

He sighed, “Look closer, and stopped think like a goodie-goodie.”

She looked at the creature again. She noticed how his ears turned with every sound. His wings were hidden, and his claws were retracted. His walk was slow and precise. After observing him more closely, he did seem very alter to just be taking a stroll. Maybe Chaos had better attention to detail than she thought, at least when it came to things he enjoyed.

“Ooooh, here comes the best part,” he almost squealed, grabbing her stub and shaking her from her thoughts. She turned her attention back to the manticore. He was now low to the ground and taking long slow steps. His ears were flat against his black mane. His eyes were focused and locked on something. She followed his line of sight. In the short grass was a little cockatrice chick. It pecked the ground with its tiny yellow beak, its long scaly green tail lying lazily on the ground.

Her eyes widened. She looked back at the manticore. He was creeping closer. Chaos’s eyes were wide with excitement and anticipation. His face was contorted into a wide, mad smile.

Harmony gasped, “He’s going to get that baby!” His face dropped and he looked at her.

“Duh. He’s a predator,” he said focusing back on the scene. “What else would he eat?” He resumed his mad grinning.

“But it’s just a baby! Don’t you care? It’s one of your creations!” she argued in a panic.

“Life and death are part of the harmony of life, aren’t they?” he said with disinterest, still watching as the manticore crept closer to the hybrid chick. He grinned again.

She disputed, “Yes, but it’s just a…”

“No buts!” he interrupted her. She tried to speak again. “Hush! Death is the only part of harmony I like,” he said with his stubs crossed. He got up in her face and said darkly, “Don’t ruin it.” He swung back around and somehow pressed his face into the holographic screen, happily watching with a wide open-mouth smile as the manticore prepared to attack.

Harmony blinked. She looked at him strangely. Her eyes caught sight of the manticore. His forelegs were bent and his tail was up. He was ready to pounce. The little chick was completely unaware as it continued to peak the ground. She gasped. She looked at Chaos. He was so excited his black glow had expanded to its normal size again. She looked back at the Viewer. She bit her lip. The manticore leapt forward. It inched closer to the chick as gravity pulled it down. She gasped.

The Viewer suddenly blurred. Chaos sprung back. His expression was a mixture of shock, sadness, and confusion. His mouth silently tried to make words. Voice failing him, he looked around for an explanation. He spotted Harmony. Her head was turned away, her face winkled. Her stubs were stretched in front of her, glowing brightly. Chaos’s eyes narrowed, his sharp teeth showing. His black glow darkened and expanded.

“Harmony!” he yelled. She gasped and opened her eyes. He floated directly in front of her. “What are you doing?” he growled in a low, deep tone. Her stubs went back into her body.

It was now Harmony’s voice that could not be found. “I…I-I-I…” she stammered. He glared at her. Black smoke-like mist flowed from his darkening green eyes. Her glow diminished in fear. “I-I…I panicked!” she stuttered. He growled unforgivingly, leaning into her closer. “I just…I couldn’t watch it,” she defended, shrinking down and backing away.

“So you ruined it for me?” he asked darkly, floating closer and leaning over her.

“No. I mean…I…I didn’t mean to,” she said circling around him and backing up towards the Viewer, Chaos following her every move. “I know death is part of life, but that poor little chick’s life was so short,” she rambled fearfully. Chaos didn’t say anything. “I didn’t want to see it die,” she continued. Chaos’s angry face turned to interest. “Even if it was a creature of Chaos,” she persisted. He was looking up above her now. His eyes and black glow were back to normal. She didn’t notice and rambled on, “And I’m sure there are plenty of other creatures, even babies, dying all over the planet right now being attacked by predators.” Chaos looked at her and made an expression of irritation. “I know the predators have to eat too, but I just don’t…umhumh.”

Covering her mouth, Chaos said with annoyance, “Will you shut up?” Her eyes widened and finally looked at him. “Your bunnies are finally doing something interesting,” he said, releasing her mouth and pointing up at the Viewer. Her eyes moved up to the upside-down screen. She turned around, eyes still on the Viewer. In her panic, she had turned the Viewer back over to the bunny family.

The gray bunnies had taken interest in a little shrub that appeared to have a pair of tiny tan antlers. They sniffed at it curiously. It moved, startling the baby bunnies. They jumped back and hid behind their parents. The mother bunny turned her head at the odd moving plant. She sniffed it again, slowly sticking her head inside. Her four babies nervously watched from behind their father.

Her head slowly emerged. She turned to her family and placed a tiny bunny on the ground. He looked like the others, but he had two antlers on his head. He gulped with his ears down. The father bunny sniffed the new addition. His children hopped out from behind him and surround the odd little creature.

“Let’s see how your sweet little bunny family feels about their oddball son,” Chaos said menacingly. Harmony bit her lip. She had forgotten about Chaos’s improvement upon one of the baby bunnies. The family was so perfect too, all happy and in harmony.

The little jackalope hunkered down nervously. His father turned away, not pleased.

Chaos laughed. “It doesn’t look too good for your little bunny,” he teased, “His dad already hates him.” Harmony anxiously chewed her lip.

The jackalope’s four siblings looked at their father. They looked back at the antlered bunny. Their father made a sound and gestured with his head for them to come. The little oddball closed his eyes and looked away.

“It looks like some of your wolves will be having an easy meal,” Chaos said. Harmony’s eyes were big and glossy with unshed tears. Her yellow glow began to get a sad blue tint. Chaos smiled evilly with glee.

The little bunny felt something touch its antler. He opened his eyes and looked up. His sister was carefully feeling his odd feature. He rose his head up. She jumped back. He blinked his wet eyes and turned his head at her. She turned her head at him. Then he saw his other siblings behind her. Their father was watching them from afar. She touched his antler again. He stepped back, unsure. The others hopped to his sides. He looked at them nervously. One of them touched his antler. He shook his head at the odd feeling. They all jumped back, startled. They quickly hoped back to him, still curious. They all began touching the strange appendages on his head. He slowly raised his ears and watched his sibling with only his eyes so not to scare them.

He suddenly felt something touch his tail. He jumped, scaring the others. They all scattered. The antlered bunny bumped into something soft. He tumbled over and looked up. It was his father. He quickly got to his feet and back away, bumping into his mother. His ears dropped. He was trapped. She looked down at him kindly. She gently rubbed her head against his check. His ears went up in surprise. His siblings soon joined in the display of affection and acceptance.

A shadow formed over them. The little ones looked up and then ran behind their mom. The little oddball glanced up. His father was towering over him. He backed up further into his mother. She looked at the larger bunny. She gently rubbed her head under his chin. He rubbed her back. He looked down at his odd son. The smaller one hunkered down, closing his eyes. He felt something rub him softly. He opened his eyes. His father was nuzzling him, showing his acceptance.

“Et tu, daddy bunny?” Chaos said, shaking his head. Harmony’s face formed a wide smile. She glowed bright yellow again.

Chaos was suddenly tackled with a big tight hug. “Oooow, their just so cute!” she squealed, spinning them around. “And look at that harmony!” she said, pointing at the Viewer while squishing Chaos with her other stub. “He’s so different, but they accepted him as their son anyway,” she continued happily, squeezing him again. He looked up at her with his eyes, still smooshed against her. He frowned and pushed her off of him.

“Okay. Enough. Enough with the hugging,” he said, swatting his stubs at her. Her smile dropped a little. Her stubs held up against her chest. “Enough with all the love and affection and harmony,” he droned on. “Do you want me to throw up?” he asked seriously.

“Um, no,” she said unsure. He shivered. He wiped himself, trying to wipe away the affection.

Harmony suddenly gasped excitedly, “We have to watch one last thing first.” His eyes darted to her, his stubs in mid-wipe. She brought her stubs up. They glowed as the Viewer zoomed out. “Do you think you can handle one last bit of harmony?” she asked, moving them north slightly. His eyes popped.

“No no no no no!” he said quickly, shaking his stubs around. “No more harmony! You already watch two scenes of harmony, and you skipped the best part of my chaos. It’s my turn!” he complained.

“But I’m already here,” she said, pointing at the Viewers. On the large screen were the colorful ponies.

“Not the ponies again,” he whined.

“Don’t you want to see how your ‘improvements’ are working?” she asked, already watching the screen.

He crossed his stubs and said, “Not after what just happened with my last improvements.” “They’re probably all sunshine and rainbows by now. The magic ponies probably gave them all wings and horns so they could all be equal. Now they’re all doing magic and flying together in harmony,” he spat. She was too focused on the ponies to hear him. He sighed. “I guess I can at least watch and hope. With every pony having magic and wings, it might be chaotic,” he said defeated, sitting next to her.

The winged mares and stallions had already begun to fly. Some were better than other. Even a few of the fillies and colts had gotten off the ground. Oddly enough, the foals were buzzing around easily. Some were flying better than the adults. Their tiny bodies were full of energy.

The horned foals were similar to the winged ones in that they were doing some magic that even their parents couldn’t do yet. The adults had learned how to levitate small things. Most had not learned much else yet. It took time to master magic.

A light blue winged filly with a short messy gray, black, and light grayish-blue striped mane crashed landed and rolled into a horned mare. The purple mare smiled kindly down at the little filly. She careful lit her horn that protruded from her long, straight orange-stripped red mane and lifted her to her hooves. The filly gasped, wide eyed. “There you go,” she said happily.

“What do you think you are doing?” asked an angry large black stallion. He had a short, spiked dark blue mane.

Surprised, she said, “Oh, sorry. I was just helping your daughter get back on her hooves.” She smiled up at him.

“She can do that on her own. She’s not helpless,” he bellowed. He motioned for the filly to come to him. She quickly ran to him and stood up tall by his side.

“I didn’t mean…” she tried to explain, her smile gone.

“Just leave me and my family out of your freaky magic,” he spat and marched away. His daughter quickly followed by his side. The purple mare just blinked.

“Ow ow ow! It looks like your precious ponies of harmony aren’t so harmonious after all,” Chaos laughed. Harmony looked worried. She watched the mare shake her head. Then she walked back to her family with a smile.

“They just need more time to adjust,” Harmony said with determination.

They watched for a few more hours. Things with the ponies did not improve.

“Attention all winged ponies,” thundered the black stallion from a low cloud, “It is clear to me that these horned ponies are a hazard to all of us and to our children.” The other winged ponies nodded and chattered in agreement. “Ponies of the ground,” he continued. All the ponies looked around, unsure of whom he was addressing. His daughter fluttered up to his ear and whispered quickly before falling back down onto the cloud. He shook his head. “Those ponies who lack wings and horns, earth ponies, listen up,” he announced. The earth ponies looked up at him. “You shall join us.” They looked at each other and mumbled. “We will force these-” his daughter whispered in his ear again “-horned unicorns to leave our land. If they refuse to go quietly, we will brutally force them out.” The unicorns gasped. The earth ponies looked around, whispering to each other.

“We agree that these so called unicorns and their magic are dangerous and weird,” said a pink earth mare with a light brown puffy mane. “But you winged ponies are no different,” she accused. The large stallion glared down at her. “Your wings are just unnatural. Ponies are meant to stay on the ground,” she said, stomping one hoof on the earth.

“We are pegasi, and our wings make us awesome!” shouted the large pegasus's daughter, spreading her wings and striking a pose to prove her point. Her father glared down at her. She quickly stood straight up beside him again. Then he nodded in agreement.

“Your wings make you weird!” argued the pink earth mare’s pink daughter. Her mane matched her mom’s, but it was darker and swirled on top of her head.

“Nuh uh! You’re just jealous,” the blue filly argued back. She quickly backed up and ran forward. Jumping off the cloud, she flapped her wings and stayed airborne for a few seconds. She grinned. Then she started falling. She flapped her wings hard, but still crash landed in front of the pink filly. The earth filly giggled. The blue filly quickly stood up and glared at her.

“Why would she possibly be jealous of that?” said a light gray unicorn filly.

“I just need more practice!” said the blue filly. “Then I’ll be as awesome as my dad.” She looked back up at him. He was arguing with the adults from his spot on the cloud.

“If there is anypony you should be jealous of, it’s me,” the gray unicorn said, throwing her long, curled purple mane back.

“Oh yeah, I’m sooo jealous,” the blue filly said sarcastically, “I wish I could pick things up.” The pink filly giggled. “Oh that’s right I can! I have hooves!” she shouted, shoving her hooves in her face.

The gray unicorn scoffed. “I’m sure we can do more than levitate objects with our magic. We just need to practice!” the gray unicorn filly shouted her words back at her.

“Well we earth ponies don’t need to practice,” the pink filly bragged.

“Yeah, you are already as lame as you’re going to get,” the blue filly insulted.

“Hay!” the pink filly yelled. The gray filly covered her mouth and giggled.

She was suddenly levitated off the ground. She was placed in front of her father, a large silver unicorn stallion with a short, kept light blue mane.

“Come daughter, we are leaving,” he said.

“Oh yeah! I guess my dad kicked your flanks out of here,” the blue filly cheered.

“We are leaving,” her bellowing father’s voice said from behind her.

Quickly turning around she said, “But dad…” He glared down at her. “Yes, sir,” she sighed with a salute. They marched away, meeting up with the filly’s blue mother. Her mane was short and matched the light grayish-blue color on her daughter’s striped mane.

Further up, a timid yellow filly was hiding in a bush. Her longer light blue tail could be seen sticking out of the bush. She was too scared to go, even with her mother’s kind words of encouragement.

“Please come out, my little flower,” begged the light yellow green-maned mare. The scared filly did not respond.

“You get out here this instance!” yelled her father. He was yellow as well, and his mane was short and light blue.

“Eeep!” his daughter squeaked from inside the bush, pulling her tail inside.

“You’re scaring her,” her mother reprimanded.

“Well that black stallion, Thunder Cloud, is really going to scare her if she doesn’t come on,” he argued.

“Please come out. You’re uncle, aunt, and cousins are waiting,” her mother tried again. The filly peaked outside of the bush. Waiting a little ways away was a family of seven pegasi. They all were a variety of orange colors, except for one foal. She was a brown color, and her mane was light brown. She looked similar to her father, who had a tan colored mane. Her twin brother resembled their mother. They both had light green manes, but his was lighter. They had a set of older twin siblings. The mare resembled her mom, except her mane was greenish-yellow. Her twin brother looked like his dad, but his mane was a little lighter. The middle child was a filly with a cream and light brown striped mane. Her tailed matched, and they were both short and shaggy. Her eyes were light green. Besides her baby brother and sister, she seemed to be the only pony with patients. She was about the same age as her cousin, who was currently hiding in the bush. She trotted up to the shrub and stuck her head inside.

“Pansy, it’s okay. We have to go,” she encouraged.

“I know, Honey. But I’m scared,” Pansy said quietly.

“What are you scared of?” Honey asked, stepping into the bush. “We are all going together. We’ll be safe with our parents.”

“But what if those unicorns attack us with their magic? Or those earth ponies could attack us. They look so strong. They’re both just so scary,” she said, covering her face in fright.

Honey pulled Pansy’s hoof away from her face and said kindly, “They aren’t scary. They’re just different.” She smiled at her. A smile started forming on Pansy’s face. It quickly fell when something jumped into the bush with them.

“What’s the hold up?! Get your flanks moving!” Thunder’s daughter yelled. Pansy squealed and raced out of the bush. She quickly hid behind her mom.

“Hay! That wasn’t nice,” Honey yelled at the blue filly.

“I wasn’t trying to be nice. I was trying to get her moving,” she argued, marching out of the bush. Honey followed. “And it worked,” she said pointing at the terrified filly. Honey glared at her. “Now let’s move out!” she ordered. She quickly ran to the front of the group by her parents. The black stallion led them westward.

Far in the other direction, the silver unicorn was leading his group eastward towards a small mountain.

“I don’t understand why we have to leave. The other ponies don’t seem that bad to me,” a purple filly with a puffy green-striped mane said to her parents.

Her father, who was also purple with a solid green mane, but of different shades, said, “That Thunder Cloud was pretty rude to your mother when she tried to help his daughter, Hurricane.”

“It was just a misunderstanding,” his wife insisted.

“Well, he didn’t have to call our gift freaky,” he argued.

The purple filly looked forward. She spotted the leading unicorn’s daughter walking ahead of her in the group. She quickly ran up to her.

“Hi, I’m Clover,” she introduced herself.

The light gray filly gave her a look. “Charmed. My name in Platinum,” she said, walking closer to her parents. Her father continued looking forward towards their destination. Her mother glanced back at her and the purple filly. She was light gray, almost white. Her curly mane was a pale purple color. She made a distasteful sound and turned her head forward again.

“I just wanted to ask you if you could talk to your dad. Maybe if he talked to Thunder Cloud and Pink Fudge again, he could convince them to let us all stay together.”

Platinum scoffed, “My father is not interested in living with those rude ruffians.”

“Maybe it was all just a misunderstanding. I’m sure they’re not as bad as they seem,” Clover insisted with hope.

“Young filly, Silver Sapphire is no longer concerned with those ponies. We agreed to leave. Our time with them is done,” Platinum’s mother said, stopping in front of Clover. “Now, return to your parents and leave my daughter alone,” she said, pulling her filly with her. Clover stood sadly watching them walk away. Her parents caught up to her and gestured for her to follow.

Back in the field where all the ponies had started, the pink earth mare, Pink Fudge, declared they would stay put, now that the weird ponies had left. Her pink daughter asked her dad if she could walk around and meet some new ponies. He was a purple-pink color with a light brown poofy short mane. He said she could, but she was not allowed to go too far. She happily bounced off, introducing herself to each and every earth pony she found.

She spotted a light brown filly with a short, round yellow mane. She had dark freckles on her checks. She smiled widely and bounced over to her. Her parents were talking about something boring. The pink filly was not interested in them. Her father looked like her, but his mane was stringier. Her mother was orange with a straight brown mane.

“Hi! I’m Pudding Head. But you can call me Pudding for short,” the pink filly said happily.

“Um, hi. Ah’m Smart Cookie, or Cookie for short,” the brown filly said.

“Oooo! I like that name,” Pudding cheered.

“Um, thanks,” Cookie said, unsure about the hyper filly. She looked the bouncing filly over. “Aren’t ya that Pink Fudge’s daughter?” Cookie asked.

“Yep. That’s my mom, and my dad is Purple Caramel. I don’t know why his name is Purple. He looks more pink to me,” she rambled. “He said I could go say hi to all the ponies. I love meeting new ponies! And I love saying, ‘Hi!’ I said hi to you, so now I have to go say hi to some other pony. So bye!” she said quickly, bouncing away. Cookie looked dumfounded for a second. She shook her head and quickly ran up to the pink filly.

“Wait!” Cookie said, running in front of her. Pudding stopped in mid-bounce. Then fell to the ground. “Y’all said ya were Pink Fudge’s daughter, right?” Cookie asked.

“Yep. And I also said that Purple Caramel was my dad and umum…” Cookie quickly covered Pudding’s mouth.

“Okay, ah got it. Y’all don’t have to ramble on,” Cookie said, rolling her eyes. She put her hoof down and continued, “I want to ask ya why your pa made those other ponies leave.”

Pudding frowned. “Because those ponies were meanies,” she said, crossing her forelegs over her chest.

“Just because they seem a little unkind, don’t mean your pa should have kicked them out,” Cookie argued.

“That blue pegasus called us earth ponies lame because we don’t have wings, and the unicorn laughed at me,” she said with a pout. “Besides, my dad didn’t make them leave, they left on their own,” she said. She turned away. “I’m going to go talk to some other ponies now,” Pudding said angrily as she stood up. Cookie just sat there, watching her walk away.

Harmony sighed sadly. Her little ponies filled with so much harmony, were all fighting and separating. They were supposed to be her best creatures. She hoped they would one day lead the other creatures and show them true harmony. But now it looked as though they would be leading them in disharmony. She looked at Chaos. He was grinning with glee, rubbing his stubs together. Her eyes hardened. This was his fault. He changed them. If they all looked the same, they would all group together.

“This is your fault,” she accused angrily.

“I know,” he said cheerfully.

“These are my creatures. They are not supposed to be fighting!” she said furiously.

“Sheesh, calm down. At least the ponies of the same kind are getting along,” he said with annoyance.

“But they are all supposed to be getting along together,” she said desperately. “If you hadn’t changed them, they would be,” she said, pointing in his face. “They were supposed to be the best of the best at harmony,” she said sadly, dropping her stub.

He raised an eye ridge at her. “You’re moody. I think you need a nap,” he simply said.

She gave him a look and said, “I do not need a nap. I’m just distraught and frustrated that my best creations have failed.”

“By failed you mean…” he said, gesturing with his stub for her to explain.

“They are disharmonious,” she said sadly, dropping her head.

“They are not disharmonious,” he stated. She looked up at him. “If they were, they would all be fighting. They would not have formed groups or joined sides while they were arguing. They would have all fought with each other, and none of them would even be thinking that they should stay together. Heck, they would probably still be fighting now,” he said.

A smile began forming on her face, and she said, “Really?”

“Well, duh. They probably would have even killed each other,” he went on.

“Okay, okay. I get the picture,” she said quickly, motioning for him to stop. She looked back at the Viewer and smiled. “Thank you,” she said to him.

“What?” he asked, with displeased surprise.

“I said thank you,” she repeated. “You gave me hope that these ponies can have harmony. They are more sophisticated than the bunnies. They just need more time to figure things out,” she said, smiling down at the planet.

“Woah. I was not trying to make you feel better,” he said defensively with his stubs out in front of him. “I was just correcting you.”

“I know,” she said with a smile, making the Viewer disappear.

“I don’t think you do,” he continued, sounding a bit uneasy. “I don’t care if you feel bad or not. In fact, I enjoy your pain and suffering,” he said with forced evil glee.

“Chaos,” she said.

“It’s true!” he squeaked.

“Chaos,” she repeated.

“Why don’t you believe me?” he said desperately.

“Chaos,” she said with some annoyance.

“I’m evil! I care for no one but myself!” he insisted. He cackled, expanding his black glow and raising his stubs into the air.

“Chaos!” she yelled.

“What?” he quickly said.

“I believe you. You are evil and uncaring, okay? I just wanted to tell you it’s time to raise the moon,” she said, pointing at the low sun.


“Now who’s moody?” she mocked. He gave her a look.

She helped the sun set as he raised the moon. The ponies were amazed as they watched the sun disappear and a new glowing orb appear. Chaos made each star appear with boredom. The ponies looked up in awe as each little light appeared one by one. The unicorns thought it was some form of magic. Some hoped to one day master it. The pegasi and earth ponies looked suspiciously in the unicorn’s direction.

All the ponies found shelter. They would rest for the night and start building their new lives when they woke. Hopefully the sun would return soon.

Chaos sighed, “I didn’t think Control would make us do this after we brought life to an entire planet on our own.”

“Our creatures do need light,” Harmony reminded him.

“Yeah, I know. But why can’t they do it themselves,” he said with boredom. Harmony looked at him as if he were crazy. He raised one eye ridge at her. “What? You keep bragging about how sophisticated and smart your ponies are, and I did give them magic-conducting horns,” he said, lighting up more of the stars.

“You didn’t give them that much magic. They don’t have nearly as much power as we do,” she pointed out.

“Well, maybe if they worked together,” he argued, finishing the stars. She gave him a thoughtful looked.

She said with a smile, “Maybe.”

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