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Yes, you captured Ember well. And I'm curious how your going to picture me. Also why no comments!


I am glad!

And, because no one likes me! That, or the fact that it's marked "Mature/Gore" turns everyone off.

I like ya. Though I agree, the gore tag is way too broad by itself. I used to not read stories that had that tag, until I had a refresher on what it meant.
Still, heartwarming at its finest.

Okay, A song I normally reserve for my Bleach OTP, I heard this song again a few days ago and instead of my OTP, I thought of Riptide and Midnight.


A very good song! One of my favorites, actually.

But, if Midnight and Tide had a song that'd roll in the credits of Memories of Midnight, it'd be this one.

“With raspberry jelly, of course!” Pinkie Pie declares, holding up a jar of the stuff.
This seems like a nod to Spaceballs to me.

Sighing, Blueblood levels his blade at Prose, a frown on his face. “At least you can hold your own in conversation, I shall hate to kill you.”
“And I am quite proud of that, so I shall hate to die,” Prose smirks.
:heart: The Princess Bride!

“Tis but a scratch,” Prose chuckles, holding a hoof to his side.
“Okay, it’s a flesh wound…” Prose coughs with a small smirk.
And a Monty Python reference, of course.

There are probably more that I'm missing, but these I caught on the first read-through.


Right on all accounts.

Also, the scene with Pinkie Pie in the grass, that's a nod to Jurassic Park

Friendly word of advice, link to Pierce the Heavens.


Thank you for the advice, I linked PtH in the story description.


Well, you might ask that question now, but when you get later into the story...

And it's okay if you've not read Memories of Midnight, as it's not required to understand the story, but there are a few plot points that are brought up in the story that you won't understand unless you've read it. Primarially "Letters to those Left Behind" and the whole thing with Daring more or less seeing Midnight in the world between worlds.

However, I hope you're enjoying the story so far!

Retribution was swift for JSS...:pinkiecrazy:

The Rat Pack heading inact their vengance looks like this, I bet.


Well, I'm slightly ahead of Zol in the storyline, but Zol's story will catch up to me shortly so that'll be explained soon ;3

Star swirl, the first rule of time travel is "if at first you don't succeed, be careful not to succeed at first" ("All You Zombies" Heinlein

Dagger refers to Cloak and Dagger, Marvel superheroes from 30-40 years ago. Tank is from DNAgents


Dagger is actually the sister to Cloak, both of them being Shadowbolt Renegades that Jim Hoxworth invented. I don't know where he got the insperation for the names, though, so you'd have to ask him :pinkiecrazy:

Hate to disappoint you, man, but none of those are where I got my inspiration from. :rainbowlaugh:
It's a crazy coincidence, though. :pinkiesmile:

Will these ponies (or ponies like them) be appearing in this story?


Sadly not. The majority of the actual Shadowbolts are currently in the mountains fighting the Wonderbolts (As this story parallels Calm Wind's "Pierce the Heavens")

However, I can comment on the status of a few of them..

Blitz is dead as chapter 2 of "Shadowbolts a Memoir"

Nightshade is the current Captain of the Shadowbolts, and is alive and beating the tar out of the Wonderbolts

Starry Skies betrayed the Shadowbolts, along with Descent (Who is pictured as "Dusk" in that picture)

Stratus is dead as of Chapter 2 of "Shadowbolts a Memoir"

the others I am not sure of.


Though, actually, there were four who did show up.

They're all OCs, though.

Hawk, Tank, and Cloak are all Shadowbolt Renegades (Shadowbolts who have defied Captain Nightshade, who has gone insane)

As well as Epic Prose, who is a Shadowbolt Infiltrator who joined the Renegades

7436867 Blitz has not been mentioned yet, actually... :raritywink:

“No, it’s not,” Dawn agrees with another sigh. “I just feel so... “
“Violated?” Lode provides with a frown on his face, his eyes distant. “Like everything you’ve ever cared for and loved has been torn away from you, and destroyed before your very eyes.”
“Sounds like you have experience in this,” Dawn says softly, looking to his newest recruit from the corner of one eye.

Lode knows oh so well how it feels to have a home taken from him. And I was more the happy to lend my character to your works again Sylvian.

My question for Daring I'd:
Which is more important to you
1 Recover the loot
2 Punish the guilty

If you just want the stuff back, then just take it. What are they going to do, file a police report? "Officer, someone took my stolen property". Yeah, I see that happening -NOT! On the other hand, you do that & they'll never be punished.

Personally, I'd recommend making a list of everything & go after what turns out to be stolen.

Mr. Law & Mr. Common Sense are NOT good friends and are often not on speaking terms.

i do say you've got me hooked
and i do assure you i had come up with the blueblood idea on my own, they do say great minds think alike

This partially answers the question "What were the others doing while Dash was with the Wonderbolts?"


That's been the entire story really. There are two more chapters, though, and the last one may go onto explain a lot more about what everypony else is up to while Dash is out there fighting for her life.

And... I'm caught up. Nice. I'M looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you ;3

Yup! The feels are real! And they're crushing! Especially in regards to a certain pegasus mare who is standing next to Twilight... hmmm, I wonder who she could be!

I know it was sad, but I hope you liked it all the same.

And revenge? Get revenge on me?! I sense more MidnightTide foal pictures being launched at me.... :derpyderp1:

Then I shall be very worried, little sis, very worried indeed.

If this is the end, you should change the tag to complete.

Huh... woops, totally forgot about that, thanks!

That was an awesome chapter, gotta love a good raid.

Jesus Christ Syl stop doing this shit with my heart

Alright I want to make a story with the express purpose of marketing Blueblood a Malfoy/Dandy (AHS freak show) hybrid

Haha, war never changes.

Nice story you have here man.

War really does never change.

And thank you ;3 I am glad you enjoyed it!

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

Without spoiling the story, the story contains a military bombardment of the City of Canterlot, invasion of the city of Canterlot, brief description of the recovery efforts pre and post bombardment (The city gets attacked twice), multiple scenes set in a hospital set right after the Shadowbolts' attack, between that attack and the second, and during and after the second. There is also a scene involving a trial, the general machinations of the Canterlot Nobility, street-by-street fighting, and an entire scene dedicated to defending the front gates to the Canterlot Castle during the invasion.

Not to mention a chapter dedicated to a funeral.

So, it gets dark, and there is a lot of blood spilled. But it isn't a story that is full of blood guts and gore. It's a story about ponies surviving hell, twice, and coming out the other side better for it.

find myself amazed i had spent so much time stuck on a few boring parts and now i'm hooked like a fish.

i'm curious as to whether canterlot has a prison and if there is fighting there too, though honestly i'm liking the idea of a prisoner fighting along side the guards against the usurpers

The dungeons under Canterlot Castle serve as the local "Prison", there are also multiple guard posts and armories that have cells for less violent offenders.

In any event, I hope you enjoyed the story overall.

with this and other spots, it seems rather clear you view nobility as more of a state of being noble rather then inheritable titles

That's a very interesting way of viewing my writing, but I must confess I am somewhat confused as to how you have arrived at this conclusion.

Pray tell, what instances are you speaking of, and how have they shown you that I view the gentry in this way.


well examples that immediately come to mind is the conversation between the two brothers and the brief wedding above that with leaf and daring. though i know there are some rather big holes in using those as an example for this argument

I HATE FEEELING THINGS!!!! :flutterrage:

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