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It's one of the first few nights of summer out in the Big Forest, and the Bunny family is just tucking in to bed. What they don't know is that soon their beds will not be in a warren, but the clouds, and their home will be in the open skies. And it all ties back down to a baby, crying in a basket, in the middle of the woods.

Winner of the eighth FTP competition, in the Rage Reviews group.

Informative Blog with extra information and Behind The Scenes, because why not?

Cover art stolen and edited by myself, but if you are interested in doing some art for any of my stories, shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

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Ohhhh, the old folklore!
That is great. That is proper ingenious. That's... wow.

You're brilliant. You are absolutely brilliant. Full marks.

Interesting take on the word 'changeling'

6737939 It comes from the original definition of the word. From Google:

a child believed to have been secretly substituted by fairies for the parents' real child in infancy

Originally, it was going to be Fluttershy meeting the child she was swapped with, but then that didn't work, so I stepped back and said: Right, how does this story need to be told? Hence Arthur. I hope you liked my take.

6731082 Thanks! That's quite the glowing praise! Is there anything I can improve on for next time 'round the block?

6747127 yes I did like the story. Thanks for the info too.

This was considerably more interesting than I was expecting -- it's a shame this fic doesn't have more views. I don't think I've seen this idea done before, and you carried it off pretty well. I was given pause by two things, though given the story's plot they could be deliberate clues to... things. Namely: 1) Angel is apparently female here and 2) rabbits don't have paw-pads, but seem to here. Whatever the case, I'm glad I read this.

7007928 Those are just inexperience in writing rabbits, and a little bit of research failure on my part. I may come back and edit the story sometime, but I'm glad you liked it in it's original state.

7008207 My first fandom was Watership Down, which explains why I notice rabbit-related things! To be honest, I half-wondered whether the thing with Angel's gender was a hint that Angel was a changeling of the Chrysalis type!

7008641 I'm a firm believer in Death of the Author, so maybe s/he is!

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