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One fateful day, Twilight Sparkle saved my life by pulling me away from a lightning strike. I might not have my memory, but I have the most interesting filly in the world to bother until it comes back. Unfortunately, the world doesn't seem to want to wait. Something is wrong with the the fabric of time and space itself, and I just might be in the middle of it. I just hope we can figure out what is happening before it's too late.

(A fic I started writing a LONG time ago... like two years, it was the middle of S1... and decided to drawer it because OCs suck. Recently was inspired by watching some CRAZY ANIME to finish this up and chuck it out here. Why not? Enjoy. Or don't. I probably won't be writing OCs again for a very long time...)

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Comments ( 14 )

Firstly, i have no idea why this has these haters. I think you did a great job, and you get a like and a spikestache from me.:moustache:

"I fell to my belly and held my hooves over my hands."
Perhaps you mean head?

Interesting story so far.

Ehehe, It's a screwball OC story with mild romance... any one of those things can do it. My only problem is getting downvotes is not getting any criticism to go with them.

But then, I think I've made some enemies on this site, too, so they might be gunning for me. Bang, haha! :rainbowlaugh:

Erk, fixed. Thanks.

I must say, good sir, that this is quite Ingenious. :moustache:

Downright cinematic in execution. A beautiful and engaging magical mystery that shares a tragically transient cosmos. A less thoughtful author would have instead told the entire story, some novel-length epic of this, but you distilled it to a single experience that contains millions. This is not getting the attention it deserves.

I like how it defies expectations. It's as much, if not more, about the Twilight Sparkle and the decisions that she has made. I guess that might be a spoiler to those reading the comments, but it's one of those spoilers that could only garnish interest.

I'm not sure why you broke this into chapters. I think this ought to have been published as one, encapsulated chunk. Background Pony has 20K word updates, so I wouldn't be shy about dropping a textbook into the update queue.

Perhaps the hatuhs objected to the OC with amnesia? They likely saw that, downvoted and bailed. That's too bad, they missed out.

Good sir I am astonished and impressed, you made a good compelling story and you didn't even need to give us the main character's name. That takes some skill, as well as for making a first person narrative i actually liked have a few mind f**ks and a smile :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::derpyderp2: :pinkiehappy:


Does anyone know how to get a name in that reply instead of the silly numbers? Probably a noobtastic question. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it! I had a lot of reservations about finishing it every time I touched it, just because of the... weird flavor of it I guess. Or maybe the first person made it sound too self-insert, which it was most certainly not. For those of you in the know, there would be some key signs. :heart:

Maybe I should post a blog talking about my design decisions? That seems popular. :rainbowwild: I don't know. Splitting it was a bit of an experiment, and I don't know that it harmed it all that much... plus, when you have all those clever chapter titles, it seems weird to reverse. But more importantly /I/ have a hard time sitting through non-split stuff sometimes, and thought I'd give it a go.

Debating sending it to EqD, but I dunno.

Thanks! And to anyone else I haven't responded too. It was certainly... different, and I'd enjoy doing more stuff in this flavor.

Nice twist at the end weird and kinda hard to follow but worth it in the end:derpyderp1:.

This is silly. How are OC's terrible?

I do not like tragedy, but this is great story.
As to the OC - I hope you will change your decision and write more OC stories later.

Still one of the best fics I have read.

Awfully cocky for a guy who just woke up from amnesia. That's not itself a bad thing, mind you... It's just very easy to screw up.

So that's interesting.

I have this... recieved wisdom that anonymous, featureless, in-love-with-one-of-the-main-six OCs don't work. I can't say if it's true. In this case, though, you get away with it fine -- we know practically nothing about him, but that's allowable, because he never existed anyways. Even though we have no idea what his connection relationship with Twilight Sparkle is.

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