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Some Random Brony Online

I originally made this account just to post a comment. Now I rant about ponies and write the occasional fanfic. Emphasis on "occasional."

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Nice beginning can't wait to see what you do with it

A nice little fic.

AMAZING…can't wait to keep reading:raritystarry:

Comment posted by Some Random Brony Online deleted Dec 13th, 2015

D'aww, quick, simple and romantic. Can't wait for more, these kind of story is just what i need to warm me up a bit.

Really? It kind of felt like I was rambling and going on a bit of a tangent at the beginning.
But anyways, glad you liked it!

And comments like these just warm my heart as well. :twilightblush:
Hope I don't get heartburn. :rainbowderp:

I wanna know how the the date goes!

As long as it's Appledash, I enjoy it (as long as they don't get married. Till Death Do Us Part still annoys me... I don't wanna use the word I was gonna use. This little fic is for anyone, right?)

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