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"What would I do without you, I wouldn't be capable of anything."
The snows fallen.
The lakes frozen.
Pinkie knows that this only means one thing.
A fun One-Shot for the funniest pony around.
Editing by LunaGCai

Cover art by Amy Mebberson

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UPDATE!!!- I spotlighted your story on my blog, hope you don't mind.:pinkiesmile:

Hope to see more from you in the future. Diamond In The Rough #2 Skating.

First off I love the format you wrote this with, evenly spaced and flowed nicely to the eyes.

Kudos on this, I've read more than my fair share of stories who are so bunched up together I can hardly enjoy the story itself.

Moving on...I found this story nice and cute.

I enjoyed some quite time of Pinkie and glad to see a take on her that isn't overly silly, she is a mare who just likes to have fun and take it slow.

She doesn't always have to be off the wall silly, which again was refreshing to see.

The pacing was nice. for a small one shot it flowed pretty well, never felt like it was dragging.

The story was again nicely done, was sweet and almost somber. I enjoyed it.

The only problem I feel is holding this story back is grammar issues.

I could spot more than a few misspelled words. But overall the story is just plain enjoyable.

Is it perfect?- no.

But nothing is, like you said we were born to be true not perfect.

I'm giving this a 8/10. I enjoyed the slow and cute insight on Pinkie just enjoying a day out.

Fav'd, Followed and Hoofs up!:pinkiesmile:

6887119 Thank you so much <3 <3

It's really lovely. :pinkiecrazy:
Always loved Pinkie Pie <3

I forgot that Pinkie had this since season 1.

A very sweet story. Kinda romantic. I like it.

i did a drematic read of your fan fic

6963282 Wow THANK YOU SO MUCH! I <3 it!

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