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By the time I've been a shipper I noticed that OTP is more like Oh The Pain than Own True Pairing



After opening another branch of Carrousel Boutique, but this time in Manehattan, Rarity decides to stay at home for a while resting from the cameras and the daily stress. For her surprise, Ponyville became much more interesting since she went to Manehattan to put everything together in her new boutique.
Warning: Sparity hints.

Chapters (7)
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6745836 It is a new version of a store, just imagine Mr. and Mrs. Cake decide to open a new bakery with the same name, but the older one is still there, then the new one would be called a sucursal. I hope you enjoy the story :pinkiesmile:

Sucursal is a Spanish word.
Me thinks you're looking for 'branch' or 'subsidiary'.

Well, that is pretty embarassing. :twilightoops:
My apologies, english is not my mother language.
I'll change it right know.
And if you find any mistake, don't doubt on telling me.
Again, sorry :twilightblush:

No problem, bro.

If I got some free time, I might give it an editorial once-over. But don't expect anything big, I'm not an editor. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you very much, that's so kind from you!

Hmm. Need to work on your grammar and dialogue but I see a lot of potential.

Awaiting more.

6864757 Thanks, I'll do my best, and I'm not really planning writing soon, I have a lot of things to do, but as soon as I have time (and ideas) I'll write all I can.

:pinkiegasp: The choosing Stones on fire!
:twilightoops: It's the same color as Spikes flame!

6994068 Thanks for spoiling everyone, that's exactly what will happen

6999098 No way...sorry..........I was only joking!:pinkiegasp::facehoof:

Don't worry, you didn't know that either

6999586 great little story idea.........:pinkiehappy::raritystarry::moustache::twilightoops:

6999747 Forget it, I changed it so nobody, not even you, were spoiled

:rainbowlaugh: the stupid rock exploded ?
:duck: It only went pop
:pinkiegasp: Marble cracked!
:twilightsheepish: Everypony loves sandwiches
:moustache: I wanted to eat it looked yummy!
:raritywink: the sandwich?
:moustache: the rock.


7054862 Heh, gotta admit it would've been funnier with Rainbow, tho she had other things to do. :rainbowwild:

:rainbowhuh: So you went all the way to the rock farm only for that rock
:raritywink: The important thing is what the rock said
:pinkiehappy: And my family
:twilightsmile: But, you would've thought it's silly
:rainbowderp: I actually wanted to know who am I suposed to marry
:trollestia: I can tell you
:twilightoops: Princess Celestia? You were here the whole time?
:pinkiehappy: Princess Time Party!!!

:applejackconfused::yay::derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::coolphoto::rainbowlaugh::applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie::trixieshiftright::raritywink::twilightsheepish::twistnerd::eeyup::trollestia::moustache: wHY DO I HAVE TO CARRY ALL THE BAGS?

:applejackconfused: Can Ah ask... Where are we going?
:trollestia: To Pinkie's Rock farm, of course
:unsuresweetie: How... How did I get here?

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