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Rarity's adventures - azularmz06

This is a little recount of the adventures of the famous fashion designer; Rarity.

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Chapter 6: A rock is my destiny?!

Rarity woke up ready for what ever that day brought her. She had decided to let a rock decide who she was supposed to marry; some years ago, she would've said that was insane, and would've said no immediately to any comment of that matter, but so many things had happened recently that made her change her mind drastically, not only that she had nopony to be with, but that breaking a dragon's heart got to break her heart too.

"Don't worry Rarity, it's like getting another cutie mark, just another part of your... destiny." Rarity said to herself, slipping out of the silk blankets.

She tried to make her usual hairdo, but destiny made her have a bad mane day. She got tired of trying to fix her disastrous mane and simply did a ponytail.

"I-It doesn't look that bad..." She complained, examining her mane closely.

After forty five minutes of her usual morning rutine, she was ready to go. The fancy unicorn got downstairs to get some light breakfast before the trip to Pinkie's Family farm.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us, Sweetie?" The purple maned unicorn asked to her little sister.

"And missing the chance of more crusading with my friends? No thanks" Sweetie Belle said. "After all, you'll be back tonight, won't you?"

"Yes of course... See you soon then" Rarity said, and walked to Twilight's Castle, where she was suposed to meet with Pinkie Pie and Spike.

When she arrived to the entrance to the castle her hooves stopped right in front of the door, unable to do any other movement.

"Sweet Celestia! I don't know what to do, I'm so nervous" She said as her body started to tremble, she weakly managed to raise her hoof and knock the door.

On the other side of the door, Pinkie Pie, Spike and Twilight Sparkle, who Spike convinced to go, were waiting for any disturbance in their coordinate breathings.

"She's here" Pinkie shouted in Spike's and Twilight's annoyance. Both of them jumped in their placed by the sudden change in the calm of the place.

"Fine, I'll open the door" Pinkie got up of her seat, and made a reverence "My princess."
Pinkie knew well that Twilight got really mad when anypony called her princess, but she got even more angry if one of her closest friends, like her, called her that way. Saying this, Twilight got up too, and without any word to be said, both ponies raced to the door to see who opened it first. Twilight won.

"Hey! No fair!" Pinkie complained "You used your magic, it's like trying to race a flying Rainbow Dash." That argument could've worked with any pony but with Pinkie, since she has proved that she could run as fast as Rainbow Dash could fly, or even more.

"Am I interrupting something important?" Rarity said, while her friends chattered about what was fair and what wasn't.

Both of them stopped arguing with wide eyes. It was impossible to tell why were they so surprised, since the origin of the race was opening the door, so Rarity could come in, and somehow, Rarity caught the two friends in surprise.

"N-No, Not at all, please come in" Twilight said, walking back so Rairty could come into the castle. "By the way, after hours of trying, Spike finally convinced me to come with you so, let's go!" Twilight said, once that Rarity entered the castle.

"If you wanted to go so quickly, why did you let me in?" Rarity said, getting out of the castle, again.

Twilight lowered her ears "Sorry" She said with a humiliated smile.

And like that, the group of ponies -and a dragon- walked to the train station with fresh morning conversations.

"Sooo" Pinkie said, sitting in an empty wagon, her friends followed her.

"So what?" Rarity asked.

"I have the greatest idea for a new game we could all play here in the train" Pinkie shouted, and a few sleepy ponies that had gotten into the wagon groaned.

"Oh yeah? what makes it so great" Spike asked, poking Pinkie with his elbow.

"Easy; All of us are going to take a look at the choosing stone, aren't we?" She stopped and her friends nodded. " What if, before we take a look, we try to guess who we are going to marry!" Pinkie finished, everypony loved the idea.

"Okay, who's first?" Twilight asked, grinning.

"Why, you of course" Rarity replied, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Me? Why me?" Twilight asked, rubbing her cheek with her wings in act of flattering.

"Oh Twilight, because you asked, those are the rules" Pinkie said, and the unicorn and the dragon nodded in agree.

"Ow... I see..." Twilight Sparkle started thinking. "I have no idea, uhm, Flash Sentry, maybe" She said, with an apparent blush that she covered with her wings.

"That's so cute! Twilight has a crush!" Rarity said grinning.

"You're next" Spike said, pointing Pinkie with his right claw.

"Uh oh... Well, as you see... it's quite apparent that... in fact... as you may think..." Pinkie stared at the window blushed "Cheese Sandwich?" She muttered.

"What was that?" Rarity said, raising her ears closer to Pinkie.

"I-I said... Ch-Cheese Sandwich" She said and covered her blushing face with both of her hooves. Rarity and Spike exchanged looks.

"Toldja" Spike said, and Rarity smiled.

"Well played, little dragon" The white unicorn replied, clapping her hooves.

"It's your turn" Pinkie exclaimed, as if she had never told anything about her crush.

"Oh, dear, I think Spike wants to go first" Rarity replied, pulling Spike in front with her magic.

"I don't think it's a secret that I'm in love with Rarity, but it will remain a mystery who am I supposed to marry, probably no pony... since... I don't think I could love any pony else than her." Spike said, ignoring completely every glance Rarity dedicated to him.

"I guess it's now my turn" Rarity said, awkwardly. "I don't know, really, you can guess any pony, but I have no idea"

"Lookie everypony, we're here!" Pinkie smirked at the sight of the rock farm.

The group of friends got out of the train and stepped in the desert train station that was only used when ponies traveled to the rock farm, or one member of the Pie family had to travel somewhere, since there was no other place or houses nearby. They walked to the rock farm with Pinkie in the front. It was impossible to get lost there, the ground was all flat, and the only things on sight were the train station, rocks, and Pinkie's house, along with dry trees and more rocks; most of ponies that had been there would even call it a depressive place.
When they reached the house, Maud Pie got out to welcome them, and Pinkie's mother was inside the house looking for the choosing stone. The group of friends greeted the family, and Maud let them in.

"Hi mommy! May I ask, how did you know we were looking for the choosing stone?" Pinkie said as she stepped in, followed by her friends and her sister.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle sent a letter yesterday saying that you were coming today, so I fixed the place as much as I could, but I simply can't find that damn rock!" Pinkie's mother, Cloudy Quartz, explained, and then she walked in front of Twilight and made a reverence. "I hope it doesn't bother you, Princess"

"N-No, it doesn't bother me, thank you so much for your hospitality" Twilight replied shyly.

"Mom! I found it!" Limestone Pie said, walking out of the kitchen raising the small rock with one of her hooves, she had her hoof covered with one piece of fabric, so she wouldn't accidentally touch it and find out her future fiance's identity. She stopped surprised in sight of the purple alicorn, she made a reverence just like her mother did, then got up and said. "Sorry for the noise, Princess, here's the Choosing stone." Giving the rock to Twilight, who took it with the fabric so she wouldn't spoil herself either.

"Th-Thanks" Twilight replied.

"Is there anything else I can help with, Princess Twilight Sparkle?" Limestone asked, as serious as she could, but deeply inside herself, she was mad with her sister. 'How could Pinkamena be friends with a princess, and not me?!' She thought.

"Yes! Actually, this is something very important, and you totally need to help me!" Twilight replied, and Limestone said that she could ask for anything. "Then I'll ask you, Could you please call me just Twilight?"

"For sure, Twilight" Limestone and Cloudy Quartz replied, relaxing themselves, since the princess they had in their house was not hateful at all.

Marble Pie came into the living room, with slow steps so she wouldn't bother the princess. Her mother advertised of her presence and called for her.

"Marble, come here, it's time now for all of you to touch the Choosing Stone" Quartz said, pulling her youngest daughter close to her.

"Can I ask, why must all of Pinkie's sisters be here?" Rarity asked, trying to be as kind as possible, but it was hard to feel comfortable next to The Pie family.

"Miss Rarity, it's tradition, all of the daughters of the same family must touch the Choosing Stone the same day, and since Pinkamena brought all of you here, I supose she is going to touch it too, which means all of my daughters must do the same" Quartz answered, showing herself severe for the first time in Twilight's presence.

"So... Who's gotta find out first?" Limestone said, bored about so much chattering.

"Thanks Celestia you asked, the tradition implies that the elder daughter must be the first one" Quartz replied, taking the Choosing Stone with her bare hooves, and the cutie mark of Igneus Rock, her husband, appeared magically.

"Now, I must remind you; One: NO matter if you don't recognize the owner of the cutie mark, you will, eventually; Two: If you're not supposed to marry anypony, your father's cutie mark will appear, like this" She said, pointing the image of the rock " And Three: if nothing happens, or if the Choosing Stone turns blank as if nopony was touching it, then that means you are going to marry a non-pony creature" She said, finally giving the rock to her daughter.

The cutie mark remained intact, that meant Limestone Pie was not supposed to marry anypony, she smiled, as if she didn't care, but she was feeling so desolated in the inside that she ran to her room and locked the door.

"Looks like I'm next" Maud said, inexpressive.

"Yes, you are" Quartz replied, picking the stone and hoofing it to her next daughter. The image of an unknown cutie mark appeared, it looked like a single apple, not three like Applejack's cutie mark.

"I see" She said. "I hope we get along" Maud finished, inexpressive as always. "If you excuse me, I have to make sure Limestone's okay" Maud left, giving the stone back to her mother.

"Isn't that Braeburn's cutie mark?" Twilight whispered and Spike nodded.

"Pinkamena Diane Pie, you are next" Quartz said, and the ponies in the room got closer, since everyone was interested in Pinkie's future. Pinkie took the stone carefully with both of her front hooves, and the apple disappeared, as another image appeared. The image of a grilled cheese sandwich with the shape of an acordeon appeared in the flat stone, Pinkie sighed.

"Cheese Sandwich" She said happily "I'm going to marry Cheese Sandwich!"

"Marble, dear, you are next" Quartz said, and Marble replied Mh-hm. She took the Stone and the image of another apple appeared, but this time it was green and sliced through the half.

"Big Mac" She muttered, and Quartz squealed happily.

"That seems to clear all of our doubts, the Apples are not family, at least not until Marble marries this Big Macintosh" Cloudy Quartz said, pushing her glasses up her nose, something that ponies with glasses are very used to do. "Now, who of you is the eldest one?"

"I am, Ms. Pie" Twilight said, stepping forward.

"Please, you can call me Cloudy Quartz Pie" Ms. Pie said.

"I'm pretty flattered, but I insist, Ms. Pie" Twilight said, taking the rock for finishing with the short conversation. The image of Flash Sentry's cutie mark showed up, and a blush dashed through Twilight Sparkle's cheeks.

"You were right, just like me!" Pinkie said; she had been jumping of happiness all around the room.

"Yeah, I guess" Twilight said, dreamy.

"Mr... Dragon, you seem to be next" Cloudy Quartz said, thinking that Spike was actually older that Rarity.

"N-No, no, my friend Rarity is older than me" Spike exclaimed, pushing Quartz' hooves back, careful not to touch the Choosing Stone.

"He's right" Rarity said, and Cloudy gave the stone carefully.

What happened there had never happened; First, there was a little boom, almost imperceptible, then the Choosing Stone broke out on fire, but for Rarity's surprise, the flames were green, and they weren't real, they actually were a moving image inside the Stone, and when the flames turned off, the image left was a letter surrounded by the same colored flames.

"Hum, Ms. Cloudy Quartz Pie, not that I didn't pay attention to your explanation, but what does that mean?" Twilight said, clueless.

"I don't know, it has never happened... I'm truly sorry, Miss Rarity, I guess you'll have to wait until you marry" Quartz explained, finding the group of friends a little odd, now that she thought so deeply.

"Well, looks that this thing doesn't work on you, Rares, but I guess it's my turn" Spike said, taking the choosing stone out of Rarity's hoof, expecting that the stone turned blank, in sign that he was supposed to marry a non-pony creature, but the cutie mark that appeared left everypony astonished.

"Rarity?" He said, and turned around to see the owner of the cutie mark he had in the stone.

"Yes... Spike?" Rarity said, understanding that those flames she saw were actually Spike's true talent, but another doubt popped up on her head.

"Ms Quartz Pie, you said that if we are supposed to marry a non-pony creature, the stone would turn blank, why did it turned all fire-ish and weird when I touched it?" Rarity questioned.

"I know the answer of this one, and since Ms. Quartz has no idea, I'll explain it: Spike was exposed to an insane cuantity of magic when he was born, and he was raised by ponies (my family and me) so that makes him have an special true talent, even though he isn't a pony, he has a spiritual cutie mark, since it's impossible for him to have a physical one." Twilight explained, and every pony looked at her with wide eyes.

"O...kay" Rarity and Spike replied confused, but not as much as Cloudy Quartz.

"I... I'll go to see if Limestone Pie is fine" Quartz said, disappearing behind the door of Limestone's room.

"This... turned out well" Pinkie said. "Why don't we all go back to ponyville?"

"I am so confused... why not?" Spike said, and they all went back to the empty train station, and took the first train that could drop them in ponyville.

"Am I the only one that felt extremely awkward?" Twilight asked.

"No, we all felt that way" Pinkie said, looking at the window. "We didn't even say goodbye"

"Aww, Pinkie, don't feel so bad, you can always write them a letter" Twilight said, embracing her pink body with her wing.

"Yeah... Pinks, do you think we can change places?" Spike asked, since he felt very weird sitting next to Rarity, but for his luck, Pinkie had already fallen asleep under Twilight's wing.

"What's wrong Spike?"Rarity asked, since it was obvious that Spike didn't want to go next to her.

"N-Nothing" Spike said blushing. "I just wanted to know what was Twilight reading"

"You could've just asked me, I'm reading Pinkie's star reports, she's an awesome astrologist" Twilight said, raising the book she had with her magic.

"Spikey, can I sleep on you, I'm very tired" Rarity said, and Spike nodded, letting Rarity lay her head in his shoulder.

"Goodnight, Rarity" He said, falling asleep as well.

"You weren't asleep, were you?" Twilight said, turning down to see the pony under her wing.

"Noperoni! But those two really needed a little push" Pinkie answered, getting off Twilight's wing.

"Actually, you were kinda warm, and I forgot to bring my blanket" Twilight said, pulling Pinkie back to her sleeping position.

"Sure... Well, tomorrow's a new day" Pinkie said, this time really falling asleep in her friend's lap.

"Though you'll have to wake up for getting off the train... whatever, I'll take you home with my magic" Twilight said, more to herself than to Pinkie, and closed her eyes thinking of the days she was destined to spend with her future husband; Flash Sentry.

The End

Author's Note:

Wow, that was an adventure :derpytongue2: I gotta say thank you, to all that gave this story a chance, and that were waiting for a new chapter.

I was acutally planning to make this story a little longer, but I think this ending is pretty cool, sweet and not forced. Now, I'm sorry if I din't get to write Rarity very well, I know she kindda looks out of character sometimes, but that was my best attempt.

I want to give special thanks to Hillbe, you were the one that commented the most, and I love reading comments; Thanks a lot :heart:

Though this isn't a great "comedy", I think for myself that Rarity alone is pretty funny, but really, I tried my best to make this entertaining for you all.:rainbowlaugh:

Yes, there will be another sequel, but before I start writting this, I will proceed to my new EG story (no spoiler) so, if you want it, you'll have to wait for it.:trollestia:

And, again, thank you all! even the ones who disliked this, thanks for your oppinions, and thanks for reading this story.
Peace, out!

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:raritywink: the sandwich?
:moustache: the rock.


7054862 Heh, gotta admit it would've been funnier with Rainbow, tho she had other things to do. :rainbowwild:

:rainbowhuh: So you went all the way to the rock farm only for that rock
:raritywink: The important thing is what the rock said
:pinkiehappy: And my family
:twilightsmile: But, you would've thought it's silly
:rainbowderp: I actually wanted to know who am I suposed to marry
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