• Published 18th Dec 2015
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Rarity's adventures - azularmz06

This is a little recount of the adventures of the famous fashion designer; Rarity.

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Chapter 5: The astrologist pie

Button Mash left Spike thinking alone again, and he decided to go back to the castle. When he arrived, he felt very hungry, and something in the castle got his attention.

"Crystal... Can crystals be considered gems?" He asked to himself, as he walked to the closest wall.
"This is shinny, and smells like a diamond or a ruby" He said, as he examined the crystal wall.
He licked it, and the flavor drew a pleasant smile in Spike's face. "This tastes like sapphires!" He exclaimed. "Now how the hay am I supposed to bite a wall?!"
"TWILIGHT!! ARE YOU HOME?!" He had to make sure, and then he walked to a corner, where a pointed crystal stood out of the others, he bit the peak and ate it, a feeling of satisfaction reached his stomach.
"Nopony can know" He said, and rushed to his room. He locked the door and continued eating, and for no reason he was going out that day.

Rarity had fixed herself and headed to Twilight's castle, she walked to the castle library and found Twilight and Pinkie reading. The scene in front of her eyes would look very normal for anypony else, but for Rarity, who had been spending her days with Pinkie Pie since five years ago, a lot of things were different, she just couldn't put her hoof in it.

"Uh, hello" Rarity said walking closer to her two friends.

"Hi Rarity!" Pinkie said in a bubbly tone raising her face from the book she was reading.

"Hi" Twilight said, putting her book apart.

"What were you doing?" Rarity asked, even though that was an obvious question.

"Rarity, thanks Celestia you asked! I've been waiting to tell anypony more than Twilight about this!" Pinkie said, rushing to a window of the castle and grabbing a telescope.

"Well dear, your waiting is over, tell me!" Rarity said, following Pinkie to the spot on the window, but she arrived too late, for now Pinkie was in the other side of the room writing some stuff.

"Princess Luna chose me as her student, I'm studying astrology now!" Pinkie said, showing her sky map to Rarity.
"I just discovered five new stars, and I named them like the five of you!"

"Oh, yes, I see, you called it Rarity, thanks darling!" Rarity said,putting her hoof in one of the stars from Pinkie's map.

"I have to say I'm very proud of her, I never knew she could take something so serious" Twilight Sparkle said, checking Pinkie's discoveries.

"I guess somepony has to write a letter about the new star Apple Jack" Twilight finished, turning around to see Pinkie, who widened her eyes in surprise.

"It's true, she still doesn't know about Flutter-star and Apple Jack" Pinkie said, and started writing, but something stopped her.
"And where's Spike, by the way?" Pinkie asked. "I can't send this if he's not here"

"I haven't seen him since this morning, he told me he was going to your boutique, Rarity, do you know what happened to him?" Twilight said, and Rarity's face filled with cold sweat.

"I-I... " Rarity started, but she didn't want to tell her she had just broken Spike's heart

"You..?" Twilight insisted.

"He... kind of finally confessed his crush to me, but I... couldn't... I..." Rarity did her best to explain, but that just put things worse.

"HE FINALLY DID?!" Pinkie exclaimed in surprise and the ink she was using was all over the letter she wrote thanks to an abrupt reaction to Rarity's explanation.

"Yeah... but I didn't know what to say, so I just ran away... Anyways, I really don't want to talk about that" Rarity said and lowered her ears.

"Then what do you want to talk about?" Pinkie said, writing her letter all over again. She sighed "Ugh, now I have to write this again, I don't even remember what I was going to tell her."

"You were about to tell her of those two new stars, and actually, if you find not a problem, I'd like to know how were you chosen to be Princess Luna's astrology student" Rarity said, finally taking seat in a couch next to Twilight.

"Oh well, it was the second day you were gone, and Twilight and I were talking about the importance of having communication with your friends, so I decided to write a letter to every friend I have in Equestria, that was not an easy task, but at last, I did it, unfortunately, only Princess Luna and Cheese Sandwich answered my letters... Anyways, I kept writing to both of them, and eventually, Princess Luna told me she always wanted to have a student like Princess Celestia, so I told her if I could be her student, and now I have to notify her about my new discoveries and read a whole lot of books, but it's very funny!" Pinkie said it all at once and when she finished she took a long breath.

"Oh..." Rarity said, and as sudden as a lightning an idea came to her mind. "Pinkie, could you tell me more about the Choosing Stone?" She said, and Twilight and Pinkie looked at her with wide eyes.

"The Choosing Stone? You mean my family's relic? Sure!" Pinkie said, and turned her chair around so she could face both Rarity and Twilight. "Alright, the Choosing Stone is an old boulder that has been in my family for tons of generations, almost since the creation of Equestria; It has the ability to change color depending on the pony that touches it, and as soon as the color has changed, the cutie mark of the pony that other pony is destined to marry will appear, as simple as that. Of course there can be some complications, because if the pony who touches it is not supposed to marry anypony, the same cutie mark will appear from the last pony who touched it, so it should be very recommendable that somepony married touches it first so, if it's the case, you could at least know it's not your destiny"

"Huh... That sounds so beautiful... Have you ever touched it?" Rarity asked.

"Nopperonni! I wouldn't do such thing, anyways, I wouldn't like such spoiler about my life... Why do you ask?" Pinkie said, in her usual cheerful tone.

"Well, I may consider touching it someday-" Rarity started, but what she was going to say after that will always be a mystery.

"Great! We should go to the rock farm tomorrow!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Wow, Pinkie, don't you think that's a little bit rushed" Twilight said, raising her right hoof.

"It's okay Twi, there's nothing to keep me here, anyway" Rarity muttered with a british melody always stucked in her tongue.

"Very well then, I'll get prepared for the trip, do you want to come with us, Twilight?" Pinkie asked.

"Not really, but I know about some dragon that'll love to go with you" Twilight said smiling peacefully.

"Alright, see you tomorrow at the train station!" Pinkie said walking out of the library with her telescopes and star maps.

"I'll have to go too" Rarity said, but Twilight stopped her.

"Wait, remember I had something important to tell you!" Twilight said. "The letter I wrote when you were in Manehattan."

"Oh yeah, how can I be so forgetful! Tell me please, what is it so important?"

"I've seen Spike and you are getting closer, and with this you tell me, that he confessed his loved, I just want to ask you, friend to friend, please take care of his heart, I'd hate to see him suffer" Twilight said, changing her face expression for first time that day.

Rarity started walking to the door. "I'll be even more hurt than him, Twi, but I don't need to tell you, you already know that."

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