• Published 18th Dec 2015
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Rarity's adventures - azularmz06

This is a little recount of the adventures of the famous fashion designer; Rarity.

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Chapter 3 and a half: Today is what?

Author's Note:

Yeah, this is going to be an extremly short chapter, and that's why it's a half, but it's because I don't have too much time to write :twilightblush:

Rarity and Spike got out of the train and Spike headed to the crystal castle as Rarity headed to the original Carousel Boutique.
"Bye Rarity, see you tomorrow" Spike said.
"Bye Spike" Rarity answered.
When Rarity got home she found Sweetie Belle already asleep, but she had been waiting for Rarity, to Rarity took Sweetie with her magic and put her in her bed.
"Good night Sweetie Belle" Rarity told to her and kissed her cheek.

The next morning Rarity woke up peacefully, and something interrupted her thoughts, she looked at the calendar.
"Sweet Celestia! Today is Hearths Warming Eve!!" She yelled waking Sweetie Belle up.
"Yes, didn't you know?" Sweetie Belle asked a little sleepy.
"O-Of course I didn't... I STILL NEED TO BUY THE PRESENTS!" Rarity screamed leaving Sweetie Belle alone.
"Don't worry Rarity, I'll take breakfast alone, IN HEARTHS WARMING EVE!" Sweetie yelled, getting a little angry, but that wouldn't ruin her Hearth's Warming cheer.

Rarity took some dresses from her own boutique.
"Okay, we have Twilight, Fluttershy and Applejack covered... Three to go!" Rarity said and ran out of the boutique.
She got into a store of collectible articles and detected some figures of the wonderbolts.
"Uhm, sir, I'd like to have those in a present box" Rarity said and paid to the pony in the till.
"Two to go!" She said as she got out of the store.

She detected a party supply store and thought "This is perfect for Pinkie Pie"
She saw the perfect gift, a party bomb. "Yes, she has a party cannon, but I've never seen her with a party bomb" Rarity said to herself as she bought the present. "Okay, now I only need Spike's... oh! almost forget Sweetie Belle's" Rarity said, running through Ponyville.

"What would Spike like?" Rarity asked herself. "That's it! gems!" Rarity said as she ran back to her own boutique, but she stopped in the middle of the way.
"Before I forget, I better get Sweetie Belle's" She said and started thinking again.
"I guess I'll give her a dress too."

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