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Rarity's adventures - azularmz06

This is a little recount of the adventures of the famous fashion designer; Rarity.

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Chapter 1: Manehattan

Rarity woke up with a big smile on her mouth, she walked downstairs to find her little sister Sweetie Belle sat in the table drinking what seemed to be burned juice. Her good mood wasn't affected, she had just dreamed with the most beautiful ideas for new dresses, and not only that, but that day she was going to open her new boutique at Manehattan.

"Good morning Sweetie, did you sleep well?" she said, as she walked closer to her little sister, but something stopped her, her hooves were stuck in a fluffy object she recognized instantly; Opalescence, her cat. Rarity fell to the ground as the cat moaned with anger, while Sweetie Belle just giggled.

"Hi Rarity" she tried to say among sounds of laughter, but Rarity could only hear "Hnmf Rmhgfthjfgy" Despite her little incident, her smile was still in her face.

"Are you hungry Sweetie? do you want me to make some cucumber sandwiches for both of us?" Rarity said in a sweet voice.

"Sorry sis, but I already took my breakfast" Sweetie said pointing her burned juice with one hoof.

The older unicorn started cooking breakfast for herself, and as she was about to start eating, when her little sister said "Rare, do you think you would let me go out to play with a friend this afternoon?"Rarity raised her sight up from her plate and answered:

"Of course darling, who is that little friend of yours?" Sweetie looked down to the ground.

"His name is Button Mash, he invited me to play in his house" she managed to say as she blushed.

"A colt's house? well, I guess I'll need to take you there and meet his mom... oh, but... today I'm going to Manehattan..." And only until that moment Rarity's expresion changed from a smile to a look of concern.

Sweetie's smile was also broken, the idea of having to tell Button she couldn't go to his house broke her little heart. "B-But Rarity, if you are leaving for a week, who am I going to stay with?" Sweetie asked for changing her thoughts a little.

"Oh! didn't I tell you? I swear I did... you are going to stay with Twilight" Rarity answered and gave her little sister a soft hug.

"Are you sure she doesn't care if I stay in the castle with her?" Sweetie said, concerned

"Of course she doesn't, and since Spike is coming with me, she'll love having some company at the castle".

Sweetie Belle stood there thinking for a moment while Rarity finished eating her breakfast, then she looked at the hour and gasped "Look at the hour, I have to take the train in fifteen minutes!! Come on Sweetie, let's go to Twilight's" Rarity said as she took Sweetie's hoof and ran away to Twilight's castle. When they got there, Spike was ready to go, but their train was leaving in five minutes.

"We are doomed!" Rarity whined and almost fell to the ground, but she was catched on time in Spike's claws.

"Don't worry Rarity, I can take you to the train station with my magic" Twilight said, and then she wrapped every pony -and dragon- in the room with her purple aura of magic. They disappeared and reappeared in the train station.

"Thank you Twi! you saved my life" Rarity said, as she got into her train followed by Spike, who was carrying all the luggage by himself.

When the train finally left the station Twilight noticed Sweetie Belle was a little sad "What's wrong Sweetie, are you sad because Rarity left? Don't worry, she will be back soon, and meanwhile, we will have fun together!" Twilight exclaimed, but Sweetie's mood didn't seem to change. "I'm not sad because of that, it's just that... oh, it doesn't even matter now" Sweetie Belle said, as she got a little angry. "Mind if you tell me as we take some milkshakes?" Twilight offered and Sweetie agreed.

After the purple alicorn asked for what she wanted to eat in Sugar Cube Corner, she asked "And, are you going to tell me what's wrong now?" Sweetie nodded.

"It's just that a colt of my school invited me to play in his house this afternoon and Rarity said she had to meet his mom first, but she is now in her way to Manehattan and there's no way she can go and meet his mom, but I really want to go!" She finished telling her story and a few tears rushed trough her face.

Twilight felt a little awkward and said "Don't cry Sweetie, I'll go and meet his mom!" and then just closed her eyes a little scared of Sweetie's possible reaction, but instead of what she expected Sweetie just said:

"Oh, thanks Twilight, that's so nice of you" in the most cheerful way, it was impossible to say she had just cried.

Back in the train with Rarity and Spike, they were conversing about various things when suddenly Rarity mentioned something that her friend Pinkie Pie had told her time ago.

"One day Pinkie Pie told me her family kept a crystal called The choosing stone and she says that when a pony touches it, an image of the cutie mark from the pony you will marry will appear, do you think it's true?" she asked in a mysterious way.

"Celestia may know, but since every weird thing Pinkie has told me ended up being true, let's say that The choosing stone is actually magic..." The dragon started giving his opinion "...and even if it's just an old false tale, it is a very interesting story."

He finished, and the unicorn stared at him with a look of interest and a rare shimmer in her eyes.

"So, let's just imagine it is actually true and Pinkie accidentally touches it, who do you think she will marry?" Rarity asked, and the dragon stood there with wide eyes.

"Well, it is really hard to say... Do you remember the birth-aversary party Pinkie threw for Rainbow dash?" Spike asked and Rarity nodded "Well, that means you must remember the pony who helped Pinkie planning the party" Rarity nodded again "Yup, I'm saying Pinkie Pie must marry Cheese Sandwich"

Spike finally said, and Rarity totally agreed. They continued talking about all of those things as the sun lowered in the horizon and the moon was slowly risen by a princess far away from them, the princess of the night, Princess Luna.

Rarity and Spike were sleeping in their wagon when a pony told them they were already in Manehattan. Rarity yawned and Spike, who was still sleepy took a long time to wake up. They both got off the train without saying a word and went walking to their hotel.

"I guess we'll have to open the boutique tomorrow morning" Rarity finally said letting herself fall in the bed of the hotel, and so did Spike.

The next morning Rarity called a restaurant and made sure they would deliver their food in Rarity's new boutique; she walked up next to Spike's bed and woke him up.

"Good morning Spikey-wikey, ready to open the boutique?" she said and Spike opened his eyes "hgn sure I am" he answered and then yawned as he got out of his bed.

They were taking breakfast among boxes and speaking of a lot of things. "I wonder what is taking Coco so long..." Rarity said.

"Is she coming?" Spike asked, considering that maybe Rarity forgot to tell him.

"Oh, yes, actually, she is going to help me here like Sassy Saddles helps me in Canterlot" Rarity told him and Spike smiled.

"But didn't she had a job the last time we were here?" Spike wondered and Rarity said peacefully:

"Her job only lasted the time she took for making those costumes for that play, and now she's totally free to help me" And after Rarity explained, the door of the boutique opened to reveal Coco Pommel.

She got in and Rarity greeted her with a hug "Hi Coco, this is my friend Spike, we are so glad you are here, darling!" Rarity said "Oh.. Hi Rarity, I'm so glad to see you too, hi Spike". Coco greeted as she came into the boutique.

"Well, Spike, you can finish your breakfast while Coco and I unbox this stuff" Rarity told to Spike pointing the boxes full of dresses and mannequins. Spike nodded and continued eating, but this time faster so he could start helping too.

"Wow Rarity, you are REALLY a step further in fashion, you've already made the spring collection for the next year!" Coco exclaimed with amazement.

"Well, yes dear, I don't really plan to come along too much since holidays are coming" Rarity said, proud of herself.

Spike finally finished his food and joined up to Rarity and Coco. Sooner than what they all thought, they had finished and they were just giving the final ditails.

"Coco, be a dear and make sure the winter collection is more vissible than the others, I know for sure ponies use to buy lots of dresses for holiday season" Rarity afirmed and Coco nodded as she made sure the winter dresses were in sight of every pony.

Spike meanwhile decided to fix little failures in the inside of the boutique, like little holes in the wall paper.

It was the exact noon and Rarity decided to organize the grand opening of her boutique. Coco was giving leaflets to ponies out in the street, while Spike and Rarity nailed posters all over the city. When the three of them runned out of publicity, Rarity decided it was time to rest. They went to a coffee shop next to the boutique and started talking.

Among pathless conversations, Coco mentioned that she met a few fans of Rarity's dresses.

"Yes, I swear, one of them literally started crying when I told her I am your friend" she affirmed, but Rarity could not believe it.

"B-But since when am I that famous?" Rarity asked a little shocked.

"Well, I remember a few months ago I saw your face in the first page of a magazine followed by the story of your new boutique in Canterlot and the success of the dresses you made, honestly, if I was younger I would also become your fan" Coco concluded, and Rarity nodded slowly thinking in her past success.

After a few minutes all Rarity's doubts were answered when a group of fans got next to the table and asked Rarity to sign autographs, she at first was a little confused, but she started doing what her fans asked for, one of them mentioned The element of Generosity, and how Rarity was able to save Equestria next to her friends. It was all like a dream, and of course she knew for sure that her new boutique was going to be very successful. When her fans left, Rarity took a long breath and said:

"Coco, I think I'll have to bring new dresses very often" and Rarity fell from her chair completely breathless.

Coco said goodbye as she headed back to her home, ready for whatever came the next day. Rarity and Spike headed back to their hotel.

"Y'know Rarity, I'm really happy for you" Spike said as they both walked through the street.

"And why?" Rarity asked peacefully.

"Well, all your dreams are becoming reality, every other pony would give their right hoof for that" Spike answered smiling to his beautiful unicorn friend.

"Well, yes... it is true... but this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't because of friends like you, that always help me without asking for anything in exchange" Rarity concluded and Spike smiled convinced that what Rarity said was true.

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