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She screwed up, and she knows it. With the twelve year anniversary of Applejack's parents deaths fast approaching, Rainbow Dash managed to do the absolute worst thing one can do; she insulted them. And now she has to try and make it right. Whether Applejack is willing to allow her a chance to do so, however, is another matter entirely.

(A/N: Written for the AppleDash Contest where we had to pick two topics and write with them. My topics?
-Second Chances
-An Important or Memorable Date

Hope I can win)

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Ooh dang Dash. You flubbed up big time.

6729513 really though.

I bet AJ has been waiting to punch RD in the face for a while :raritywink:

great chapter both showing such heart felt emotions! well done !!

Good luck on winning! So far so good ;)

I love how it is going! Hurry up! I cant wait!!!

Awwwwwwww I can't wait for the next chapter

Oh shit I totally can't wait for the next chapter

That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe they kissed

What did she say!?:applejackconfused::flutterrage:

7206370 that's up for reader interpretation

7206662 hehehehehehehehehehehe

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