• Published 13th Dec 2015
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Trying Again - Raidah

She screwed up, and she knows it. With the twelve year anniversary of Applejack's parents deaths fast approaching, Rainbow Dash managed to do the absolute worst thing one can do. And now she has to try and make it right.

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III: One Sad and Stormy Night

Well, this was unexpected.

The storm hit out of nowhere, and I guess it's my own fault seeing as I spent more time moping and doing everything last minute than actually patrolling regularly when I was working. We were all trapped in the farmhouse, seeing as I was spending my time there to mend as much as I could between Applejack and I. I should have been paying attention to whether or not we had a storm planned, and knowing that Mac, Granny and Apple Bloom had left us alone in the house only made things worse.

"I can't believe they're out there in that," Applejack says, clearly worried. "Didn't they know this was comin'?"

"I didn't even know it was coming, AJ," I try to comfort her, but it clearly doesn't help from the look she gives me.

"You, of all ponies, shoulda known," she spits at me.

"I know," I say, hanging my head, "but I was too busy beating myself up over what I had said that I neglected to pay enough attention."

She sighs and sits down on the couch, crossing her front legs and laying her head on them. "I hope they're alright..."

"I know you do, so do I," I say sadly. "I'd go out there, but it's too dangerous even for me."

She gives a little nod, looking down. "Why today?" I hear her say under her breath.

The howling wind and constant patter of heavy rainfall tells me it's a very bad time to be outside, but most likely Big Macintosh would have gotten his grandmother and littlest sister to safety as soon as he saw the storm coming. Why wouldn't he?

"I'm sure they're safe, AJ," I say, "they have Mac with them, after all. He wouldn't let them get hurt."

"I know, Rainbow," she says, looking at me silently. After a minute, she says; "come here."

I slowly walk over and sit down next to the couch, looking at her questioningly. I'm not even close to prepared when she asks me why I said what I did. "U-uh..." I stammer, I don't know where this question came from, but I guess it makes sense given the circumstances. I hang my head and my ears flatten against my skull, my red, orange and yellow mane falling into my eyes as I speak. "I don't even know... I was mad, and it came out, and I instantly regretted it..." I slowly look up at her with my eyes, half-hidden by my mane as she mulls it over in her mind. At least that's what I think she's doing.

"Alright," she says. "I'm acceptin' yer apology, but that don't mean I forgive ya."

"I know."

"Good," she nods a little. "I'm sure I will eventually, but not now." I nod a little, then lay down on the floor.

I don't exactly care about where I'm sleeping, I can deal with the floor for now. All I know is that there's no way I'm making my way home with that chaos outside. So we're stuck together. It seems like a good time to make things right between us, and the alone time will definitely help, but I'm more worried about Mac and the others. I know they'll be fine, but still.

Applejack looks down at me with a slightly confused expression, and I look back up at her.

"What?" I ask.

"Why're you on the floor?" She asks.

"Because I don't mind it as much as you'd think. Plus it feels right... given recent events..."

"Uh huh?" she gives a littletter laugh. "I may be angry, but ya ain't sleepin' on the floor, Rainbow. Ya can bunk with me if ya want."

"Seriously?" I don't really believe that.

"Yeah, it'll be like the good old days," she smiles that same, genuine smile that I've always known, and I know she's telling the truth.

"Uh, thanks AJ," I say.

"O'course," she says, then gets up off of the couch and starts towards the stairs.

I hesitantly follow her, not knowing whether this is a trap or not (though she'd have no reason for one). My eyes slightly train on her tail as it goes side to side in front of me, mainly to distract my thoughts, but I also notice something. Her legs, and more prominently her flank, are ridiculously well muscled. It's, in all honesty, kinda hot. Wait, I'm thinking that my best friend is hot. Where did this come from?! I shake my head to lose the thought, and almost find myself tripping over the stairs as we start going up.

I have no idea where those thoughts came from, but they need to stop. This is no time for that. Hell, I don't think I'm even into girls. I mean, I've never really thought about that before. Not like I haven't been interested in having a sex life, but more that I just didn't have the time nor did I care enough. Whatever, these are thoughts for another time.

We enter her room, and I close the door behind us as she takes out her hair ties. First her mane, then the one in her tail, and I'll be dammed if I don't admit that she looks much better with her hair down. I know stallions talk about her sometimes, but God damn they're so right.

Hold on, why the hell am I thinking this?! These thoughts have no business clouding my mind right now. Especially when I'm still trying to mend our friendship!

I shake my head even more to shake off the extremely out of place thoughts, and watch as she climbs into bed. I slowly make my way over and lay down beside her, but make sure to keep my distance so that there's no invasion of personal space. With that, we say a final goodnight, and drift to sleep.

When morning comes, I'm nowhere near prepared for the sensation of Applejack's legs wrapped around my body. It's warm and comforting, but feels oddly intimate. But not in a bad way. I actually like it, it helps me feel like she's starting to forgive me, even a little bit. It makes me happy inside... And moreso than I think it should.

Author's Note:

Things are surfacing. And they should if that tag is to be justified. Aaaand it's part of the contest anyway. So yeah. Hope you enjoyed!