• Published 13th Dec 2015
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Trying Again - Raidah

She screwed up, and she knows it. With the twelve year anniversary of Applejack's parents deaths fast approaching, Rainbow Dash managed to do the absolute worst thing one can do. And now she has to try and make it right.

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II: Apologies

I sigh as the sun sets in the sky before me. It's been a week since I've seen Applejack last, or at least since I talked to her. I saw her occasionally on the farm when I'd fly by, ready to pour my heart out in the biggest apology I'd ever utter. And, knowing that I'm not one to apologize for much, I feel like she'd know it was genuine. But, being myself, I didn't bother. Instead I'd just fly away, maybe she caught glimpses of me, maybe not. I don't really know. It doesn't matter. If she did see me, she'd never let me know. I know damn well that she never wants to see me again.

I sigh again as the farm stands on the horizon before me. I want to fly to the farmhouse and do as I had tried to do over the past week, but my heart isn't in it. I can't, but I have to. Even if she doesn't listen, I need to at least tell her how sorry I am. So long as she knows, I can maybe sleep at night again.

I turn away and fly back home. I can't do it. Not now. It doesn't feel right nor do I think she's calmed down enough to actually speak to me. I go to my room and throw myself onto the bed. One more day. I'll wait one more day, then she's hearing me whether she wants to or not.

Two Days Later

I stand at the white, wooden arch that acts as the entrance to the farm. The fence spreading out to either side of me as the dirt path that leads to the farmhouse sits right in front of me. The slight breeze blows my multicoloured bangs to one side, and I slowly start walking down the path that I know will lead me to my best friend. The mare who I've hurt in a way no one deserves to feel. Well, except for myself. Considering what I've done, I feel like I deserve every punishment that's coming my way by stepping inside these boundaries. I make my way to the farmhouse, not seeing any sign of Applejack or her brother, and marvel at the beauty the orchard holds. The vast expanse of trees going on for miles and miles, the beautiful red apples hanging from their branches, perfectly ready to harvest.

"What're ya doin' here, Rainbow Dash?" the thick, very masculine voice brings me out of my admiration of the orchard and into the present as Big Macintosh staring down at me, less than a foot away and clear anger in his eyes.

"U-uh... hey, Big Mac," I stammer out, "is Applejack home?"

"Why should I let ya see 'er?" he clearly wasn't happy to see me, and I can't blame him.

"So I can apologize," I say. There's no use in lying. Clearly he wasn't expecting that answer, as his face softens a little.

"You? Apologizin'?" he shakes his head a little. "Never thought I'd see the day."

"Will you please tell Applejack?" I ask. "I know how much I've hurt her and I can't stand knowing what I did..." I sigh a little. "If anyone's parents would be disgusted with them, it'd be mine."

"I can tell," he says. "Wait here, I'll tell AJ ya wanna see 'er."

"Thanks, Mac," I smile a little at him, and prepare for the yelling that I know is going to ensue should Applejack come down to hear my deeply heartfelt apology. I don't even think she'll show, but one can always hope...

Mac comes back, and nods at me to come inside the house. I slowly enter, and the glares Granny Smith and Apple Bloom give me are enough to make me want to turn back and run away, never to return. But I stay. I need to make things right, regardless of what others may think of me. I slowly make my way up the stairs that lead to Applejack's room, and look at the wooden door before me. The whole place smells like a home. Moreso than my house, anyway. I draw in a deep breath, but before I can say anything, the door slowly opens to reveal my orange earthpony friend. The bags under her eyes along with the obvious tear stains on her cheeks break my heart, and I want nothing more than to hug her and apologize a hundred times.

"A-AJ...?" I say quietly, not wanting to set her off.

She responds with the impact of her hoof to my cheek, but I don't bother retaliating. I know I deserve it. I've been wanting her to hit me for the last nine days. This is welcome so long as it makes her feel better. I slowly look back at her, and her eyes are full of anger, sadness, and I think joy. Can't tell. "Alright, I deserved that," I say, "and any more you want to give me..." Her silence and lack of movement says that she was finished, even if it wasn't a whole lot to begin with. "Applejack, I just wanted to say I'm sorry... for everything. I didn't mean what I said, and you know it. Deep down, you know I wouldn't say anything like that and mean it." I take a breath to prepare for my next words, but also to give her time to respond.

She doesn't say anything, simply looking down and nodding. "I know it's a long shot," I start, "but... I'm still gonna ask for a second chance. I fucked up, I know that. I'll do anything to make things right," she doesn't move or speak. "Please..."

She stays silent for several minutes, and the longer it goes on, the more afraid I am that she'll refuse, which she has every right to do. But I can't lose her without first trying to fix what I broke, that being her heart. After what seems like an hour, but was only a few minutes, she looks me right in the eyes with a dead serious expression on her face. Almost a scowl, but with more understanding, and says slowly, "Alright, Dash. I'll give ya one shot. But that's it." I think I see a small smile forming on her face, and my own forms without hesitation as I almost drop to my knees.

"Thank you, AJ," I say, trying not to get too excited as it feels like a huge weight is lifted from my chest. "I swear I won't screw up again."

"I know ya won't," she says, "'cause then I'd have ta beat ya."

"You know I'd let you," I say dully, and she nods a little.

"Yea', I suppose I do," she responds, finally smiling at me like she used to; as if I were her best friend.

Author's Note:

Ohhhhhh dear I'm way behind schedule. I need to get a move on >~<

Hope you enjoyed!