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This story is a sequel to Wedding Bells Bug Hunt

Twilight Sparkle has a lot of things in life: anxiety, a big brother, great friends, inquietude, loving parents, nerves, a place in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, staggering levels of magic, and uneasiness. (And an obsessive compulsion to categorize everything, but that’s not important.) What is important is that something new is being added to that list: a date.

Cloud Kicker asked her out, and it’s too late to back out of it. Plus, everypony is so excited for her, though that might just be because they were all worried she would never actually go out on a date. Now she just needs to survive the date itself.

That, and figure out why Rainbow Dash is acting so strange about the whole ordeal.

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Poor Twilight, she really needs to get some therapy. Hopefully Cloud can make her at least a little happy. That and probably something more challenging career wise for PurpleSmart.

6718003 This the date from Study?

6718218 Nah, different universe. This is Dashverse, where Dash is the student of Celestia.

That, and figure out why Rainbow Dash is acting so strange about the whole ordeal.

Which they kinda fail to do... Oh well, guess somebody's gonna have to follow up on this one. :trollestia:

And yet another amusing read from you!
I expected something to happen halfway into the date. Still, good on ya! Yeah, more neurotic Twi... good thing that THIS depiction is not canon, that wouldn't be handled really well now would it :rainbowlaugh:

Still, enjoyed this story a lot, so good job as always!

Aaaahhhhh this has to be one of the most adorable things I've ever read


Yep. This story is spawned from the Dashverse, as Devantejah says.

You can find the original story, by Trinary, right here!

This was pretty cute! It was interesting to see the differences between winningverse Twilight and Dashverse.

Cloud and Twi could be a really cute couple in this verse.

A single rogue cloud drifting through the sky, a tiny bit of rainbow-colored tail poking out the side.


chengar stop making me feel feels, fudging stop it, I have no more feels to give, and stop making tri's characters so relatable, I don't want anyone to indirectly psyco-analyze me

6718877 Actually, Dashverse Cloud never had a falling out with Flutters. She and Dash defended her from some bullies and they were friends since. Cloud stayed bit longer with Rainbow in Canterlot before she left the guard and moved to Ponyville, but she and Fluttershy are still friends without problems.

6720166 He never says it directly, but throughout his series (Primarily in Rainbow Triumphant and May the best friends win) the two have been shown to have no issues with eachother and Cloud explained to Twilight about her time at the flight camp before moving to Canterlot.

While it is possible that the exact same scenario happened as in the Winningverse, the fight between Dash and Cloud never happened and CLoud and Fluttershy are obviously on good terms with eachother. I would simply assume that Trinary has used the Cloud character in teh Dashverse, but her background is different due to the different universe it takes place in.

I kind of think that, at the end, there ought to be more of Cloudkicker reacting or... doing something. There's like, idk, over a thousand words between Cloud trying to kiss Twilight and Cloudkicker finally coming back into the conversation, and the lack of her in the story at this point feels kind of weird. Like she's just standing there, not saying or doing anything until she decides to give Rainbow a noogie. Including when Twilight goes over and kisses her.

This was very enjoyable. Well done.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

That was adorable :pinkiesmile:

But I have to wonder, was Rainbow just being stupidly overprotective, or does she have a thing for Twilight? 'cause her behavior could read either way ...

6724284 Well she did crush on Shining Armor. Maybe she has a thing for unicorns.

I haven't really read much of the Dash verse. I read this because I somehow think Twilight and Cloud Kicker make an amusing couple. Not necessarily a couple that would work long term, but an attraction of opposites. Seeing your rendition of this was interesting. It's not as full blown crazy as Luminary's take on it as Twilight and Cloud Kicker approach a date with maturity. And seeing Cloud Kicker from Twilight's perspective actually makes Cloud Kicker seem less crazy than she actually is! Anyways I enjoyed this. I'd ask for more, but part of me thinks some of the charm is how short and concise the fic is.


“T-take advantage of me?” I sputtered incredulously. It took a moment for me to get over my shock and remember that I was supposed to be angry with her. “What makes you think she was doing that? Did it never even occur to you that maybe I wanted her to kiss me?”
Rainbow tilted her head to the side, as if I’d suddenly started speaking in Ancient Unicornian. “Whaaat?! But ... that can’t be right!”
“You heard me,” I snapped at her. “Maybe I wanted her to kiss me. But I'm not sure what I want really factored into your decisions.”
“But ... but you can't!” Rainbow sputtered indignantly.
“Why not?” I demanded, glaring down at her. “Give me one good reason why not!”
Rainbow squirmed uncomfortably, her mouth opening and closing several times as she struggled to come up with a good answer. Finally, she just blurted out, “Because!”

Rainbow should have ended this saying "Because! You don't know where her mouth has been!"

6724284 Hopefully, because she's secretly crushing on CK. So secretly in fact, that she can't even tell herself that she's a ctually into her old friend as much as the other way around.

This isn't really canon to the Dashverse, is it?


Finally getting around to reading your stuff, I've read some good things about your version of Cloud Kicker. This was great, so I'll have to check out the main story! :twilightsmile:

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