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Our favorite old time traveling Doctor has been alone his entire life, and he had pressed it down until one night he shows up one Twilight's doorstep.

Now Twilight must somehow make sense of the outpouring misery of one of the most complex minds in the universe, and, somehow, comfort poor old Doctor Whooves.

A short, feel good tale I wrote as part of a one-hour-challenge. Enjoy.

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Excellent prose and grammar as always, though I can't help but wonder...

The reason that the Doctor leaves his companions behind is because he doesn't age. If he were to keep them aside, he'd have to watch them die. It's because of this that this one-shot leaves a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Sure the Doctor, in all his irrationality, might be happy now, but it'll be short-lived once he realizes that he'll end up more miserable than before. :fluttercry:

Faved, liked, and a possible canidate for a show on Everfree radio. :rainbowkiss:


Very well written and touching, I say.

On a more serious note, why are there so few TwilightxWhooves fics?

700289 Silly, you don't hold feels, ya eat them!

Hang on, this took an hour to write? Nuh?
Never mind. Have a pikachu.
░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░█▄█░░▄ :pinkiesmile:

I wonder if maybe the only thing that keeps him going is to get to those days when everybody lives.

"Everypony smiles, Twilight! Just this once! Everypony smiles!"


Now I must search for more twilightxdoctor ships.

well written, now i wish there was more to this story

Oh my gods... I feel so loved! I'm so glad you all enjoyed it, the story came together off of two egg rolls, a gallon of tea, and a sleepless, lonely night.

700289 I wonder that too, I think the two are just the most adorable pairing. :twilightblush:

700336 Pikachu! I love you! Yeah, this took an hour to write, I just kind of sat at my computer and let whatever happens happen.

I can't help but love you all! I felt so loved when I opened my tabs today to see so many alerts. Stay awesome, people! :scootangel:

you wrote this in an hour? sweet celestia, your good

Loved it.... I might consider to use this on a reading show I am going to have.... We will see :yay:

omg adorbs :heart: and you deserve a stashe :moustache: this was goooood :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

TwiDoctor is the best pair.

Plus, those are the feels that I read for, the ones that can warm my cynical and patchwork heart.
Well done, you brought a small, manly tear to the corner of my eye.:pinkiesad2:

That is amazing for only one hour of work. Great job!

You wrote a better love story in one hour than twilight did in 4 books and 5 movies.:trollestia:

764805 twilight wrote 4 books and 5 movies?:twilightoops: why haven't i been told about this?:trixieshiftright:

:rainbowkiss: oh, i see what you did there

775030 772243 I want to see these movies right now! :flutterrage:

Anyway, thanks for liking my story! :scootangel:

magic life extender for twilight?:facehoof:

Love this story :heart: There should be more TwilightxDoctor stories, they are my favourite!:twilightsmile:

700289 948731
a pikachu with a handlebar mustash

also pikachu auto-corrects to spinach weird

do you know how old the princesses are, do ponies age like people, Doc #1 was old... I mean old guy with a cane old, time lords do age, just slow, he hasn't been old in a while (man that is weird to say/type) but that's cause he keeps dyeing (also weird to say/type) so it doesn't catch up with him, and if this pony form counts he is either on his last or next to last life... he will eventually age and die, sure he's got another 8,9 hundred years maybe even a bit over a thousand, I mean he was like infirm and old with a gruff old guy voice at 850~, he looked a little more healthy than my great grandpa, like he was 85 instead of 856 so let's say he ages at one tenth our rate, he looks about 20-30 something, I don't know how horses age let alone magical ponies, heck maybe twilight will outlive him, I'm not much of a bronie, much more of a whovian so most of my gaps are on that side, yes with any of his human companions, heck even with most of his alien ones, but he's got a maybe with river, and a maybe with twilight (or any of the other ponies for all I know) the princesses live for thousands and thousands of years and haven't aged hardly at all, I don't know why, but it is seen as an extraordinarily long period of time, so ponies do age and die eventually with the two of them (plus discord and the dragons) being exceptions, ok but twi is big-time magical and has a piece (or one of or however it works) of the elements of harmony, has magic as her 'special skill' and is close to the princesses, with help they could make it work,
and all else failing continued exposure to the time vortex, (maybe + magic) can work wonders, it worked for river, almost worked for rose but she kinda burned out and took too much... yeah... probly best to be careful around that

I can definitely say I would adore to see you write out the one month prior to this moment. Of course it would need huge amounts of plot arrangements and whatnot, but coming from one person, I think it would prove well.

1573887 Well the Doctors regeneration are debatable due to the fact the council set the limit of 13 regeneration which was destroyed along with galifrey and even further there are ways around it with the council gone the doctor may have unlimited lives..but that's my opinion .

this in an hour?

oh...you're good...you're very, very good:moustache:

I LOVE YOU This story was amazing for one hour.

wow just wow... This was amazing I only wish there was more of it. You did good man you did good


I wish there was more than a single chapter, as well.

Comment posted by Ecstatic deleted Dec 28th, 2013

He was The Destroyer Of Worlds.


700194 But that's the nature of living, not everything can be milk and cookies. The important part is simply to always get back up after we fall. :rainbowdetermined2:


I don't have words to say how I feel. It was very beautiful

Is your name a reference to captain jack sparrow?

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