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Interesting tale

I like this cute and sexy. the only thing that could make this better is if you do another chapter or continuation where Rainbow Dash finds out and she goes along with it, or maybe that rainbow was already an avid type of fan.

As an awkward teenager, Scootaloo is experiencing a whole mess of confusing emotions that bubble inside of her. Along with this roller coaster of hormones is her growing fascination for diapers-

And that is where I lost interest, see ya.

6959127 no need to leave a comment then is there?


Thank you again, Scribe.

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Definitely a good story would love to see an epilogue

“My name is Rainbow Dash and I’ll be your substitute flight instructor for today. You may call me Coach Dash, Rainbow Dash, or General Awesome. Whichever you prefer.”

:rainbowlaugh: That was funny!

My only problem with this story is that Scootaloo just uses her diapers to help get her off. I'd like to see a sequel where Rainbow Dash finds out about Sfootaloo's love for diapers and baby stuff and decides to baby her. That would be really cute.

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