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Silver Scrolls


Nightmare Moon has been banished and Luna is free from her control but it has left her feeling morose. What has happened to the world she once knew? Where does she stand now that she is free from the influence of her darker side? Seeking answers she visits the old castle's courtyard and finds something she never expected.

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I Just need to say, this is shorter than I typically read, but then again, it was still good. It wasn't long enough to draw emotion from me, but it was detailed enough to give a whisper of sadness. It was beautifully composed, and I will gladly add this to my favorite list.

This was a short prompt I understand, but then again, maybe it should be a bit longer, if only to just give the reader more of a feel for the one-shot. The story summary only gave the stage of what was happening, and then it jumped right to what Luna was currently doing, instead of giving her own insight beforehand. This is just my opinion, and I may be wrong, and all I have to say is; keep up the good work!

Amazing, in my mind, weird as it is, Shawn was singing America.

But what Luna doesn't' know, is that each time she casts that spell, the soul of the being she casted it for, became trapped inside the star, burning in agony :fluttershysad:


Good job bro, you've just depressed me, in a good way.

I imagined this song:

Reading...annnnd now I'm crying.

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