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Been getting a weird vibe lately. Disease, dispair and distrust. A sinister cloud of looming uncertainty.


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you have my attention now let's see if you can keep it.

6715273 And if I don't want your attention? What then?

6715278 Then they become a crazed stalker that somehow finds their way into your breadbox.

All I got to say is DOGMEAT!!!!!! xD

6715287 Love the dog and he'll reck some shit for you in return

Cant wait for more.

I'd suggest getting an editor for this, asap. I also suggest revising this at some point, because the opening explanation for The Wanderer feels way too rushed. It's fine if it's a Displaced fic- that, I've got no problem with; but starting off with those two paragraphs isn't the way to do it. It feels as if the description and the first chapter itself are very different, as well.

So this takes place in the same universe as Past Sins? Because...I'm confused.

You've set no universe for this- does it take place in Capital Wasteland? Fallout: Equestria? Past Sins? Or is it that this is what Earth has become, thousands of years later in the Fallout universe?

6715413 I'll try to fix it but I can't promise anything and about the editor, trust I want to get one but don't know how.

6715437 It's a universe were the past is Fallout Equestria and present past sins.

(clamping hands) how do u get this idea's this one almost made me cry:fluttershysad:

6715684 I just sit down and stare at my screen until something pops up.

6715691 that or a tumor pops in your head eitherway you get ideas from them

That was great can't wait for more from you:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Uncle Smiles deleted Dec 10th, 2015

Interesting, not what I expected, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, continue.

Name change from Lone to Steel Breaker.

I have no word's to describe this but one thing though is this looking in to the past ore did the lone wanderer just left equestria and when't to the other side of the planet

6715466 so basically, fallout equestria is an event in the past, not the future of MLP. Littlepip opened the sky, and since then, a Harold stand in took root and spread plantlife across the wastes, making it fertile again as all the plants that grew from him were FEV modified and therefore capable of surviving in high radiation.

6719244 Yes! MY GOOD SIR! You need a medal! Seriously though, you're the only who got that right and for that you have earned my respect.


Well I personally wouldn't have guessed that, because you haven't explained it in the story. I would've honestly been confused, if I hadn't read this comment.

6719625 I was actually going to put in the next chapter but didn't know how to explain it.

Good job legion I'm liking the story so far.

Comment posted by Uncle Smiles deleted Dec 11th, 2015

Alright keep it up this has been jolly good entertainment thus far my good vault dweller.

I love this fucking story so far I think I like him in the wasteland a bit better then him in the future I like them both don't get me wrong keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

Very interesting

(please for the love of any god that exists out there do NOT crossover with any other displaced... Pretty please?)

6728800 This isn't supposed to crossover anyway, this is a side project.

Yes sir, jolly good shit! I look forward to more!

6738097 Well you're in luck, my boy! I just finished my finals and now have a shit load of free time!

6738106 I really enjoy the twists and spins on the norm that you put in there, such as having Harold be the Tree of Harmony, and having the fallout-verse part be in the past, instead of the future. I just really like how this story is shaping up.

Although, is that guard from earlier still pissed? Maybe enough to hold a vendetta against him? Possibly do some vigilante 'justice' (at least from his perspective)?

6738111 Nah, but he will challenge Steel to a fight.

6738126 sweet. Just keep on keepin' on, then.

6738131 The phrase you meant to say was Keep 'er going!

6738140 just keep calm and keep 'er goin'!

Heh now for starlight glimmer vs the lone wanderer oh this is gonna be good.

Comment posted by Uncle Smiles deleted Dec 19th, 2015

You have my attention with story it's good and you have cute little Nyx but the part with scootaloo I have to give her a hug

6747871 He seemed to be pretty good with a gun before he got his mark, should be able to take her on even without one.

You have my attention...
6715273 Commisar, stand down!

Ummmmm, the robot looks like it has the North Korean Star on it. Kim Jong Un approves.

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