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It's true some days are dark and lonely... If you feel sad, I'll show you that it isn't that bad. But if I'm feeling sad... who will be there to cheer me up? Oh well, it doesn't matter. None of it matters, as long as I keep smiling.

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A/N Time! :twilightsmile:

This has been something I've been wanting to write for a long time. The idea began forming in my head after hearing Pinkie Pie's 'Smile Song' for the first time.
I'm quite pleased at how this fic turned out. There are a few places that are a bit bumpy, but overall, I like it. It was also a pleasure to write, even though it was terribly sad. :pinkiesad2: Anyways, I hope you enjoy! :pinkiesmile:

I been thinking about the same thing,
but a lot of others did to, lets see

Great story! :heart: I cried some manly tears. :fluttercry:

Well the first half had me pissed off and confused, but you wrapped it up nicely. Still I bet you could have made the ending a little brighter. Good fic, deserving of a thumb! :twilightsmile:
P.S. personally I would add a dark tag

Pretty good! I hate to see pinkie in a bad mood though it makes me sad.... But still! Good read!

An interesting concept...I think you need to expand it a little more with a bit more backstory because as kbrony pointed out, it's a little confusing first part.

It's bad to point out that something is confusing..? I haven't read it yet, but the comments are telling me that the first half is a bit messy :L
Also, I'll do a reading later, it's way to early to do one at the moment. :V

698568 Thank you! :pinkiesad2::heart:

698588 Heheh sorry about that. :twilightblush: Yeah, I could have, but I'd much rather let the readers think about it for a little while after they finished reading. Thanks for the thumbs up, I'm glad you liked it! c: And yeah, I was thinking about it, but I wasn't sure if it'd be appropriate or not. :o

698630 It makes me sad too :fluttercry: Thank you!:heart:

698635 Yeah, I should have expanded on that. I had the whole thing worked out nicely in my head, so I really should have explained what was going on in the beginning a bit more. xD; But part of it was also intentional. Like how Pinkie responded to a lot of people/things with her thoughts. I also like to be one of those authors who keep the readers in the dark until they get to a certain point. Because I'm evil. :raritywink:
Thanks for your comment, I'll be sure to work on that in the future, or perhaps try to fix it in the story. c:

698654 I don't mind at all! As a young writer, (lolol15yearoldauthorrighthere ;D), criticism is something I need to learn and grow as a writer. None of the ponies were rude, and are just giving me their honest opinion of how my writing can be made better.
I thank you for defending me, though. x'D:heart::heart:

698655 At first I was really confused. Then I looked at your username. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't usually like this kind of stories...But it was handled well and ends with an hopeful note. Great job.

699266 ah, so you were opting for that technique. Well, I wouldn't say it backfired on you, just that IMO, it would have been better if you explained a little more. Your result wasnt that bad, it is just that usually, mental crisis do not suddenly start, usually there is a trigger. Not a psychologist here, but that is what I have heard. I think if you described a little mor what the trigger was your story would've been more consistent.

P.S I get lost in my head too. So don't worry about it.

699830 Thank you very much! :heart::rainbowkiss:

699861 Mhmm! Yeah, I should have wrote about some sort of trigger. :o But I guess what I was going for what that Pinkie Pie has felt this way for quite some time, even before the cutting. And she tried it out, just to see what it was like, and got addicted. (Which is why even though she kept saying 'one more and I'll stop', she couldn't stop.) So I guess I thought of her feeling sad for a while, but just getting worse and worse into a depression and turning to cutting for comfort.
You certainly are right though; in many cases there are triggers for people (Or ponies :raritywink:) to start or try out cutting. But from my experiances, constant sadness can lead to depression, which can lead to just trying out cutting... which can lead to becoming addicted. (It's the adrenaline rush that gets people hooked on it).
Sorry for that long ramble xD;; But yeah, I could've had another flashback or something of her trying it out for the first time. Or something. -jotsitdown- If I ever do a re-write of this, I'll keep it in mind.

700951 LOL don't worry about rambling. You can easily call my review up there a ramble. And, you are right about constant sadness leading to depression...Do you mind if you take a look at my story? I'm still at beginning stage, but I need to get it right or else the entire plot will be screwed up.

Well that was very good.


Y'know, I think its funny. I am predominantly a comedy writer, and sometimes am really shocked and apalled at the stuff people write. And yet, I keep coming bacj to these stories, still wanting to read them, even if I know that I would much rather make people laugh than cry. Does that make sense.:pinkiesad2:

Wait, make people smile?

Oh dear lord, no:pinkiesick:

701430 Sure, I'd love to take a look at it! :twilightsmile: I'll get to it as soon as I get home tomorrow after school; I have final exams to study for now :X

702176 Thank you!:pinkiesmile::heart:
It does make sense, I do the same thing xD Except write sad stuff, and go to indulge in comedies. |D
Huh? o u o :derpytongue2: -confused-


I said make people laugh and smile. Now, what's this fanfic's title?


All I can do is applaud, Comrade. Bravo, Sir. Bravo.

Ok, bit of a public service announcement:
A.) Help is out there.
B.) Ok, this is a long story, but y'all should read it because it could pay off big. I see a shrink for communications issues (great ideas, but I struggle to explain them clearly as this post probably demonstrates). A friend of mine was fighting self-cutting. They are in a much more connected situation last I knew, but we haven't spoken in a while. The point is I had a risky idea to help them beyond the things that any good friend would do. Not being a complete idiot, I talked to my shrink about it rather than just trying it. He said two things:
1.) It was a very good idea that could really help her.
2.) I only had half the skill-set needed to safely do it. I had the right emphasis on the imaginary (sorry, I can't be more specific here), but I didn't have the necessary level of psychological training (Well DUH, I'm a Mechanical Engineer).
Anyway, I am trying to spread the idea to creative thinking psychological professionals. This would be a hopeless task (rather than just an extreme long-shot) if it weren't for the fact that the idea should stand on its own merits.

Anyway... people who wish to direct me to such shrinks anywhere in the world should PM me. I would post the full idea here (or, more likely, type it up somewhere else and link to it), except that it would be as irresponsible as posting directions for how to make nitroglycerine. Worse yet, PARTIAL directions for how to safely make nitroglycerine.

713572 Thank you:heart::heart: c:

723214 I am a bit confused on what you're saying here :x But any idea to help people who struggle with cutting is bound to be a good one. :twilightsmile:

Let me try to explain again since it is probably going to take multiple successive approximations to get the idea across.
Good? Yes.
"For experts only"? In this case, yes. Done wrong this could technique I came up with the basic idea for could easily end up making the problem WORSE. Again, I am not such an expert, I am just looking to get my idea into the hands of those who could use it to make the world a better place. It requires two skill sets, the first being that you have to be a shrink (I am not), and the other I don't feel comfortable specifying in a public forum due being very cautious on the related safety issues. Suffice to say that any good author on this site would probably have a shot at that half. The talents have to coexist in a single individual.

Very interesting take on Pinkie, it isn't often someone makes Pinkie realistic. A pony can't be happy all the time, every one has bad days; Pinkie never seems to. You have taken a very realistic and poignant path to describing Pinkie and I applaud you for it. All I can say is :yay:

735018 Yeah, that's where I got the initial idea for this story. c: Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile:

This... This is just amazing. And sad.:pinkiesad2: Beautiful story, and I can't tell you how happy I am that it didn't end with PinkieDash shipping. Speaking of which, this seem quite similar to another story, one called Broken Colt. Can't remember who its by, but it's in my favorites if you want to check it out.

Edit: Here it is. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/27615/Broken-Colt

867405 I was actually thinking about shipping the two of them together in this, but I thought it would take away from the story. I wanted to dabble in Pinkie's emotions, and do nothing more. c:
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and let me know that you did. It really means a lot as a writer.:heart:

I've never heard of it, but I'll take a look at it right now! :twilightsmile:

868917 Oh crap, wrong link. Here's the right one. link.

872269 I started reading the other one and I was like: Wat. :unsuresweetie:

Just read the right one, it was pretty good. :pinkiehappy:

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