• Published 8th Dec 2015
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A Special Hearth's Warming Eve - Diamond_Emblem

Twilight and Spike travel to Canterlot for Hearth's Warming Eve with Twilight's family and sister-in-law. But will the weather and problems prevent them from going?

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Chapter 5: Doctor Hooves's Science

His living room was normal. So was the basement entrance. But the basement broke Twilight's definition of "flabbergasting."

Contraptions were everywhere. There was a huge red sphere on the ceiling, several yellow tubes connecting to it. A machine with several buttons and a huge clock...or something...was underneath it. There was something that looked like the mix of a hot air balloon and a boat made of wood that hung from the ceiling. A conveyor belt was connected with what looked like a fan with unusable blades because they were in screws. A clock was attached to it, and a pile of papers sat next to the machine. There were several more things that seemed unreal and fictional.

"Wow." It was the only word that left Twilight's mouth.

"What is all this stuff?" Rainbow asked. She tried to touch a blue ball with purple static, but Doctor Hooves led her away from it.

"All these contraptions are what I've been able to produce from studying science all my life," he explained. "Even magic couldn't make all this."

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?" she asked.

The doctor nodded. "Anyways, what is it that you need?"

"We were wondering if you have a machine that can predict the weather," Twilight replied.

"Ah! Predicting the weather," Doctor Hooves said. "I've never tried, but I could give it a try. I'll get to work on it right away!"

"So none of this stuff you've made can predict the weather?" Rainbow asked.

"The idea has crossed my mind every now and then, but I've never gotten to actually trying. Science is a messy subject, after all," Doctor Hooves said. He paused. "Though I would need several things to make this machine. Including how the clouds are made, which ones are for rain or snow or sleet, perhaps the amount of each you add into each cloud...Many things!"

"Then make a list so we can get all this stuff!" Rainbow said impatiently.

"Right away!" Doctor Hooves grabbed a quill and a bottle of ink and started writing.

Twilight trotted around the room. "So, Doctor, what inventions have you made?" she asked.

"Ah, so many!" he replied. "But my latest invention is called an electric guitar. Now you see, it's very different from a regular old wooden guitar. It has more strings to play on, and is thinner, making it much easier to carry. The sound it creates is sort of a vibrating sound and is quite different. It's along the borders of Vinyl Scratch's music. And the point of the electric guitar is that it needs a source of energy to work. It needs power!"

"Could magic power it?" Twilight asked.

Doctor Hooves pondered it. "If I adjusted the input power and change a few things...perhaps it could! Thank you, Princess Twilight! You've given me a brand new idea!"

"Don't mention it," Twilight said proudly.

"How's that list coming along?" Rainbow asked.

"Hmm." The doctor double-checked his list. "I believe all these items will suffice," he said, handing the list to Rainbow.

"Thank you, Doctor Hooves!" Twilight said. "We'll get you all this ASAP!"

"I'm counting on it!" Doctor Hooves chuckled. He saw Derpy playing with his wooden plane model. "Derpy, get down from there! Don't you have work to do?"

"Nope! Mailing job's over until January!' Derpy explained. She continued to play on the model.


"Lots of the info we need is from Cloudsdale," Rainbow explained. "I'll get all the paperwork."

"I'll get everything else!" Twilight decided. She made a copy of the list and the two went to find the supplies. On the way, Spike looked like he was going to burp. A split-second later, a scroll was in his claws. He unfurled and said, "Twilight, it's for you. It's a letter from your mom!"

"Mom?" Twilight levitated the letter in front of her:


My sweet daughter, I've received unfortunate word that the Friendship Express will be closing before Hearth's Warming. This wouldn't be a problem since you can fly to Canterlot if need be, but the word's gotten around that the weather has become unpredictable. This means Shining Armor and Cadence might not be able to come to Canterlot, and neither can you. I don't want you to travel to Canterlot by sky if it means risking your well being. I'd prefer for you to be safe. Meanwhile, it's hailing here in Canterlot. Don't worry about me. I'm staying in Canterlot Castle for a few hours. Hopefully, the express won't shut down and the weather will get better.

With love,

Twilight Velvet

Twilight gasped.

"What's wrong, Twilight?" Spike asked.

"Spike, the Friendship express could be shut down!" Twilight exclaimed. "We won't be able to get to Canterlot!"

"Why can't we just fly to Canterlot?" Spike asked.

"When my mom wrote this, she said it's hailing in Canterlot," Twilight explained. "We don't know what the weather's like or what it's going to be. We can't risk our safe being."

"Hmm. I guess you're right," Spike said.

"Of course, I'm right, Spike," Twilight said. "Now, let's go find these items."


After an hour of searching, Twilight and Rainbow met up at Doctor Hooves's house. They traveled down to the basement and found him fiddling with what must have been the electric guitar.

"Whoa! That's so cool!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Twilight agreed. It was painted red and blue, and it was in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"Why thank you, Miss Dash," Doctor Hooves said. "Have you bought everything that is required?"

"Just like you asked," Twilight said. She dropped her items onto a table. Rainbow did the same.

Doctor Hooves walked over to the table. "Yes, yes, all this will do nicely. I will get to work on this invention at once!" he said.

"Well, it's almost sundown," Rainbow said. "I should be getting back home."

"Me too," Twilight agreed. "I'll see you tomorrow, Rainbow!"

"Ditto!" Rainbow said, flying upstairs. Spike climbed onto Twilight's back as she teleported back to the castle.