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Wendy Gowak

Using interrobangs for good and evil.


Lengthy Column is a good investigator. One of the best.
Her flair is second to none and she knows how to piece seemingly unrelated pieces together. So when she starts digging into the record of Princess Celestia and find some incoherences... She knows she's onto the scoop of her life.

However, the more she digs into it, the more she realises it may very well become the scoop of her death.


[This story was not as good as I hoped. Which is great! If you read it and didn't like it, please leave a comment telling me what was wrong. I'm really curious. You can also leave a comment if you liked it of course. In fact, I'd really like if you did :twilightsmile:. Thanks in advance, have a great day.]

Cover made by the-Orator.
(I tried to contact her but got no answer... if anyone know how I can ask her properly for permission could you please tell me?)

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Comments ( 13 )

yeah, all you have to do is ignored the order things actually happened in canon and twist everything beyond recognition

For example, the Crystal Empire appeared AFTER the Royal Wedding

Like... I wrote in the story...
I suggest you re-read it with a fresh perspective.
Imagine one second that the show is propaganda and what is told is not what is true.
Open your mind as they say.

why should I do that?

Because I took time to write this story and I feel like you're missing the point of it. So either you do miss the point and hate my story because of your own misconceptions or I did not tell my story well enough to get my point across and need to rewrite it.

But that can't happen if don't make your part and try to understand the project behind it.

you did not get the story across well enough.

We fans here only have two sources of info, the show and the fansfics based on it. When the fanfics based on it require us to dramatically alter the way they view the show they need to be very strong. By just declaring that things didn't happen in a certain way for purpose of conspiracy in the fanfic you come across as a writing version of "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes."

Thank you for that well spoken argument. I still find it harsh but I'll try to take it into account for any future fanfic.

Lengthy failed to provide any tangible proof for her claims. All she had were hunches and sources from a library we know Sombra censored. She expects Twilight—and by extension us—to buy what she says simply because she says it. Like this:

The first thing that ticked me off was the drastic increase in the budget allowed to security. Equestria suffered three direct attacks in a few years, so this increase looked like a sensible choice, yet, it make absolutely no sense for two reasons. First, none of this money actually served to protect the population. Not. One. Bit.

Numbers please? Documents? Anything? All we have is her claim that it's all true. But none of it aligns with the way the show presents the events. It only works if we ignore everything from before, but the story doesn't have an Alternate Universe tag, nor does it give us anything convincing to work off of. It's asking us to ignore what we were actually shown in the show in favour of something being explained only in very vague terms. On a very basic level, it's show versus tell. And that's very hard on Suspension of Disbelief, unfortunately.

I mean, the dialogue is pretty good. It's a good read and flows well. It's just that the case for the premise is a little weak because there's nothing to ground it in the canon we're familiar with. It would've helped immensely if Lengthy had brought some of her sources along and shown them to Twilight. Something that allows the reader to come to the same conclusions as her.

By the way, is Lengthy a Unicorn or an Earth Pony?

The unicorn took a sip of beer with the detachment born from habit. Twilight followed nervously and winced at the terrible taste. Apple cider... Rookie mistake. "This stuff is horrible," she said. "I guess I'm too used to Applejack's goodness."

I do mention that she provide copies of the documents she used to build her case, but I admit I could have put more emphasis on it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Also, she's an earth pony. Stupid mistake on my part.

This story is my most successful exercise yet. :pinkiehappy:


I do mention that she provide copies of the documents she used to build her case, but I admit I could have put more emphasis on it.

You have her say that she'll provide them, but she never does in the story proper. :raritywink: I assumed she meant after the meeting is over, since there's no hint she's doing it at that very moment.

Yep. That's more or less what I noticed after you mentioned it.

Wow, this is really great and almost terrifyingly Orwellian.

Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:
That's more or less what I wanted ^^

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