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Let's see if this generates the same amount of argument that the last one-shot I published did.

EDIT: Also, there are not general descriptions of the tags under the FAQ. Fimfiction, y u lie 2 me?

:fluttercry: Very well done. It's nice to know that one of those other timelines have a happy ending, even if it's one that came at so high a cost. Thank you for this.

Very ww1ish which was a blood bath IRL I still have letters my great granddad wrote my great grandmother great story man

The last letter is the kind you DON'T want to receive.

This was inspired by a famous American Civil War letter, the Sullivan Ballou letter. But at the same time, that single letter felt too .... olde tyme for what I was trying to do. So yes, I looked up a bunch of World War I letters and tried to imitate that style.

That and my personal head canon about Equestria's technological and cultural development equivalent places them near the turn of our last century.

Golden Harvest isn't an oc. You could have put her down as Carrot Top. They're the same pony.

Well, I picked a name at pure random actually.

And the reason I didn't pick a known character (or at least, I THOUGHT I hadn't picked a known character ...) was I wanted the pony to be a bit amorphous in gender until the very end.

The food here is tolerable, so let it set your mind at ease that we are fed and clothed against the harsh winter the Scourge even now sends against us. That it bears your Granny's face is a small comfort to me and a few of the ponies from our region. The bedding is awful, however, and the Sergeant holds no love for those willing to lie.....in......... it's embrace overlong. Perhaps it was meant to inspire us to greater energy that we be denied such comforts.

I meant (met) a nice pegasi (Pegasus) stallion by the name of Brushed Downs who has taken a shine to me. As a friend, dearest and only ever that. All the Ponyville Volunteers have been spread around and none seem to know why - and it's not just those from Ponyville. Brushed is from a small town out near Manehatten and is particularly upset that he's so far from home despite the front being closer nearer to his home. I wonder if any Ponyville folk were sent that way in his place? The mad logic of the New Army doesn't strike often, I wager.

I hope the Summer does us well. I know the Crown pays for supplies but with so many in the brown of the Volunteers and so many mouths to feed, I worry about the Purse. Equestria runs on trade and this war disrupts us all. Brushed was almost whining about his family business and how deeply this war has cut into his father's pocketbook. I bore it stoically and reminded ....him......that it harms us all. That took the bluster out of his sail and calmed him down enough to speak of more pleasant things.

Brushed comes by a few times a week now, when he's not out flying the Scourge's lines. We talk of training mostly and of our homes. I share mush (much) of the letters you send me with him, I hope you don't mind. He sorely misses his family and gets little mail now that Manehatten has fallen and his family is in the refugee camps. I think I understand now why he was so haunted and so tight lipped those other times. It's hard to speak of.

I still believe, love. I still believe that this is the right things to do but it's not right. None of it is. I want to be home, with you pushing me out of bed before the sun kisses the tree tops instead of waking up in terror as another barrage hits. I want to be sitting on the porch instead of in waist deep mud. I want peace.

either "these are the right things"
or "this is the right thing"

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