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Dark Nightshade

I like to do occasional crossoves, and I can now draw. Just PM me if you want me to draw or wright something! I'm on Wattpad, check me out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Dark-Nightshade


When Fluttershy has a bit to much to drink, Rarity takes her home, and Fluttershy accidentally tells her how she feels about Rarity. Coincidentally, Rarity feels the same way.

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Comments ( 16 )

A little rushed. I would had liked to know what happened the next day.
Was that vomit part necesary? Grose.

7407390 The next day will be in the next book, and other then the vomit part, did you like it?

7409024 Didn't hate it, but didn't like it either. As I said, it was a bit rushed.

That was cool. I like the last part had that happen to me once LOL

7427200 Someone barfed into your mouth while kissing? Glad you liked the story, either way.

When I saw this I was like. "Rarity and flutters ok ive seen weirder oh whats this flutters is drunk.....this better be good." Guess what half the time I was chuckeling rather than going on about how cute it was and the icing on the cake flutter just leaves after throwing up in her mouth. This should have a comedy tag on it.

7432279 Thanks! Glad you liked it!

7429721 Oh yes it was nasty but stilll had sex with her LOL

:pinkiesick: That last part was a little nasty. :pinkiehappy:

But all in all this was a nice little story. I haven't read anthro in a while but this wasn't bad.

7615356 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Drunk Flutters is hilarious. XD

7924852 Yeah, it's always entertaining seeing her intoxicated.

this wa pretty funny i love drunk fluttershy

7973928 Yeah, drunk Flutters is always funny. I'm glad you liked it!

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