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I'm a woman with a love of and some skill in writing, love of and little skill in drawing, and no fear of people knowing what I like.


Thestrals. A race of pony all but forgotten in the modern age. They are, all of them, nocturnal. They live their lives in their sole territory, a forest in the middle of Equestrian Lands. They present as members of the country, their sole front-facing town, Hollow Shades, being the only point of contact with the rest of ponydom. The truth is, however, that this is the only place where loyalty to the Lost Sister has never wavered. Thus, they call themselves the Lunar Republic in secret, referring to their state as an individual city-state within the greater Equestrian country. They pay taxes, of course, but enact their own laws outside of Hollow Shades.

They also, through virtue of being such, maintain their own treaties. I am banking on this fact. If all works out, my darling daughter, you will be safe. They will honor their treaty, and raise you with love. All I ask is that you live to adulthood. For this sake, I will write you a book... lessons on our traditions, that when the time comes when you must take your crown you will be prepared. Until then, keep this book hidden and safe. Keep yourself hidden and safe.

I will always watch over you,
Queen Polaris.

This is a tale of love, family, and hope. A young royal will grow, come to understand herself and the world around her, and eventually take her place as the Queen of her own people. The story will largely be cannon compliant, however some things will be changed as I see fit.

This story is largely inspired by Law Abiding Pony's Hive series, and how exactly changelings work will in particular reflect this. Mainly I plan on copying their reproductive system and the role of the queen in the hive, however there will be differences from the biological makeup as I feel appropriate. I do have permission, and will link information where I copy wholesale, as well as make notes on where I simply adjust.

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Comments ( 6 )

Wow. This is incredible. Very few stories are written this beautifully, and this is one of them. Wow. Stories like this don't come around often; the ones that touch your heart and make you think.. those are rare. Here you really see what a story should have. I absolutely love this to pieces.
Thanks for writing such as story. :pinkiesad2:

Thank you so much for the compliment! I hope that I continue to hold up the quality you praised so highly.

That is a fair point, thank you for letting me know what your reading experience was.

Wow... this was.. lovely. Different from the former, yes, but still written just as beautifully. There's just this incredible flow to it; so natural and, well, beautiful. That's probably the best word for it. Such writing is one-of-a-kind, and it fits so well with this story. The word choice is incredible; so light and seemingly effortless. You really get the feeling this was written with passion. Passion with the skill in this makes for the best stories, and this deserves to be called one of the greats. Seriously.. this is marvelous to read.
I can only hope to be half the writer this demonstrates. Nice work on this. Nice, nice work.

I am glad that you enjoyed it. I have been sitting on this story for a few years, working on it off and on. The central idea has finally crystalized such that I can write it, and so I am. Hopefully the quality doesn’t drop too much as the groove of such is found, but if you think this is good I sincerely suggest you read the inspiration for it, Law Abiding Pony’s Of the Hive series. I have my bookshelf linked here if you want to read it. It’s really very good, if long. Their writing style is different from mine, but the thought put into their work is really something.

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