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Hey what's up everyone? I'm a video gaming brony geek who loves adventure and romance. My favorite thing to do is write stories for others across the world to read.


Hey what’s up everyone? I decided to start a bunch of fanfiction shorts for my well-known trilogy, Mobians and Equestria Girls. This is going to be a bunch of shorts of things that happened before, after, and during the three stories in the entire Trilogy.

I will only be uploading a maximum of four or less chapters per week.

Readers who are fans of the series: I am offering readers of the M&EG Trilogy, a chance to help write a single short each for this collection. One short, for one person.

All Shorts have been removed and are being rebooted/rewritten.

Chapters (6)
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Can you do Smosh meets Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Please? If you don't know what smosh is. this is them. https://yt3.ggpht.com/-AufHIQ3sLmM/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/hPFE6k06-Ls/s900-c-k-no/photo.jpg. Their names are Ian Hecox (The Man with the Bowl Cut) and Anthony Padilla (The Person on the Right.)

Can the shorts be anything?

6855246 As long as they can cross into the M&EG Trilogy, yes.

Good chapter, keep it up.

This is a Sonic the Hedgehog crossover, right?

8534740 Yes, these are shorts I create that exist in the Mobians and Equestria Girls Universe.

8534547 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it


Wow; this Lilac Steele is completely different from the PoME version.

8534918 Yeah since this is the Mobians and Equestria Girls universe. She's not as nice as she is in the PoME universe.


All because her brother went off to war and forgot all about her? Interesting, quite interesting.

8534956 Well i believe I left some lore on that in the actual story. Dark had lost some of his memories during said war. Including the memories of his sister.


Well that sucks. If this was all it took to corrupt Lilac, it must show how much she loves her bro.

Btw, is he any different from the Dark from the PoME universe?

8534960 Yes she does. The Steele family line was very big on family. As for Dark's similarity to his PoME doppelganger, he is essentially the same person, but not quite.


Interesting, quite interesting. That would explain why Dark is somewhat nice to his family despite being rude and condescending to everyone else.

Also, what drove Dark to become what he is?

8534976 Yeah, and what do you mean?


What I mean is, what drove PoME Dark to become what he is?

8534983 Really? Isn't the reason obvious? Who the one who makes everyone in CPA miserable?

PoME Dark: I'm who I am because of Cinch


Really? That's it? THAT'S all it took?...........just how insufferable is she?

8534995 What do you think?

PoME Dark: She threatened me with my family, and I couldn't do anything about it.

M&EG Dark: I would have pulverized her! Or sent her to a dark dimension


Fuck, that bad? And yet PoME Lilac remained the same?

8535017 Lilac wasn't the one being threatened. Although I dont quite know how she took it. She was fine when she came back though.

PoME Dark: Trust me, you really dont want to know. Made me hate Cinch even more.


Really? Now I'm curious.

8535024 Well...

PoME Dark: Shut your mouth.




Send me the details if you can.

8535029 PoME Dark: He's not going to. I'm the only one who knows


Really? Was it terrible, or was it only terrible for you?

8535033 PoME Dark: It was bad for both Lilac and I. And that's all you'll get.


That bad? Whoa.....

8535110 excuse me, but thats not in your control.

Lilac: Next time I'll smack you upside the head.


Alright alright, sorry.



You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, your OCs seem like quite a handful; how do you do it? Deal with them I mean.

8537021 They're me! Half and half. Dark is the "dark/grouchy but loyal to the heart" side of me, while Lilac is the "ridiculous but still cares deeply" side of me. As for Midnight... Just needed a mom to control the two.


Wow!! Interesting, they're two parts of you. Now I'm even more intrigued in the story.

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