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PrinceUniversa here, just your normal average brony writing stories for fun, listening to music, seeing adorable pictures and whatnot :D


The Shadow War, an event that once took Luna's virtue away and turned her into the being named Nightmare Moon forcing Celestia to banish her sister, has scarred many ponies far and wide. These effects are felt mostly by the crystal ponies. The city then disappeared from the lands forever leaving the mystery as to when it shall return. Now the city rises from the land again as Sombra reawakens recreating the Shadow War once again.

Witness the tales of many brave soldiers as the final battle begins and the war reaches its resolution. Few will live to tell the tale. Many will fall in battle. And the resolution begins now...

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Comments ( 10 )

Darn it, I saw the title and thought it'd be an M rated clopfic about Luna or Nightmare Moon. Silly me.

6689029 I am about to slap you on the head for making me laugh with this comment :rainbowlaugh: In all fairness, I've never written a clopfic before so of course, I'm not starting on one at least until I'm decent in the knowledge of those... :derpytongue2:

6689041 Oh, okay then. I never would have known that.

6689048 Nobody would have in all honesty :moustache:

I dont know why but suddenly I see Rainbow doing her sonic rainboom and breaking the slave herlmets.

6689114 ...You know I can actually see that...

Well you have done it again, another good action story.

6690262 I think I'm getting the hand of action stories better than I had in mind...

This was written well. The action was easy to understand and the characters were fleshed out in the midst of battle. My most favorite were the interactions between Rainbow, Maud, Pinkie and Gilda. They were fun to read. And I loved the portrayal of the Griffins, especially their tough attitudes and competitive side.

I usually hate cliff-hanging endings, but I was not all that bothered here. I just wished this story was longer, rather than one chapter. It was great regardless. Thumbs up.

6897608 Thanks! I know, I honestly wanted to extend upon this one-shot but honestly, I probably would not be able to keep up the war effort despite how much fun I had when I wrote this :pinkiehappy:

As for the cliff-ending, I honestly left it there for the people to interpret how it ended for them. Maybe they indeed won but at the cost of so many warriors, maybe Sombra managed to win and enslave everybody, anything about that was left up to interpretation for the readers :twilightsmile: For me though, I'd imagine the former to sound right for me...

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