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I've never seen a place that's quite like this. Everything is turned around; this crazy world is upside down.


He could have said no. He should have said no. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to stop her right there and then. She would have understood. She would have forgiven him. The spell would have been gone forever, and everything would have gone back to normal.

But he didn't say no. He didn't, and now it feels too late.

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Damn, that was... emotional. And I can't tell if the ending was happy or not... :twilightoops:

Wow... um, I'm speechless.

Here, have my like, have my fave, and know that your story took me THERE...

Did she poison her?

What happened? No seriously..... what happened?

I never know what to say when I leave a comment so I'll just say this was great. Have a like/fav

Hey Arg? Remember how good I was feeling today?

Upvoted, of course.

His words broke the curse too late

This.. This should have a sequel. It's amazing, I believe you could turn this into a breathtaking story.
I do hope you will consider maybe making a longer sequel or add more chapters to this.
It could be the beginning of an amazing story! Great work!:pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

That was a very emotional story... I like it :pinkiehappy:

I know im feeling the right emotions for this, but i still dont know why im feeling them... Cuz i got confused with how many ways the end could be interpreted.

I never tougth of what would of happend if he didn't say no to her. You did a great job of writing what could happen, I can imagine this being cannon.

Ah geez... It hurts. It hurts...:raritydespair:

Nope, no poison involved.

I'm leaving that one up to reader interpretation! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, T.D.! Yeah, this is quite a bit darker than my usual stuff, but I just had to write it. The idea's been sitting in my head ever since Inspiration Manifestation aired, and I had to get it out. Glad you enjoyed reading it!

That's what you get for using dark magic so recklessly dummy.

that was...creepy.



(it was a good story, it really was. I just find this concept so.... Impossible, I can't help but send in the armed forces.)

While I get the ending is supposed to be up to interpretation, I don't want to have to interpret it myself! I wanna know what happens now? Did Spike break the curse after all but it was too late? Was he in time and now Rarity isn't under the spell anymore, but everything is still gone to hell? Did he fail and has the curse gotten too strong? And what happened to Rainbow Dash and Applejack? I have many more questions that I'll apparently have to answer myself.

6764304 I agree, this cliffhanger is killing me!

That being said, I suppose Applejack and Rainbow Dash, being the loyal, persistent fighters they are, are probably fighting some guerilla war against Rarity or already killed/stoned.

This is going straight to my “tragic stories” folder,

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