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Aww that title's way better than mine. Damnit.

A flashback in a flashback? Flash-ception!

I can't wait to see how this plays into shinings skills

6812069 I checked out your story, Hocus Pocus, today based on this comment. It's nice, short and sweet. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. This story will actually have very little in common with it, so don't worry about that.
But I would still recommend Hocus Pocus to anyone reading this comment.
Yay, free publicity!

Is this gonna end up into kinky sex with Twilight's lower half while Twilight's upper half is hidden?

There's a lot of cutting remarks here, but it kind of failed to come together in the middle.

6813008 Them's some mighty fine words for me. I wasn't concerned with our stories being similar, I just had a hard time naming mine and you hit it out of the park.

6813465 Well, yeah. With arms like these.

personally, i would have been more impressed if she used the saw...

Just... Give me a minute here, I just finished a different half-body swap story...

Wait, how can Twilight screw Trixie with her brother's bits if Trixie is gone? :rainbowderp:

Small typo

"It's magic, Twilight! Your fine!"

You are

Also if I'm nitpicking; not a fan of "a ways" from previous chapter

"Oh. That's quite a ways... a day by train.

6814556 Fixed! Thanks for the help!
6814340 Archer fan?
6814528 She'll be back.

Me likey so far... That means a moustache for you! :moustache:

"It was buy one, get one... HALF OFF." Trixie said with a grin.


Oh geez, the magic kindergarten comic link... :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like I should sentences apart in the middle
Like pull two do something clever

I don't think I can link NSFW images in comments -- strangely the site rules specify blogs, groups, and the story proper, but not the comments of NSFW stories -- but there's one image by Staggeredline you might be interested in.

It's the first Google result for "Staggeredline Twilight Shining Commission"

I'm looking at the chapter names and there's only one way I can see this going:


6815429 Yes, I am aware of this image. And it was certainly in the running for my choices of cover art.
It doesn't show anything explicit.
But it is abundantly clear what they are doing: She's obviously just giving him a back rub.

I like to imagine that Shining is telling Cadance this story complete with chapter breaks as he stops to go get a drink or something each time a chapter ends.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Trixie is playing with her box, too.

I can't! I tired! It's just, it's all I can think about

I'm tired too, but my inner grammer nazi wouldn't stop nagging me about this until I posted a comment...

Still, pretty hot though.

6817017 "I'm gonna get something to drink. Do you want anything?"

They are veeery lenient with Trixie's screwup here.

Then again, this is Twilight "I turned a frog into an orange" Sparkle.

It's an Illusion! An illuuuuuuuusion!

Trixie's middle name must be Doug. :rainbowlaugh:

Question: Is there going to be a part where Twilight and Shiny are cut in half in the boxes and Twi's end is in Shiny's face and Shiny's end is in Twi's face and they go at eachother while Trixie watches and/or joins? 'Cause that'd be cool, if there is. If you're already planning something else though, that's fine.

6818445 They really are like the magician boxes where only her head and hooves are sticking out of the hole at the ends of the box. It's not really physically feasible for that kind of action to take place with her waist more or less in the middle, while they're like that.
But I like the way you think.

Ohh yeah. I COMPLETELY forgot about that, haha! :derpytongue2:

6819415 Don't worry. Trixie and Cadance are tagged for a reason. And not just for what we've seen so far.

Oh, my. You weren't kidding about this turning into a "real story", then. :rainbowwild: Twixie is totally going to be a thing, isn't it? And of course, Twi's gonna have to get a "before and after" comparison from Shiny once they're un-swapped...

Says YOU Shining. We all vote for Twilight's idea.

6820701 Hark! Is that an Incomplete story status I see?

But yeah, a school would have to be incredibly irresponsible to not teach safe sex on the assumption that fillies and colts would abstain from an activity that costs nothing to do, and feels fantastic.


I love how you described their experiences with everything. Very interesting!

Shining/Twilight/Cadence threesome, anyone?

Dirty talking Twilight....

But yeah, a school would have to be incredibly irresponsible to not teach safe sex on the assumption that fillies and colts would abstain from an activity that costs nothing to do, and feels fantastic."

Meanwhile in the American deep south...

Previous chapter, I thought "PREGNANT TWILIGHT", which was quickly disproven in the beginning of this chapter.
Oh wait, what's that sound? Out in the distance? Listens closely...

*more more more more! more! more! MORE! MOOORRREEE!*

Ah, that's exactly what I was thinking! Thanks background voices! :yay:

Awwww yeeaaahh! :trollestia:

This is actually the best "Twilight and Shining get into incest" fic I have read so far.

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