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With the bad blood between them now over, Twilight decides that, for her new friend, Starlight, there may still be things that she needs to get off her chest. As such, the young princess arranges a meeting between some old acquaintances of hers, hoping it will help Starlight come to terms with her actions.

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Best story about the finale I've read ever since the finale aired! :pinkiehappy:

It whould be funny to see the human Twilight come in at the last second, saying sorry shes late or something... She was redeamed as well by Sunset.

I was just thinking about something like this after I saw the finale. Great job.:raritystarry:

Honestly, I was actually thinking of doing a story like this with a support group for reformed antagonists. Except not just with the ones you listed, but also Gilda, Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara, and some others, including one who thinks she's done something terrible but isn't even supposed to be there. But yours came out first. Oh well. Still going on my Read Later. :twilightsmile:

Bravo, an excellently written story. Starlight could learn a lot from Sunset Shimmer and Trixie.

“You…you think these people can help me?”

people? I thought this was the pony world. :rainbowhuh:

Starlight's emotional confession is what needed to happen in the finale because what was provided here was given a lot of depth, and you can really understand her torment, yet the finale rushed through it as time was running short. I was surprised to see Trixie involved in this, but seeing Sunset was to be expected. It makes me wonder what could happen if Sunset and Starlight were to meet face-to-face in either the show, or a future Equestria Girls movie. Both of them have similar backstories with some apparent differences.

This was definitely worth the time to read. :twilightsmile:

6682082 Well, there's always fanfiction to explore a longshot possibility.

I love this! Great work!

I really did want to see Sunset, Trixie, and Starlight have a conversation and bond.

Fantastic work!


Personally I think Glimmer is sorry her petty revenge scheme almost destroyed the world... not that she created a town where there were no differences to destroy friendships.

6682359 Personally I think Starlight is sorry, why else would she have gone there and apologized?

But I think what made her realize she was wrong there was more actually giving friendship a chance experiencing friendship with ponies very different than herself.

6682545 I also feel like her backstory could've been better, they could've kept the same concept for Starlight's backstory if she continued to be seperated from friends because they got their cutie marks on a repeated basis, rather than it being just one. She would get increasingly bitter until her frustrations and loneliness overflowed and she decided that cutie marks destroy lives.

That's just my thoughts on the matter, anyway.

BenRG #14 · Nov 30th, 2015 · · 1 ·

So, Twilight is a meeting leader for Paranoid Megalomaniacs Anonymous?

Maybe a ludicrously ill-disguised Bonbon who is constantly lamenting about the 'questionable things' she did as an agent of the Proactive Office of National Intervention (PONI) which no-one (not even Celestia) knows anything about and probably mostly only exist in her imagination.

Comment posted by BenRG deleted Nov 30th, 2015

You used "people" in a few instance - intention or error?

Nevertheless, nice story :twilightsmile:


I was thinking somepony else entirely, but whoa. That is a really good idea.

It would be nice if Starlight met Sci-Twi, though.

This makes me think of the things I've done as well. Anyways, good story. This is the best stroy about the finale so far. :twilightsmile:

Instant fave, thanks for delivering! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by webarepony deleted Nov 30th, 2015

Good story!! btw i kinad like the finale cause it SERIOUSLY fits in with the theme of this season (and when you ask theme, just rewatch applebloom nightmare ep, moondancer episode and tank hibernation one.)


Having Luna there might have been a little overwhelming.

And I can imagine what Discord would do to Reformed Unicorns Anonymous. :)

good chap. btw for those who said starlight wasn't punished you do realize she now knows her petty action cause the death of a world and must live with that knowledge for the rest of her life. i'm just saying that going to be eating at her conscious for a good long while.


People is not a human-centric word. Ponies are people. Minotaurs are people. Zebras are people. Basically, any sapient population.

This or something like this needs to be the first episode of the next season. I had a similar idea. Props to you for getting it down on paper first, with a good story, even!

While I find it just slightly disconcerting that Twilight only brought her personal parallels to the table, this kind of thing makes me think that one day, they'll be able to stop a big villain by having someone sneak up behind them, throw a bag that smells like chloroform over their head, and have them wake up strapped to a chair in a room full of former villains. Each one tells their story, what went wrong, what they learned, and the newcomer is talked out of their evil plan before it really gets climactic.

I don't care if that's not as flashy as a battle to the death, it feels right for a tagline like "Friendship is Magic." Heck, Starlight wasn't stopped through magical laser violence, but Twilight talking her down. The greatest victory is the battle not fought! :yay:

Hey, it's perfectly plausible for someone to be so affected by one bad experience involving a certain stimulus that they hate/fear anything and everything involving the said stimulus. How do you think people develop phobias?

Besides, aside from the irrational anger and bitterness, I actually kind of relate to Starlight's problem. I got really tight with this group of friends during college, and now everyone is living different lives, forcing me to have to try to make new friends. Before anyone asks, yes, unlike Starlight, I actually am trying to make new friends.

A wild Discord appears "Sorry I'm late everyone!"

The problem I have with the actual episode is that it messed up my head-canon. I thought "daughter of perfectionist jerk", not "Moondancer 2.0"

6685146 I love that idea! At the end of the season 4 finale, I suspected the Rainbow Power was a one time thing, and the gals have no more direct Harmony powers. To me at least, the season 5 finale confirmed it, and I think it fits.
The girls no longer have a magic laser of reformation and redemption, because they don't need it any more, they've grown beyond the crutch of needing a magic artifact to show villains a better path.

So...Twilight founds FVA?

6687298 I turned the world into a chaotic nightmare. It was tonnes of fun.

Oh, and, er, evil is bad. Don't evil.

6690384 i wouldn't say what discord did was evil. Maybe a little detrimental to society but that isn't evil.

6683324 Who, then, were you thinking of?


Well, it's actually a bit odd. To put it in terms that won't require paragraphs of explanation, it's somepony who only worked with an antagonist to the point where her joining with the Mane Six isn't even really thought of as a reformation.

So basically, Coco Pommel had way more issues coming to terms with being forgiven easily in this concept than previously shown in canon.

Yeah, given how many villains have reformed and how many have had trouble doing so, I would have expected a support group like this to form a long time ago. I think of six without even racking my brain; there are probably more.

6682635 Personally I saw that as Starlight being somewhat unstable already.
That's the only way it makes sense to me.

“You may have done a lot of terrible things, Starlight. But, like everypony else in this room, you’re not alone in that. Well…apart from Twilight of course.”

*cough* Lesson Zero *cough*

6684781 Yeah but what about Sunset? She not only had to live with the guilt but know that everyone was purposely shutting her out because they didn't trust her. Heck, even the Humane 5 were wary of her, which made it all the better. You don't really blame Sunset but you know where the others are coming from.

Starlight? Not only did she do one bad thing, she did TWO! One where literally the whole of Equestria was in danger numerous times! And she didn't get any punishment at all. She was instantly forgiven by everyone without them giving her a little doubt. That's not believable, that's stupid and reckless at best case.

I think the reason everyone's made at Starlight's redemption was because it was a cardboard cut out off Sunset with none of the likeability. Everyone loved Sunset because she taught us that sorry won't always work, you need actions to prove yourself, like standing up to the Sirens. The reason why this worked is because if Sunset really was evil, she would've let the Sirens get away with it.
Maybe in Season 6 they could show Starlight apologising to the townsfolk, that could be some real conflict.

And this got really long, really quickly:twilightoops:

6700468 *TWILIGHT* I don't know what you're talking about I'm sure!!!! :twilightblush:

But I didn’t listen

Celestia told me that I needed friends, BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN! (insert But I Didn't Listen face here)

I'm legitimately surprised that no one had made this joke yet.

6687944 What's this FVA you're talkin' 'bout?

Former Villains Anonymous.

Anyone else notice how odd it is that most antagonists were unicorns or alicorns? Trixie, Starlight, Sunset, Flim Flam brothers, Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis! The only two who were not were Discord and Tirek. :duck: just got me thinking is all.....

*claps* I take off my hat to you. Wait, :rainbowderp: I don't have a hat. Oh well, I'll steal AJ's hat, put it on and take it off. :rainbowlaugh: I didn't know what to expect with this story but I enjoyed it!

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