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My interest is peaked. Please continue =)

Wow, this seems like an interesting story.

i was listening to this track when i just got on the home page and found this.

Another sans, eh? Well I guess that gives me two skeletons to look into...

Sans is going to be getting under her skin.


6775119 Nope, if I were makin' a pun I would've said that gives me two boneheads to look into!

Please tell me the bad skeleton puns are coming soon.

This is going to be SANS-ATIONAL!:pinkiecrazy:
I'll just let myself out:ajsleepy:

No idea how small 'small' is for that skull he made at the end.

heh, looks like someone went on a downvote spree, cant imagine why

i hope papyrus or frisk will make an appearance

Okay you've kinda sold me, even though that Twilight telescope scene came off as boring.

Now I personally haven't played Undertale, but this seems like it'll be fun!

Also, all of the comments have a downvote... I smell a hater :moustache:


It's probably some neckbearded hipster who thinks Undertale is too mainstream.

Lol jk I have a neckbeard too :derpytongue2:



WE NEED MORE OF THIS NOW!.......................plz


You know that old saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"?

In this case, I'm a horse, and more chapters are making me drink.

They will come in time.

Please do not spam my comments with "MOAR".

Fantastic!!! We need the next chapter, I loved playing undertale and I love this story, activate the spaghetti launching gaster blasters immediately!!! Dear god did I do a cocaine?

someone went on a downvote spree because heeps of praises are being thrown at a chapter that is only at 1600.

you may as well be smothering the thing in its sleep.

6811390 dear god, my undertale addiction is beyond the point of being a goat mama f*cker :pinkiehappy:

6814001 lol but anyway in all seriousness I love undertale as much as I love killing zombies

6814265 I've been there and passed it


Why do people always think that the megalovania soundtrack plays because of Sans? It's Chara's soundtrack for crying out loud -.-

Ummmm Twi Megalovania IS sans soundtrack I played undertale and I know that megalovania is sans soundtrack its unmistakable in fact Chara dose not even have a theme.


Yeah he does, it's just "His Theme" slowed down immensely.

In fact, quite a few of the soundtrack is repeated and sped up/slowed down.

This story shall be very interesting I shall keep an eye on it...a very careful eye on it

Huh didn't know. I stayed as far away from the genocide route as possible but I did look it up on youtube but I didn't know chara indeed have a theme.


6845344 Nope. Between Sans, the laid back guy and Chara, the >powerhungry< monster, who would you think is a megalomaniac? The track isn't called that for no reason.

I'm just gonna let you live in your delusion cause its obvious you havn't played undertale( or see an actual playthrough) and unless you have then you will easily know who's song belongs to who. So i'll reiterate Megalovania is the song that plays when you fight sans its not Chara's theme at all.


6851939 yeah I obviously haven't played it at all. Oh wait I speedrun genocide in less than two hours with ease.

The song plays during your last fight when you are at your strongest (not counting Asgore or flowey). Just because you fight Sans doesn't mean that it's his track. At that point you don't have a choice anymore (besides getting dunked on ofc) there is no going back anymore. At this point you are Chara incarnate. A true megalomanic monster.

Of course, if you go by "oh, it plays during the Sans fight, it must be his song" then the game is obviously not for you. You have to be able to think for yourself and not being spoonfed every little thing.

Also: you accuse others of not knowing what they talk about, yet you are the one who hasn't played it at all. GG



I've allowed this long enough. Please do not flame way in my story comments. I merely ask so that your comments do not clutter my notifications. If you wish to continue, please do so via PMs or by leaving comments on one of your user pages.

Any continued attacks in this flame way will be deleted. If it continues to happen despite the deletions, I will find a way to block you both.

Thank you.

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Don't worry you won't have any more problems from me I stopped right after that last comment.

when will the next chapter be out. it's getting interesting.

Comment posted by Joker_F5 deleted Jan 25th, 2016
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