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I don't like brussel sprouts, spinach, or any other vegetable for that matter. Probably the reason why I never grew up and look where that brought me.

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Something tells me that if someone ask and give you ideas you will make more chapters of this story right?

Oh shit, fapping while reading


Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed it!


You're absolutely right, I wouldn't mind making another chaper or two if enough people want to see more ;)


Haha multitasking at its finest :p

We Cadance X Human shippers demand a sequel!!!! All in all a great story though, imagine Shining seeing those 2 together

Cadence really needs more love in the clopping community without her being their favourite cuckolding/voyeurism victim and I'm at least glad there are some more Cadence/Human clopfics around (or at least the ones that aren't so long nor too short).

Ask and you shall receive! Chances are I'll be doing a follow-up anyway. Cadence is too awesome not to give her more love :3 And thank you, I appreciate your kind words :D Also, if Shining ever happens to walk in on these two, it's going to be a full fletched story, which I don't plan on doing. Would be funny though :P

I absolutely agree with your statement. This fic was inspired by lbp's 'What is love?' and 'This is love?' in the first place, along with 'Nothing is set in stone'. Very awesome reads indeed :) Thanks for commenting!

That is great to hear because I got this joke of Celestia finding out about Cadence little secret get mad at her and as punishment she herself will take Thomas, for herself (I mean asking him out on a date) in hopes that, that will help his image around other ponies and make Cadence stop, with her advantage.

Needlees to say it doesn't and now Celestia by accident make things worse

6683512 the shining armor-walking-in-on-them idea came from my friend brony headbanger and his story alone with Cadance, try reading it :P

You mean a threesome with Celestia and Cadence, right? Or just Celestia having her turn, which makes Cadence desire him even more? Just asking because if I'm going to add chapters, might as well do it right :3

Just say the magic words, I wish, and I'll make it come through. Yes, I will make more, don't you worry ;)

I will if I got the time! Thank you for the tip :)

The second one, Celestia seduces him and convince her to go on a date with her so he forgets Cadence and instead get interest on a single mare, and that backfire, since now not only Cadence encourage the relationship but also say relationship make her desire Thomas even more

6690359 no problem, I try to advertise my friends subtly :P

I would send her out if she really didn't need any physiotherapy. I am not attracted to horses.


I just had a thought: Is that really Cadence? or is it Queen Chrysalis again? :pinkiegasp:

6693013 ......... Then why are you reading a clopfic? That's like watching a horror movie and leave after the first scare saying " I did not come to watch this to see horror, because I hate getting scared!"

Thomas didn't know why, but he immediately felt extremely attracted towards her.

Why? Because the plot said so...... Not that plot ya sicko :ajbemused:

Either that or it's Cadence's mind control magic.....


That's ok. Not everybody is attracted to pastel colored alicorns, so I completely understand :3 Still, I have to thank you for at least giving my story a chance, even though you don't like horses at all apparently :p


You know, the thought did arise when I was writing the story, but then I quickly dismissed it again. Changelings and such have been done so many times, it wouldn't be a surprise at all if it was Chrysalis all along. This is just nice and simple Cadence cheating on Shining Armor ;) Besides, I've seen so many stories where Shining cheated, the opposite could just as easily happen. Thanks for reading :D


No you're right. It was indeed Cadence's plot that said so :p In all seriousness, Cadence did know of Thomas' attraction towards her. How? I left that to the reader's imagination. She can make two ponies fall in love with each other and she's an alicorn for crying out loud. Moreover, I've stated she was quite beautiful to look at, at least for Thomas.

I guess that's a given when you're the pony embodiment of love however. And since this is just a silly clopfic, I didn't really give it a lot of thought either XD

But I'll write more and maybe expand on it a little as well, so who knows? Maybe it really was Cadence mind controlling him in the end :p

Thanks for your comment :)


You know, the thought did arise when I was writing the story, but then I quickly dismissed it again. Changelings and such have been done so many times, it wouldn't be a surprise at all if it was Chrysalis all along. This is just nice and simple Cadence cheating on Shining Armor ;) Besides, I've seen so many stories where Shining cheated, the opposite could just as easily happen. Thanks for reading :D

This. I'm usually against adultery/cuckolding/infidelity clopfics unless the clop itself is done very well. However it's nice to see Caddy getting some once in a while. :rainbowwild:

6694801 Hehe, okay sure I came for the Clop, I'll admit it. And it was pretty good clop too. But as I was reading more of this and saw your comment I was thinking about how you could actually make this into a story in and of itself. A what if situation. Where Shining has cheated on her, repeatedly, and she know's about it, is hurt about it, but never confronts him about it because she still loves him. But after a while get's sick of it, see's the human, Thomas, and knowing he finds her attractive she decides that if Shining is going to act the way he does, and cheat on her like he has. Then she's going to do it as well. And perhaps it starts out as just a simple "Come on human let's fuck once a week" Too, if it's something you might enjoy writing, her slowly actually falling for the human.

It's just a thought, we need more actual stories with Cadence x Human that aren't One shots. The only other one's I like so far involving Cadence and a human is What is love and it's sequel This is love.

That aside this is definitely getting a thumb and fave.

You know, most of the times when Shining Cheat I think most of the times he cheats to Celestia, wouldn't be interest if in this if he cheats he cheats but to Luna instead?

6696364 What's the point of cheating if the other partner is also cheating? Ain't my cup of tea.

6696939 It is odd isn't it? I'm in no way saying it's right by the way. And Two wrongs don't make a right. But it can make for an interesting story. *Shrugs slightly* But I understand what you're saying mate.

A quick one-shot featuring a male human x princess Cadence, just because there's so little of it.

Give this person a freaking medal!

Why have I not seen this great story before?!:facehoof:

So I take it you are turning this into a full fledged story. I hope you do.

This better get featured dammit!:flutterrage: I've seen stories with lower quality get featured.:facehoof:

Also; Dat ass!:rainbowwild:

Edit: Happy new year to you as well, mate!:moustache:

6789988 I believe he said he was going to add a couple more chapters since people liked it so much. But that could have changed. This story is awesome.


Hey it's ok! You can enjoy it at its fullest whenever you like right now ;) Thanks for reading!


As it stands, I have one more chapter planned. It all depends if you guys want to read more. So maybe I will!


I don't really care if my story gets featured or not. In the end, all I care about is that I wrote something decent. And if that happened to interest one person or hundred shouldn't be a factor either! You'll do your best to please those people as best as you can, that's what I care about :)

In addition, Dat ass indeed! :heart:

Thanks for your comment :D


You hit the nail precisely on the head. Yes, one more chapter will definitely be added, but after that is entirely up to you guys. I'm glad you're enjoying this story so much, I appreciate the kind words :D

Hmmmm, wouldn't Luna attempt to 'tap that' human also? For she would likely know of being feared for who she was to how he is currently, though after she may often invade his dreams to 'have fun' with him. Tension between luna and cadence would draw celestia into wondering what is happening, though it would be hilarious if they each want him as a personal physiotherapist, or a royal one... *nudges*


Lol, that does sound funny, but as it stands right now, Luna will not appear in this story. It's going to be entirely focused on our pretty pink pony princess for a change. :pinkiehappy:

However, Celestia will be a big part in the next chapter, but I can already tell you there will nothing happen between Thomas and her. At least, not sexually.

Thanks for your input nonetheless :)

You do good work keep it up!


Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it :twilightsmile:

perverted and to the point.
me likey long time!
bet Shining don't last for a fraction of what he does.

do you think you could make some Ms.cake/Cup Cake fic's? i feel theirs even less of that that's worth while.


Exactly :3 Thanks for commenting :pinkiehappy:

this is so out of character it's funny :rainbowlaugh:
But that's ok, who said a fic need the characters to act like in canon to be good?



Wow. Just... wow. Discord himself would be proud of the ever increasing levels of sexual awkwardness and chaos boiling under pressure as the lid of proper decorum desperately tries to keep it down.

I almost feel sorry for Shining if his wife is as insatiable as she seems to be. And now Celestia? She said herself, she wouldn't get in a threesome with Anon and Cadance, but she never explicitly said she wouldn't get nasty with Anon alone. Wonder if there's any broom closets big enough for Sunbutt and a human? Might prove hazardous however; hooves getting stuck in buckets, mops falling over in a clatter, knocking things off overcrowded shelves, and so on with breathless fumbling in the dark... (not sure if an alicorn can keep a horn-glow on while doing the six legged beast, heh)


i think you mean

foursome... DUN DUN DUH!

6822700 shining can go fuck a duck.


hahahahahah! poor shining

Hmmmm, this is getting steamy, I can't wait to see how this play out in the end, something make me wish that a collar with Celestia name is involve.

Ok, now the plot gets interesting, this is getting better and better by the minute :pinkiehappy:

We would think he'd be shocked/faint at hearing Princess Celestia, going on a date. Because many mortals likely view her as the ultimate 'prize' to seek in rutting someone aside from possible others depending on view points, also we'd think Cadance would be rather fitting to being quite the horny mare since she's in the Crystal Empire, with the Crystal Heart also having some positive effects on her specialty.

Shit is going to hit the fan. Fast. And hard.

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