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seqel those are my thoughts lol
with the other mare ofcorse(twilight if i read right)

6694288 She had a wand cutie mark, so it's Trixie, even though the color description is off - at least to me.

Interesting mechanic you used and well executed. Though you could use a proof reader.

Very good! A little more rapey than I'm used to -- but I'm a fan of "unnoticed sex", so to speak.

true typed the wrong name i was reading this while listening to an mlp song so yhe

That was awful. Poor Rose didn't deserve that. I'd hunt that Bastard down and take his head off if I could.



...Wasn't this story named something different an hour ago?

No? I don't believe so.

Thanks for the input. In the chance of a sequel, I'll make it better.

Not bad for a rape fic I guess?

You know, with how many times Jiffy used that spell, and combined with how much magical power it would take to freeze time like that, you would think Discord or, I don't know, THE FREAKING PRINCESS THAT LIVES IN THE SAME TOWN would have noticed it by now.

Where can i find the source image?

I feel like it could've been better. I was honestly more amused by the guy's antics by the end than anything else.

Also, magical DNA testing much? I can't think of a way he could get away with this even without it.


Yes lets apply logistics to smut.

That's totally useful. /s

Ah Coffee. This makes up for it not being the Hellsing fic.

How... major is the rape?

It's by Cold-blooded-twilight. Look her up in Derpibooru.

Eh... word of the wise: Don't use too much logic on smut. Just enjoy it.

Well, it's rape. Dunno what you mean by major or not.

“Yeah.” He grunted, and moaned in pleasure as he slid Rose’s head away; her soft tight throat squishing and sucking his cock as

Halfway through, he stopped, and yanked Rose’s head to the end of his cock, reflexively thrusting his hip as an outburst of pleasure filled him.

Methinks you had something after 'as' and forgot to add it, look unfinished.

Wow, you really have to kill your brain to enjoy this. Time is always hard to get exactly right when trying to explore it. This did nothing with it really and ignored physics for the sake of fuck. That's been expected from fimfiction clop for a long time... but this fetish is questionable. I won't chastise you about the grammar, I won't berate you about the subject matter, but from a biased perspective, this is taking self expression too far. You made this to get a reaction from people. It either worked or it didn't. All in all, it will fade into obscurity like the rest. Good show, mate.

Eh? I wrote this because I wanted to write it. I mean, sure, I enjoy the reactions, but again, I wrote it because I wanted to write it.

6695668 I'm sure, boredom can go a long way.

hey guys was up mines been terrible i can't punctuate for crap.

6695407 Ok then...

I got confused by my own question when you addressed it. :rainbowhuh:

I'm sad but slightly aroused... I'm ashamed of myself.
But this'll cheer everypony up!

Oh man how I love fics where tormenter acts both as a predator and safe figure for victim. And time stops too. This is both my favourite fetishes, plus rape to boot. Thank you!

Comment posted by redandbluesage deleted Dec 4th, 2015

Hey, bucko, no NSFW link.

I'm guessing he linked the comic from Kanashiipanda. Not enough time stop pony smut around.

I always let good coverart sell me fics. I shouldn't, but I do. Ugh.

Who's that unicorn selling textiles supposed to be? Is it just somepony you made up or is it supposed to be somepony from the show? As far as I can remember, Trixie's the only one with a wand cutie mark, but the coat and hair color matches Starlight Glimmer to a tee... Lavender smell? What? But why would she be selling textiles?

Well, Starlight got to get money from somewhere. And it's not the first time she's faking her Cutie Mark.

6697381 Oh yeah, because god forbid s/he puts an NSFW link on a porn story.

By the way, am I right in assuming that Roseluck got raped, basically?


Oh yeah, because god forbid s/he puts an NSFW link on a porn story.

Rules are rules. /shrugs/

By the way, am I right in assuming that Roseluck got raped, basically?


6695284 Rape is rape. Since when have you ever heard of a good kind of rape?

6699179 I see...


I'm going now.


Writing issues aside, I guess I'm in a persistent vegetative state now.

You know that a rape fetish isn't about real rape, right? People who have a rape fetish don't want to rape or be raped in real life.


S'what I said, but... (shrug)

Comment posted by zack black deleted Dec 8th, 2015

6700738 I was linked here and got curious, what right do we have to write any story, save that the government of the USA won't have us quietly murdered and/or imprisoned for writing mean things about politicians?

Comment posted by zack black deleted Dec 8th, 2015

6700787 You are a magnificent son of a bitch ( no offense)

Please, never stop

Will there be more of this?


a) You're a silly troll.
b) You're a silly troll.
c) You're a very silly troll.


Also, in the United States at least, the national Constitution guarantees the right to do whatever is not forbidden by the law. So you're entirely wrong about legality or "rights" in relation to writing fetish stories, at least for most people on the site.

Comment posted by zack black deleted Dec 8th, 2015


You're going pretty far out of your way to bash on people for liking different things.

Comment posted by zack black deleted Dec 8th, 2015

Eh. Maybe. Perhaps. Iunno.

Well... this is kinda depressing....
sequel where that stallion gets punished anyone?

6695647 >taking self expression too far
social justice warrior detected

There's no such thing as taking self expression too far. You wouldn't be expressing the self if you imposed restrictions.

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