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I'm the most interesting straw in the world. I have a crush on Pinkie Pie, the most gorgeous mare in the world. We would often sleep together, which also makes me the luckiest straw in the world


Straws do not live life like ponies do. They don't have families, they don't have friends, they don't play indoors. Neither do they play outdoors. In fact, they don't have anything that makes a pony... a pony. However, one particularly lucky straw was able to live a pony life, with the "most beautiful mare in Equestria".

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Comments ( 7 )

Fernando needs a tag.

Pinkie x Fernando...new OTP!

Now I want more fanfiction that has ponies shipped with inanimate objects :pinkiehappy:

Great job on this anecdote by the way; It was very enertaining.

And by the way... can you spoon a spoon? or spoon silver spoon?

I need more. A LOT MORE!!! Fernando, keep writing, and get a tag please!

Comment posted by Darkly deleted Apr 1st, 2018
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