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Blood of the Sunstrikers - Clacker Volley

The world has been destroyed, we have no idea how the villains got so powerful...we need Celestia back...her sunlight magic is the only thing that seemed to affect them... Wish me luck. -Twilight Sparkle (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure x My Little Pony)

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Chapter 4: A Summoning and a Resurrection

It has been three months since the defeat of DIO. Holly Joestar is completely fine and is now back to pestering Jotaro once again. Life has gone back to normal, and Jotaro is once again attending two or three classes each week. As one of the days he actually participates in school, teachers being unable to reject him due to the influence of the Speedwagon Foundation, Jotaro is currently walking down the same stairs where he had his first encounter with an enemy-turned-friend, Noriaki Kakyoin. And he’s not alone…much to his annoyance.

“Jojo, you have to be careful! Why don’t you hold onto my arm for safe keeping?” said Annoying Girl.

As usual, Jotaro completely ignores the question and continues walking, letting the argument unfold behind him.

“Hold your arm?! Why would Jojo need to do that?! He’s perfectly fine on his own! And if anything it should be my arm!” yelled Bothersome Girl to Annoying Girl.

“Ugh, what?! No! Don’t you remember when Jojo fell down the stairs a while ago! It’s like right before he stopped showing up to school at all!” Annoying Girl annoyingly explained loudly.

“Oh, when we met that Kakyoin guy, right! I saw him earlier today! I guess he transferred pretty-“ Bothersome Girl was unable to continue as Jojo immediately grabbed her shoulder, much to the surprise and chagrin to the other six or so girls that were following him.

“Where.” Jotaro asked, his tone sounding more serious than any of the girls had ever heard him speak in before. And they would know, they stalked him.

“B-back at the park! Cherry Tree!”

Jotaro broke into a run, climbing the stairs, skipping five steps with each individual stride. ‘Is it a Stand?’ Jotaro thought to himself.

As Jotaro ran, everyone, and even everything, seemed to reel back away from Jotaro as he ran on the sidewalk. Jotaro did have an infamous reputation around the town, but most people still knew that he didn’t bother anyone that don’t piss him off.

Even a delinquent with a very bad haircut tried to run away, scared Jotaro was coming for him since he had been just harassing a girl from his school, left behind from the stalker train. (Note: she followed the stalker train not because she wanted to know Jotaro, but it was surprisingly a very good defense from any harassment.)

Although Jotaro could care less at the moment, he quickly clocked the delinquent since he was almost at the park anyway, much to the relief of the unfortunate girl.

As he came upon Cherry Tree Park, Jotaro slowed his pace. Using Star Platinum’s enhanced senses, Jotaro carefully swept the area. As he strode into the middle of the park, empty save for a few squirrels darting up a nearby tree trunk, Jotaro thought to himself, ‘Did he move on? Or was he not even here in the first place.’

But then Jotaro could feel a presence behind him. One that felt like the moment he turned around, Jotaro would be attacked with an intention to kill.

In the next second, Jotaro took initiative and called out Star Platinum. When he turned around however, there was nothing but heavy mist that quickly surrounded his immediate area, tinting his vision in purple. Unsure of what was happening, Jotaro could only prepare for any possible attacks from any direction, ready to drive Star Platinum’s fists into whatever appeared.

But as the mist settled, Jotaro’s fists clenched as the small park he was just in transformed into a rustic building, doors crumbled at the feet of the opening. And then he heard a voice.

“Is your friend dying?”

‘Yare yare daze.’ Jotaro thought as he took in the scenery. An old western town that was seemingly destroyed by something or possibly someone was all Jotaro could see with all signs pointing to any life that may have previously been here had abandoned it. Jotaro could hear Jonathan and the purple horse talking behind him, and while he was curious, Jotaro couldn’t bother himself enough to ask and instead decided rely on his own instincts for answers.

However, not everyone agreed with that same sentiment as Jotaro could hear a voice that was slightly elevated to his head and beside him ask, “So where’d that purple guy go?”

Jotaro shifted his eyes, not bothering to turn his neck to see the rainbow-haired horse from earlier flying beside him. ‘So it can fly, huh? And speak perfect English...it's gonna be a pain not to speak Japanese then. Great, guess I somehow managed to get myself into more trouble…’

“Why do I need to tell you anything?” Jotaro replied.

“Wow, rude much?” Rainbow Dash said, taken aback to the brashness of his answer. “Your friend over there’s being more open, you know? But he’s got Twilight in geek mode since he said he was studying to become an archeologist or somethin’. I came over here since I didn’t really get what they were saying after they started interpreting the spell or whatever.”

“You talk a lot.” Jotaro stated. “And what would make you assume I’m even friends with the other guy?”

Rainbow Dash blinked before taking a quick glance back at Jonathan. He was currently engaging in answering Twilight’s boundless questions about how Hamon energy works, while exchanging questions as to how Equestria as a whole operates. “Well, you look alike, I guess. And you guys came together, right?”

“Are you an idiot?” Jotaro said with the same monotone voice, making it feel more like a statement. “Since when does looking alike mean friendship? Ever. I haven’t even met him before in my life, either.”

‘Wow this Kujo guy is an ass. But I guess I still owe him for helping out Twilight…’ Rainbow Dash thought as she rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment.


Jotaro and Rainbow Dash turned back only to see Twilight wide-mouthed. And then proceed to poke Jonathan.

“Are you really dead?” Twilight asked. Rainbow Dash, curious about the conversation started to make her way over. Jotaro, however, could already infer what happened to Jonathan and instead decided to take a walk around the town, for no particular reason other than to get away from any bothersome questions that may later be directed at him.

“Well, the last memories I have are of my death, so I believe so.”

“You seem calm about that.” Rainbow Dash said.

Jonathan let out a small chuckle, “Yes, I suppose so. But when you’re about to die, I guess you come to terms with everything that has happened in your life. I’m more curious as to how I’m not dead right now.” Jonathan clutched his hand, feeling the circulation of blood through his entire arm.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash exchanged disbelieving glances. They both thought that Jonathan almost radiated life itself, not death. They wouldn’t even be surprised if flowers sprung up along where he walked, despite the fact that they only just met the man.

“But I suppose that would be why the spell mentioned a resurrection. But I am assuming from our reactions that I wasn’t exactly the one you were hoping for, correct?” Jonathan asked.

Twilight couldn’t help but be caught off-guard. She messed up Jonathan’s life, or rather, death, and it wasn’t even planned. “Uhh, that’s right.” Twilight confessed. “But if Hamon is the same energy that you describe than you could still help us!”

Twilight blinked before realizing that she was already assuming that Jonathan was going to help them at all. Jonathan didn’t need to do anything, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he would rather enjoy being alive once more.

“I was planning to do so from the start, you needn’t worry.” Jonathan smiled, noticing the look of worry that was on her face. “Although I must admit, it feels odd to talk to a species that I’ve never heard talk before. And if you wouldn’t mind my asking, is the small appendage on your forehead meant to be in that state?”

“Err, no. It isn’t, I lost it a while ago…”

Jonathan sighed, “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do anything for it, in any case. From what I’ve heard, Hamon is able to recover gangrenous limbs but I supposed removed ones altogether may be too much.”

Twilight couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed in herself. She, in essence, had sacrificed herself somewhat thoughtlessly, and brought Jonathan back to life when he seems as if he was at peace with his death. While she couldn’t help but be elated at a new ally, asking him to fight felt wrong even if Jonathan was ready and willing to do so.

And the moment where Jonathan had to fight was also right around the corner.

“Oi, we have company. You know them?” Jotaro called out from outside. Standing in the center of the dusty street, Jotaro could see small black specks in the distance.

“Oh, crap. I forgot all about them. We need to go, come on!” Rainbow Dash yelled out, already starting to pack up the spare belongings.

“I must apologize, but I will not run.” Jonathan said. “If they are responsible for the suffering done to this world, I cannot forgive them.”

“And besides, I was starting to get pissed off.” Jotaro added.

“But-“ Rainbow Dash started before Jonathan looked back at her. His fiercely determined eyes immediately silenced her resistance. Rainbow Dash sighed, “Well, alright, but I’m helping.”

But instead of joining Jonathan and Kujo, Dash flew over to Twilight, “And I think you might want to as well. I hope that Hamon stuff is still in you.”

“Well, yes, but why?” Twilight asked.

Instead of saying anything, Rainbow Dash instead took out something from her bag and showed it to Twilight. “I kinda kept it just in case. Although I’m not sure this is gonna work.”

Rainbow Dash, in her hoof, held Twilight’s horn.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, as I mentioned I've been mainly working on college applications for a while. However, the deadlines are coming up and they should clear up around Jan 15. Again, the chapter is kinda slow right now, but I'm planning back-to-back fight chapters for a bit from here on.

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