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So, lets say IF nopony in Equestria celebrates much of a "Thanksgiving", other than the Apples (and their relatives Oranges)... A very special, important, valuable (oh they're all the same thing) day, where the family gathers around to celebrate the history that had them on this very Sweet Apple Acres. Aka, the Apple Fest.

Applejack, after a day of preparing for the feast coming up, goes to have a simple chat with Big Mac. Just turns out to be more than that...

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Comment posted by Skylarking the Stargazer deleted Sep 15th, 2018

bravo toyou on a truly beautiful and heartwarming story! it was made with such great feelings! thank you for this fine read!!

6678114 Why thank you, I gladly appreciate your thoughts!

By the holy name of Luna, I swear this is the most heartwarming story I have read on here! I can say this is a true "Slice of Life" fanfiction. It truly shows the bond between brother and sister, something the Apple siblings have that I am truly envious of. I greatly enjoyed this story. It warmed my soul, and I am honored to say I have read this wonderful story. I am no editor or proof-reader, but I do think this story needs nothing more to make it a heartwarming tale.

6678490 Tyvm, I did put effort into this one! And your support will help me write better ones too!

6679487 I am glad to hear it!

I must admit, sometimes, this was a bit confusing. The way the sentences are constructed made me scratch my head more than once... But, all in all, this was a very heartwarming and deep story. I really liked the message that it conveys and how Applejack and Big Mac's relationship is depicted. Good job! :twilightsmile:

(Also, I did a translation of this story for my French blog, would you allow me to publish it? Of course, there will be a link to the original story here and your name as the only author of the fiction)

Thank you :D

This was one of my older stories written-and-published without any prior experience (I was fairly new to FiM and writing back then). I can probably go back and fix some of the cranky grammar and sentence structures now that you brought it up. Glad you enjoyed it!

And yeah of course! I've never received a translation of my story before so this request of yours would be nothing but honor for me. Take it away!

Oh yes, I understand. I must admit some of my first stories also have sentences which are confusing. I guess that's everybody's mistakes in the beginning :rainbowlaugh:

Here's the link to your translation: Merci pour ces souvenirs

Daaamn my work is actually being promoted internationally! I can't thank you enough for your translation!

Once again, I'm truly grateful of your support!

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