• Published 27th Nov 2015
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Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones - ppg1998

No matter who you are your dreams can come true no matter how insane they are

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Well, this was unexpected.

Surprised? So am I.

Ok so basically a little while ago a user by the name Vinyl_Scratch_DJ-Pon-3of asked me if they have permission to put this story in a little group called The orphange for abandoned stories where essentially if anyone has cancelled a story or has forgotten to work for way to long in hiatus and don't plan to continue it, their representative goes and asks the creator if they can put it in their group so they can give it to people who will take the story and continue it if they want. Think of it like fimfiction goodwill. Any way if there are any fans who want to see it and see if you can continue this story just let me know by PM to see how you will continue it and talk with group creator about adopting the story.

Sorry about my outburst in the last update, I was running on emotions alone. Ok that's all.

oh by the way, the only thing that I require from the story that I wanted to put in later was to ship eris and celestia. That's about it. Alright, later!

Have a trollestia.:trollestia:

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That akward moment when all is lost.:twilightoops:

I have to say when I saw the title i liked the idea. When I read the description o thought it could be fun. When i read your chapter titles I jumped to the last 2. I completely understand your feelings on the matter. I'll be checking out your other stories.

The orphanage for abandoned stores group is an awesome idea. I will have to check that out.

Thank you for being honest with us readers.

Ohh too bad it was funny

no you will continue it:pinkiecrazy:

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